She’s sure it must be Chenli’s idea to go karting, and it must be him who wants to play the most …

Qingchen suddenly felt that Chu Rui was so naive and simple, and sometimes he still suffered a lot, such as when he met Chenli.
So this becomes an adult traveling with a child. Qingchen naturally has to be pulled together by Chenchi. He is responsible for watching Chenli, but he doesn’t want Qingchen to stay away from his sight.
And think … Look at ChuNingZhao man with complicated eyes and sharp lines on his side face. The whole person has a tough breath.
So ChuNingZhao is ChuNingZhao let a person look at him can’t help heart palpitations.
That ….. "Thinking has been tangled for a long time. After Rui Rui took Chen Li to his room to tidy up his things, he went to Chuningzhao.
ChuNingZhao hear sound will look away from the brain conveniently brain "huh? “
"Are you busy at work today? "Think so left for him.
"Over" ChuNingZhao conveniently move the brain to one side.
I thought that if ChuNingZhao said that she was busy with her work, she could show off and not disturb his work. I didn’t expect him to end his office so happily.
"That … are you going? "Said the thought also stretched out his hand and touched the face very uncomfortable.
She always felt as if she were inviting ChuNingZhao, and her heart was particularly difficult.
ChuNingZhao looked at think face slowly laughed "are you asking me if I want to join you? “
Think immediately nu "what is with me? I want to ask if you want to go with your son … If you don’t want to go, forget it. "
"I’ll go." ChuNingZhao agreed to come when thinking about blowing hair.
Think low hum a "that you are responsible for the things with farce …"
Qing Chen Yu guang took aim at the awkward way of getting along with these two people near Chenchi and whispered in his ear, "ChuNingzhao hasn’t made progress yet?" “
These two people live under the same roof, so far, Chu Ningzhao has not made any progress with Sisi, and Qingchen also feels unbelievable.
This man posed to press hard, but he couldn’t let go of his thoughts for a long time, but he didn’t make a move. I don’t know what kind of opportunity he was waiting for.
Qingchen thinks it’s bad enough to be stared at by such a man. Anyway, no matter what, there must be no escape.
"Who said he didn’t make moves? "Chen Chi smiled casually. Many times boiling frogs in warm water is the best way.
Qingchen noncommittally looked at the two of them, and now the state is actually a little different, but it is not very obvious.
Rui Rui packed his own things to take when he went out, including small kettles, tissues and so on, and all the things he needed were packed in his own small bag.
Thought deliberately let ChuNingZhao to farce with the package.
This picture of such a tall, straight, serious man carrying a small bag that is completely opposite to his temperament is really somewhat inconsistent.
But Chu Ningzhao himself didn’t feel anything wrong, and he was very calm.
A line of people set out like this. Rui Rui and Chen Li don’t need adults to go ahead with great interest.
Chenli hasn’t returned to China for a long time, so everything in China is still fresh, and the city is changing with each passing day, even in a few months, there will be amazing changes.
Rui Rui also played a special role as a small tour guide and introduced his home in Chenli. He also told him a lot of places he knew.
The more you listen to the green morning, the more you lose your heart. If you deliberately ask ChuRui again in this morning, you will even tell him your bank card password. Of course, if ChuRui knows the password.
Chen Li’s blonde hair and blue eyes are very eye-catching, and the child has white skin, white as ceramics, and there is no flaw.
However, Rui Rui is also a good-looking boy. The two little guys together have attracted a lot of attention.
When in the car, Rui Rui consciously wants to go to Chuningzhao car, but according to Chen Li’s habit, he should also go to Chenchi car at this time.
Two children have been struggling with this problem for a long time.
"You know what? Sit with my cousin when you go, and sit with your father when you come back."
Rui Rui felt that it made sense, so he followed Chen Li into Chen Chi’s car. Qing Chen smiled and said to Si, "Hey, your son has been abducted."
Ruirui seems to like Chenli’s little friend very much, perhaps because Chenli has special eyes like him, so they quickly became good friends.
Although Chenli is more intelligent than children of the same age, she is still a child at the end of the day, and there is no gap between her and Ruirui.
Sitting in the co-pilot, Suo Qingchen listened to two children talking about strange topics in the back, especially strange things in the eyes of adults.
Section 173
"There was a pro-show in front of the TV station. At that time, many parents of children signed up with their children, but I think the cutest thing I have ever seen is our Rui Rui." Qingchen told Chenchi.
Why didn’t you say Chenli is because Qingchen has now silently regarded Chenli as a transcendence child. It’s really hard to say how deep this child’s mind is.
Chenchi said faintly, "It seems that you really like children."
"Didn’t I say that I like being obedient and cute …"
Chen Li seems to have heard Qingchen’s words and looked at Qingchen’s cousin. Do you like me? “
Qingchen coughed a "like it"
"How much do you like it? “
"What about you? "Qing Chen deliberately threw the question to Chen Li.
"Well, I like" Chen Li smiles "as much as I like my favorite toy. Do you like cousins? “
Qingchen "…" Who can tell her that Chenli is really a child?
Or is there actually a bad adult hidden in Chenli’s heart?
Smell speech Chen Chi also turned his head and glanced at Qing Chen as if he were serious about listening to her answer.
Qing Chen’s face was red and slow before he answered, "Probably as much as you like your toys …"
Although it is obscure, Chenchi is still satisfied. After all, Chenli just said it was his favorite toy.
For children, favorite toys are the most precious things.
The journey is not far away, and soon Chenli and Ruirui want to go to the children’s go-karting paradise.
After all, not every parent will let such a small child play with something that is dangerous in their eyes.
After the car, Rui Rui looked at those karts and exclaimed from the bottom of my heart, but Chen Li was calm and had expectations in his eyes.
"Mom, we are quick to the past! "Rui Rui turned to see the coming thought.
In the process of coming, Si and Chuningzhao were in the car, and the atmosphere was almost cold to freezing point. Neither of them spoke.
Now I can’t wait to leave ChuNingZhao’s side, but I will be with ChuNingZhao again soon.