That’s seven people in the fog!

A famous and powerful member of the Fog Endure Seven!
Previously, the cross-country Kuriarare Kushimaru alone and the double-edged squid emissary confronted each other to protect Ah Kai’s ignorance of fire and Xuan Ebisu, and the situation was slightly difficult.
Now the Fog Enduring Seven Members Department has appeared. Although the cross-country strength has made a further leap, we have to face seven enemies, like Kuriarare Kushimaru, like a double-edged sole messenger. The enemy cross-country is not sure to escape from the fog. What’s more, the strength and vision are not as good as that of cross-country Akai. I don’t know the fire. Xuan Ebisu?
And when cross-country is very difficult to tell the names of the seven figures in front of us, Fog Enduring Seven People appear with confidence. The double-edged flounder messenger just smiles and looks at the cross-country with pride. On the one hand, Fog Enduring Seven People is proud, on the other hand, Fog Enduring Seven People’s companions pay attention to this dark part of Konoha, which can call out their names!
Guard against this young but amazing little konoha!
On the contrary, the leader of the seven people in Fog Endure listened to the words of the double-edged sole emissary, and his cold eyes fell on the cross-country body.
Especially when I saw the familiar cross-country dress and felt the cross-country body, when the fog forbeared him, the leader of the seven people raised a cold smile and said, "It was you and I remember you! The sword squad is in the shadows, right? At the beginning, you little devil made me suffer in two places at once. I never thought of looking for you to get back! "
"What a lucky day!"
"Not only can I finish everything that Shui Ying told me, but I can also get rid of you, an out-of-the-way kid, as Shui Ying told me!"
"Innocence is in love with me!"
"What? Have you all begun to silently note me behind Wuren Village? "
Who is the leader of Fog Endure Seven?
Isn’t it the cross-country confrontation between loquat and ten hidden treasures?
However, from the mouth of Ten Zangs of Loquat, the words cross-country first confirmed one thing, that is, he confronted and killed Ten Zangs of Loquat, and it was really a member of Ten Zangs of Loquat. It was only clear about the other thing, but it made people feel even more chilling in the face of fog.
Who is Master Ban?
Who hasn’t heard of the name of uchiha madara?
Cross-country has always been in the shadow of Konoha’s identity action, and the code name is to avoid fame and get other forbearing villages or the BOSS behind the scenes!
Who wants to cross-country is low-key enough, but many of him are still in the sight of Master Ban.
So when the cold sound of loquat ten hidden slowly came, the hard color in the cross-country eyes disappeared and turned into a firm color!
"Fog endures seven people. These guys are not only strong but also proficient in assassination!"
"Now that I’m staring at Spot Ye, I didn’t even come to rescue Ah Kai Xuan and Ebisu. Three people want to come to Spot Ye to plan fog and endure seven people. All the members are still going to Konoha Village to kill me this" evil "! After all, Nawaki, the younger brother of Sanren and Gang Shou, was assassinated by Wuren in Muye Village and died tragically! "
"At this time, in addition to trying to escape with Ah Kai Xuan Ebisu, the seven people facing Fog Tolerance must try to kill one of them and reduce the possibility of being assassinated by the members of Fog Tolerance Seven!"
Silently heart way a cross-country staring at the front of the seven stood there figure face can not help but raise a wry smile again.
"But it’s so hard to kill one of them in the fog."
"What’s worse? Kill many of them?"
At this time, the idea of cross-country is really not wrong at all.
After all, in front of cross-country, it’s not a single fog-forbearing seven members, but a fog-forbearing seven people gathered together!
Let’s not talk about decapitation, broadsword messenger, loquat, ten hidden broadsword, rubber muscle messenger, Suikazan Fuguki, long knife, sewing needle messenger, Kuriarare Kushimaru, and say that it’s not so easy to deal with double-edged flounder, blunt knife, pocket cutter, exploding knife, droplet messenger and thunder knife messenger!
The double-edged sole emissary was not named in the original plot.
Based on the experience of the previous round of confrontation, Suo Cross-country can conclude that the strength of the double-edged sole emissary is almost the same as that of the other two double-edged sole emissaries in the original plot.
Who are the other two double-edged sole messengers?
One is the original story of Shuiying Terumi Mei, the famous bodyguard of Shiro!
The other is Hohzuki Mangetsu, who played cross-country but reached the peak in the original plot!
Have as much strength as Shui Ying’s security guard Shiro Hohzuki Mangetsu at the peak. The double-edged sole emissary is naturally not to be underestimated!
Cutting the messenger with a blunt knife, blasting the knife, flying the droplet, and the messenger with a knife and teeth showed their strength in the original plot, which is even more noticeable!
Akebino Jinin, the angel of blunt knife cutting, claims to be the strongest fog, enduring the terror of seven people from generation to generation!
Just such a name must make off-road secretly dignified!
And the exploding knife, the messenger of droplets, Pear, is what Kuriarare Kushimaru called the "lover group two". When the fog endures seven people, they are all outstanding. When fighting, Kuriarare Kushimaru highlights the cold-hearted character. That is, even his companions can slay cruelty at will in the battlefield!
And Kurosuki Raiga, the messenger of the knife and tooth, who appeared in the original plot
In the original plot, Kurosuki Raiga likes to hold funerals for people, and he can catch up with Kakashi at his peak in Thunder Dun Ninjutsu. Could that be an easy guy to solve?
When the eyes are tight in front of the seven figures, cross-country can be said to be racking their brains. First, they think about the escape plan, and then they analyze the possibility of successfully escaping and then beheading one or two members of the Fog Enduring Seven.
However, cross-country never thought that it was loquat and ten hidden treasures, Suikazan Fuguki and Kuriarare Kushimaru, because the double-edged sole emissary spoke highly of cross-country after fighting against cross-country. If this evaluation is put in the realm of forbearance, it will be the name of cross-country
However, in the war situation, this evaluation is to make loquat ten hidden treasures, Suikazan Fuguki, Kuriarare Kushimaru and the double-edged sole emissary have the idea that cross-country must be solved first!
Almost silently thinking about getting out of the cross-country and slaying the fog, the plan of seven people and all the members is to instantly loquat and ten hidden treasures, and then they looked at each other with Suikazan Fuguki, and then the two figures disappeared in the same place as Kuriarare Kushimaru’s double-edged sole emissary, aiming at the cross-country direction, which was an attack and killing. In the first round of confrontation, the cross-country was forced into a desperate situation!