"You said this" Qin Jingxiao "because someone set up a protective layer in my brain …"

Chu Xuan interrupted Qin Jing before he finished. He adjusted his eyes. "What about me?"
What about me? Qin Jing suddenly froze when he heard Chu Xuan’s words. Chu Xuan’s memory can naturally be spied by the Lord God, otherwise he can see Chu Xuan’s life. But at the moment, he asks … because … he said that he confessed my identity … So … Don’t …
"From the beginning, we were the one who set up a protective layer in your brain, so we thought the Lord God was wrong and didn’t care about your origin." Chu Xuan rubbed his forehead and said, "Do you remember what I once said? The Lord God is actually the executor of some rules. It is not an intelligent brain that we can bypass these rules and do some things … Some rules can’t be established, such as killing outsiders … Because all of us should be’ outsiders’ for it … "
After listening to Qin Jing’s words, wait for a while asked hesitantly, "So I can tell people my identity at will?"
"This is true from a single point of view … but it doesn’t matter." Chu Xuan consciously wanted to write something but he didn’t have a pen around him, but Qin Jing had scientific and technological strength at the moment. After seeing Chu Xuan move, he pulled out a light blue screen and pushed it to Chu Xuan.
Chu Xuan didn’t say anything and started to draw on the screen directly. "What’s important is that at the beginning, the difficulty of the whole horror film increased sharply because of Gaia’s conscious intervention, which made one person in the alien come to high alien strength and degree, and then it was greatly controlled. I am a strange virus to mutate. If it wasn’t for Jason’s presence, this horror film would definitely be wiped out, but this situation improved from the time when death came until the whole story of ghosts and gods was at least 70% similar to what you knew before. Then I can understand that you got something to shield heaven in this horror film when death came.
"I killed the agent of death and got a power of heaven" Qin Jing nodded and replied.
"So that’s it … these are the things you told me that you have power at the moment." Chu Xuan wrote something on the screen and handed it to Qin Jing.
Qin Jing looked at the meeting and wrote "variation of psychic lineage and Saiyan lineage, ghost Dao angel honor, spirit knife, elf fire sharingan"
Qin Jing nodded and Chu Xuan continued, "Then you tell me that you want to be stronger to face the possible angels or demons?"
Qin Jing nodded again.
"In fact, from the beginning, there was a deviation in your direction of strengthening." Chu Xuan drew a fork on all his abilities and then quickly wrote a few words on the surface. "The most powerful root of his strength is not that you told me these forces before, but that you have this heaven …" He casually pushed the blue screen to Qin Jing. "Everything in the world is a powerful consciousness … you just used it to shield it … It’s a wave …" Chu Xuan humanized an exclamation.
"You mean … I should abandon other forces?" Qin Jing got a fright and said, How many reward points should this be …
"mortal wisdom" Chu Xuan finally bit the other corner of the apple in his hand. "Isn’t it fusion?"
Looking at Qin Jing with a wry smile, Chu Xuan continued, "But one thing you are right is that our team will meet a demon squad or an angel squad soon, but as far as you know, the possibility of a demon squad is over 90%." Chu Xuan took back the screen when he didn’t know it. "From beginning to end, I assumed that the’ God’ was not to kill us, but to force us to evolve. Every time, we were fixed on the verge of imminent death … except for the first biochemical event, every day after that. The difficulty of Taoist intervention has far exceeded the strength that our team should bear, but it can be seen from the reward points that the Lord God recognizes this difficulty. Once we can experience a horror film of this level, if I am the Lord God, my evaluation of this team should not be to add one but to add two to add three, and we have encountered two horror films with this difficulty, especially the virus in this horror film. We may not pass at all, but it is very coincidental. There is a Jason in our team in this possibility, which is less than one in 100,000 … but we are still alive. Although the difficulty of horror movies has disappeared because of Jason, your shielding of heaven has returned to the normal range, but this does not affect the evaluation before the Lord God. It has changed the plot. In the future, there should be a team that has changed into two teams, but it happens that there are Zhao Zhui in these two teams … "
"If they unite to fight against us, even if our team can win, more than half of the senior people will definitely die, but because of Zhao’s composition, our team has finished almost perfectly again …"
"In this case, if I were the’ Lord God’, the Zhongzhou team would be superior to the demon gods after the evaluation. The Lord God will soon arrange for the Zhongzhou team to confront the demon reincarnation team. If Zhongzhou team continues to win, the’ Lord God’ will probably make efforts to cultivate it, that is, it will constantly increase the difficulty for Zhongzhou team to evolve. Because Zhongzhou team’s potential has exceeded it, it will calculate the team with the greatest potential."
"But in the end, can our team fight against the first demon team? I think you know better than me." Chu Xuan looked up at Qin Jing.
Qin Jing gave a wry smile. "I think there should be a fight, but the odds are slim."
"A spell …" Chu Xuan nodded. "I’m white, so let’s go back to the Lord God first."
"Well," Qin Jing nodded, and then he called back Qi Teng, whose feet were paralyzed at the door long ago, and decided to spend the ten days in O ‘Connor’s house.
But …
"Chu Xuan, I think you always look at me strangely. Are you paying attention to me?"
"No …"
(Lying is absolutely lying …)
Chapter XII Beginning of War-Resurrection, Legion of Death
Everyone was stunned to see that the feet were peaceful. Shangri-La, they were sitting on the green goblin board and heading for Ningxia. The feet were flowing rivers soaring in Bai Ou, and the Buddha’s light became a shady forest. Who would have thought that there would be such a fairyland at an altitude of several kilometers?
"The periphery of Shangri-La is a huge magic array that can get out but can’t get in, so we can wear it directly from here." Zi Yuan changed into a uniform and sat in the corner with her huge sword box on her back. "But we have been delayed for so long, can we catch up with the Dragon Emperor or two?"
"Rest assured that we will definitely arrive in Ningxia before the first three head monsters." Qin Jing said unconcerned that although their normal flight speed of the green goblin board is slightly weaker than that of the most sophisticated aircraft of this era, it is far beyond the dragon transformed by the Dragon Emperor.
After crossing Shangri-La and returning to the * * all over the sky, Qin Jing and his party went straight to Ningxia because they were going to face the exhaustion of the Qin army. Everyone didn’t speak, but quietly sorted out their things.
The green magic board descended near Ningxia and the Great Wall, just like the shadow. This position can well observe the burial position of hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Dragon Emperor.
When Zi Yuan Green Devil Board was holding a yak leather bag in his hand, it was a square object, but everyone in Zhongzhou team knew that this was what Chu Xuan wanted most this time, the ancient book.
Qin Jing followed the crowd to the green magic board, but when he looked up, he saw several people who were beyond his expectation.
"Jonathan O ‘Connor Eve Adebe, why are you here?"
Because when they entered Shangri-La Road, they stayed outside the cave with the new Zhongzhou team, and then Chu Xuan told everyone that the new Zhongzhou team had been called to another place by him, and they would be with other people, but they didn’t expect to appear here.
Jonathan came and took Qin Jing’s sleeve and said to him sadly, "The glasses man over there told me that if we came here to monitor whether the Dragon Emperor’s army was resurrected, you would give us ten gold bricks when you came here. Of course, friends should be duty-bound to do things …" Jonathan’s later words were directly ignored by Qin Jing, and that guy never thought about who resurrected this cursed ancient emperor for more than two thousand years, but Qin Jing wanted to know what Chu Xuan would bring them here.
At this time, Zi Yuan has carried the ancient to the shoulder. "If you want to stop the Dragon Emperor’s army from crossing the Great Wall, I can use the undead forces buried at the foot of the Great Wall …"
"undead power?" Eve is not the middle-aged woman in the picture at this time. She has an unusual curiosity about everything.
Zi Yuan looked at this blonde white woman who suddenly jumped out. She didn’t want to talk to Qin Jing and his party. If they hadn’t sneaked into Shangri-La Lulu by force, the Dragon Emperor wouldn’t have soaked the fountain of life so quickly and achieved immortality. But I don’t know why. Looking at Eve’s curious appearance, Zi Yuan couldn’t help but want to explain to her that "when the Dragon Emperor built the Great Wall, he buried all his enemies in the wall and cursed them that their souls would never cross over. Most of them were defeated soldiers …"
At this time, the place where they are located is a small tree, and the moisture of the forest tide drives up a slight fog, which makes people unable to see clearly. Qin Jing also noticed the change of tone before and after Zi Yuan. He couldn’t help but look at Eve wearing boots and leather adventure clothes next to Zi Yuan.