However, the Italian media dismissed this. Zhang Tiehan scored a goal, but it was just a goal. They said that because Zhang man of iron didn’t show anything outside the goal. When the team attacked, he touched the ball very limited, and a high center didn’t play much tactics.

So many Roman media began to analyze Zhang Tiehan, and finally came to the conclusion that Zhang man of iron’s failure to integrate into the team was’ isolated’ in the game, which was mainly due to his own movement and consciousness.
Italian football can’t be separated from conscious players without running.
This is absolute
Therefore, whenever Zhang Tiehan meets a strong team, he will not perform well, but when he meets a weak team, he will have a chance to score.
That’s what the Roman media say.
Of course, the Roma club turned a deaf ear to this, but the fans of Rome believed that the media needed to find out the reasons for Rome’s poor performance. Everyone knew that Rome had no small problems, but recently the Rome dressing room did not reveal any contradictions. Even Cassano, who has always been a troublemaker, was’ clever’, and Rome was very supportive of Drier. The spirit of Rome was also good.
But the performance is not good!
What’s going on here?
There is always a reason for everything, so they analyzed the reason. Naturally, it can’t be attributed to the Roman king Totti. Cassano is not’ naughty’ and it won’t be the reason. For example, Montera, Delvecchio, Mancini and so on are all old people in the team, and Zhang man of iron is new here. He can also be weak in the game, which shows that he can be a scapegoat.
After training hard, Zhang Tiehan naturally knew that the Roman media reported to him recently.
He is very angry!
In fact, his tactical ability has been improving. Recently, he has become more and more tacit in cooperation with his teammates in the game. The number of catches during the attack has also increased, and he has also scored goals in the league. This performance should not be belittled if not praised.
But this kind of thing happened
He had to sigh that Rome is really a complicated team, and at the same time he took notes of the names of these media reports and the names of his journalists.
You always score goals, and you always say bad things, but you remember!
The Roman media naturally didn’t know that they had provoked Zhang Tiehan. In fact, they didn’t care at all. They just wanted to make an excuse for Rome’s poor grades.
But anyway, Rome’s grades are really bad.
Zhang Tiehan is very angry, but actually there is not much pressure. He can feel that he is making progress every day. This feeling is really wonderful. Instead, he is full of training motivation and works harder than before, but at the same time, he also feels a lot relaxed because fitness training can be temporarily stopped.
His body is strong enough, and he doesn’t need any fitness, but he should reduce it … Zhang Tiehan thinks that whenever he takes off his clothes and sees all his bones and muscles, he can think of those stupid people with muscular eyes and brains, which always reminds him of some comments that many people have made at first sight.
"I’m not an idiot." Zhang Tiehan hates to grind his teeth. "I’m a smart person, and a gentle person is one of the top ten young people with brains across the world!"
Unlike Zhang man of iron, head coach Deryl is under great pressure.
Two games, a loss and a draw, such a result is really hard to get. Although he has just taken over the team, the club, fans and the media all believe that he has not involved the loss with him, if he keeps estimating that his game will be the same as voller’s, he will leave.
Being the coach of Rome is a great leap for Drier.
Although he has been in the coaching industry for many years, he used to work in a small club. Chievo is already a good team. It is the first time that he has been a coach of a big club like Rome. Deryl is still very happy.
If we can stabilize Rome’s performance, Drier means that the top league has a firm foothold, and it is possible to coach Inter Milan, A Milan and other world giants.
If he can’t do it well, the opportunity will naturally be lost.
He must do it well.
If you want to do well, you must lead Rome through the difficulties temporarily, which is nothing more than one or two victories. It is the key to keep stable results continuously … but it is not without opportunities.
Drill set his sights on the league a week later, which is the focus of Italy and even Europe.
Lazio vs Rome to be continued
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Roman Derby
No other city can leave such a heavy mark on the history of human literature and generate has such a dazzling brilliance as Rome.
Up to now, the majestic Pantheon and the magnificent Colosseum are still waking up, and people remember her long history of more than 7 years and its magnificent and splendid culture. The city of Rome seems to have fallen from myth to man, and it stands on the seven hills, but it is like a dream.
"All roads lead to Rome" is a true portrayal of the eternal city of Rome.
Rome is known as the’ City of Light’, and several churches of the Pope spread tranquility and faith to every corner of the city.
Rome is also a romantic city, with hundreds of fountains and fountains. Love stories record everything. Every day, there are always people with dreams who follow the footsteps of Audrey and Gregory Peck, from the Spanish Square to the Fountain, the Truth Mouth to the Angel Castle, and finally tell the heartfelt words of "treasure every minute in this city all my life".
However, after all, Rome is a city that can’t stand in the sword and blood sand!
A bloody affair may be Rome’s eternity.
This characteristic has been vividly displayed in the war football field in peacetime. From the perspective of the history and development of the club, Rome and Lazio are not top giants, far from Rome’s prestige in the world, but it is like being nurtured by a female wolf. romulus killed his twin brother Remus before establishing Rome. These two brothers in the same city are in the same boat.
Rome Derby is a city war with the strongest gunpowder in Italy and the fiercest confrontation in Europe!
In 19 years, the first football club in Lazio and Rome was formally established, but it didn’t adopt the more resounding name of "Rome" today because they didn’t want to limit their development to Rome.
This sentence in the well-known poem "To Helen" of "Greece Glory Rome Solemnity" seems to be tailor-made by Lazio.
Lazio, out of longing for the Olympic Games, adopted the blue and white colors of the Greek flag, and even the team emblem chose an eagle flying with wings, which is the symbol of Zhongtian and Raytheon Zeus in Greek mythology.
The influence of Greek on Roman has been shown in Lazio in another way.