Is that waiting for a terrorist calculation?

Waiting for a terrorist plot again?
Uchiha Itachi never imagined that cross-country was planned earlier than him when he was planning a cross-country move!
And cross-country planning doesn’t even make a difference. Uchiha Itachi took a step back and really found that taking a step back would be a failure in shadow sewing.
Where panic Uchiha Itachi hands support is a jump to LingFeiFei dodge.
But how can Uchiha Itachi imagine cross-country speaking to wake him up? The thing of shadow sewing is to make Uchiha Itachi fly!
One second!
While Uchiha Itachi LingFeiFei tact cross-country printing method was a change corners of the mouth raised a victory smile and light say with smile.
"Uchiha Itachi, you lost!"
"Shadow sewing!"
The first chapter is a blockbuster
Printing changes cross-country once again makes shadow sewing not a confined type of shadow sewing!
The shadow of the foot suddenly exploded. At this time, cross-country shadow sewing obviously focused on offensive shadow sewing.
When the cross-country print changes, a black shadow is directly attacking the direction of Uchiha Itachi, and Uchiha Itachi is in a semi-medium position, so there is no possibility of avoiding it
At that moment, the victory scale seemed to tilt in the cross-country direction, which attracted the spectators around it to marvel again and again!
"It’s a little scary to make three Nara clan secret cross-country chakra in a row!"
"At the age of four, there is comparable to endure chakra? How did Nara people cultivate monsters like cross-country? "
"Uchiha Itachi lost! He was defeated by the wisdom of the Nara people. Looking at the cross-country planning, I almost saw Lu Jiumou. It’s terrible! "
"The wisdom of the Nara clan is really amazing!"
In the continuous amazement, all the family members are silently amazed at the off-road potential, but those who are the same age or older are shocked by the off-road strength!
"Is he really four years old? How is it better than me! "
"If you don’t enter Ninja School, you will have the strength to endure. Is he going to break the record and become the youngest patient?"
"Lost in the hands of cross-country Uchiha Itachi is not wronged! If I had known that cross-country was comparable to endurance, I am afraid that Uchiha Itachi could not go to challenge cross-country! "
"This is the ninja fight! Cross-country Uchiha Itachi is amazing! "
In a surprise, the cross-country corners of the mouth raised, and the smile became more and more intense, just like Uchiha Itachi had lost in his hands.
But who would have thought that when everyone was surprised and shocked by cross-country, everyone thought that Uchiha Itachi was bound to lose, but he also raised a smile in the middle.
"Nara Cross Country is really a good opponent!"
"I want to be serious! Be careful off-road! "
A binge drinking off-road display shadow sewing condensed into a shadow attack and hit in Uchiha Itachi turned out to be a mass of white smoke!
"hmm? Body double? "
"Not good!"
Body double suddenly dissolved the cross-country shadow sewing. Uchiha Itachi suddenly appeared in front of the cross-country and was faintly putting some pressure on the cross-country!
Uchiha Itachi is still the genie in the original book, but he can beat his opponent at will in cross-country eyes!
It is no exaggeration to say that the strength shown before cross-country has been comparable to that of ordinary tolerance
But who can imagine that four-year-old Uchiha Itachi also has comparable endurance!
The basic body double technique in three-body surgery can also exert wonderful effects in his hands!
Moreover, the rapid development of the middle school made body double technique solve the problem that chakra broke out in Uchiha Itachi after the cross-country shadow sewing operation, and an instant came close to the cross-country front.
Uchiha Itachi is suspected of seeing through the cross-country weakness, that is, the weak melee ability!
In wartime, cross-country first exposed the defects of hidden weapons, and then showed the talent of "technique" and calculation, which forced Uchiha Itachi to get serious. Immediately, he secretly analyzed the weakness of cross-country and Uchiha Itachi attacked the cross-country direction with a punch from close quarters, and then he saw that cross-country began to retreat!
That’s right!
At this stage, the weakness of cross-country is that close combat is a slag!
Don’t look at cross-country in the first three months of practice, I also cultivated some basic body skills, but such body skills don’t say that Uchiha Itachi played against each other, even if Uchibo clan randomly competed with a new generation of elite body skills, it must be a fiasco for cross-country!
What’s more, Uchiha Itachi’s body skills are the best in the family, such as Uchihiro Satoshi, Uchihiro Yoono and other new generation elites. There is no way to compare with him!
By Uchiha Itachi first punch forced back after cross-country corners of the mouth will raise a faint smile.
Especially with the cross-country gradually falling into the inferior position, Uchiha Itachi’s body art is even more aggressive!
First, a heavy kick in the cross-country abdomen caused a sharp pain, which forced the cross-country to retreat several steps in a row and broke out rapidly again and again. chakra and Uchiha Itachi came close to the cross-country. He wanted to attack the cross-country who wanted to stay until the cross-country punch. Uchiha Itachi’s short body escaped and a sweeping leg knocked the cross-country to the ground!
"Fire escape!"
"Hao fireball!"
Directly to cross-country overturned on the ground, Uchiha Itachi jumped again without hesitation in the middle of the hand rapid printing.
The victory turned out to be a turning point with Uchiha Itachi and body double!
First, the vitality lays the victory situation. At this time, Uchiha Itachi Huodun Hao Fireball is impressively trying to lock the victory situation!
It is obviously impossible to stop Uchiha Itachi from performing the operation when he falls to the ground.
When the Uchiha Itachi Seal where it was located quickly finished spewing out a hot fireball and landed at the cross-country location, even the deer who was watching the cross-country for a long time looked alarmed. Obviously, he was afraid that the cross-country power would be hurt in the fire escape or simply abandoned in the hands of Uchiha Itachi!
Just when everyone thought that Uchiha Itachi’s sudden application of the fire-dun-Hao fireball technique would definitely make cross-country face failure, suddenly another cross-country appeared in front of it!
"Separation? The power of ordinary doppelganger to resist fire escape and endure? Is cross-country stupid? "