The fierce flame frowned, but he seemed to be thinking something. "Shallow water is clear. If I agree with you, when are you going to Qingye City?"

Shallow water blurted out, "It is best to go tomorrow."
As soon as the words were spoken, I regretted it immediately.
Sure enough, his eyes were full of intense light when he saw the fierce flame.
It took him a long time to give a long sigh, and then he said, "I’ve always liked fishing in shallow water for years. Do you know what this is?"
Shallow water Qing shook his head. "I don’t know about water Qing." He claimed to be water Qing at this moment, which was deliberately to draw closer to the fierce flame.
"Fishing pays attention to calmness and purity. When a soldier is too contaminated with killing, he will always have some difficulties in mind. Fishing when he has nothing to do actually has the effect of nourishing his body and qi. For a soldier, if he is upset, he will find it difficult to adjust everything. I think your mood is a little uneven."
Shallow water and pure heart can’t stop jumping wildly again, just like the fish in the fish basket fighting against the waves of the heart.
He knew that the fierce flame must have seen something.
Sure enough, the fierce flame continued, "Recently, there was a rumor in the Tianfeng Army that I heard a little that Miss Yunjia broke into the military meeting and made a scene in the hall. I was surprised at first."
"Later, Bei Ming admitted to me that it was true, but he had made the army have to influence Miss Qing’s reputation, but after I learned the specific cause and effect, I still couldn’t help but have some strange ideas."
"You know, when you get old, you can’t help thinking."
Speaking of this fierce flame, I took a deep look at the shallow water. "You are more upset."
Shallow water clearly bowed down and bowed down "Lieshuaijian"
Fierce flame sighed and finally put away the fishing rod.
"I am old," he said. "When I get old, I often think of some past events. Sometimes I recall when the best moment in my life was. I found that what really impressed me was not the eventful years in the battlefield, but the warm time when the gentle and lovely girl took good care of me when I was injured."
"I worked hard all my life because of that humiliating failure, and I did not hesitate to abandon all my emotional concerns. But in the end, I found that what I was after was nothing more than a place full of fame and fortune, and it was worthless as early as God bless my death."
He looked at the shallow water and said, "So I always regret that I had chosen if I could, and I would rather spend my life with them than be as prosperous as a dream."
Shallow water without saying a word means listening to the old man quietly telling in front of himself that he is pouring out all his feelings. In the past 25 years, a dereliction of duty father regretted that he had a good yearning.
He’s telling shallow water that he can understand him.
Finally, the old man smiled, and the commander-in-chief of the double storm looked at the shallow water and said with a smile, "If you don’t want to say more, I don’t want to force you to ask about the younger generation. I don’t care about who Yunni is and who she is going to marry. You should know better than me who you are going to face and what you will encounter. Now that you have decided to send her away, it’s rare for me to be confused once. There’s nothing wrong with you pleading."
Shallow water clear exultation "Xie Zongshuai into! ! !”
Fierce crazy flame but slightly shook his head "I am into you or in harm you even I don’t know the original injury should be in doubt? You this to him even into can be determined "
He got up and was disturbed by shallow water today. The fishing mood was completely gone.
As he walked to his hut, he said as if to himself, "Shan Gong’s brothers in his life are all over the world, and both of them are young and have offended them. God can protect you from death, but I am afraid that there will be an emperor. Take care of yourself."
Shan Gong is Nan Shanyun, the prime minister of the empire who injured his father in the south.
Even when I see Nanshan Yue, I have to respect and call him Yishan Gong.
I can’t help sighing that you are really going to get yourself into trouble, but for God’s sake, I always want to help you.
He went back to the house and made a good half-ring in front of the spirit tablet, and finally sat back in his seat.
"Somebody prepare pen and ink," he said.
He is going to write a letter to Emperor Cangye Wang.
Chapter 25 Cut off feelings
The next day, the iron-blooded governor’s office
"pa!" Several cases were broken, flying flowers and sawdust fell like snowflakes.
South wound eyes thick murderous look like frost and snow blend cold tone makes bow to the ground adjutant trembled all over "say what you just said"
The adjutant replied with a trembling voice, "It was verified that when I went out of the city, the transfer order of the shallow water clearing house was indeed the seal of the Southern Governor, but the handwriting was forged. The official thought that it was probably because someone stole the seal of the Southern Governor and made this fake transfer order that the shallow water clearing house was free to enter and leave the city during that period."
The atmosphere of the whole house suddenly dropped to the south, hurting the original delicate face, such as polar frozen soil, snow and ice covered the sky with a thin chill.
The adjutant felt that his blood was almost frozen.
"general! The government has always been heavily guarded. If it should happen, it will never happen, "he cried.
Yingnan smiled bitterly in sadness.
Who else can this be? Now it’s not surprising. I’m sorry to ask myself that Shiying was finally fucked by a hand soldier.
Nan Shangshen said, "I already know this matter, so you won’t say it again. Now you don’t pay attention to it."
"General rape can’t be neglected unless the disaster is uncertain!" The adjutant stayed.
"If I tell you to ignore it, just ignore it."
"But General"
"That’s enough!" South injury suddenly roar loud.
At that moment, a strong ice and snow whirlwind transpired a piece of smoke, white fog, cold wind, bloody light, knife light flashing, and the southern wounded combat knife drew a strange arc around the adjutant’s head, and then closed the knife back to its sheath and knelt down on the ground, and the body instantly condensed into two rigid ice cubes before making a sound.