No wonder it hurts so much. The wound is worn out again.

He doesn’t want to come here. It’s so comfortable to lie down. He has to toss people around.
"Ah …"
Help! It hurts!
Xiao Jing raised his arm to block his pale face and trembled with pain.
Suddenly, the pungent medicine was sprayed on the knee, and the pain was relieved when the water flowed through the pool.
Xiao Jing took a look at the painkiller spray in his hand and secretly kept it in mind. When he got enough money, he made a decisive start.
In the white period, I handled the wound skillfully and carefully, frowning and asking, "How did you hurt it?"
"I accidentally fell and scratched."
He’s not lying, but he’s holding back
A few days ago, the capital chain broke in Diao years, and the investment failed. Angry and mad, I vented my anger and ruined my life.
After being drunk, Diao nian is like a mad dog. There is no humanity. Who dares to get together and fight hard?
Diao maternal cowardice hid early.
The original owner heard the noise and was trapped in a narrow attic, and the atmosphere dared not breathe in an attempt to escape.
However, the goddess of fortune never smiled at him.
That night Diao nian shouted to let him open the door.
The original owner was frightened, hiding in the corner, staring at his eyes and covering his mouth, trembling with fear and tears streaming down his face.
Diao Nian was so tired from kicking and smashing that he broke the door open and fell into madness.
He lost his roar and fat body, shook it, kicked it down and dragged it all the way out by pulling his hair.
The original owner was so scared that he screamed and begged for mercy, but it caused more fierce anger.
"What are you arguing about? I’ll sew your mouth up sooner or later!"
"You can go to hell if you don’t have such a big hair!"
It makes me angry to think that General Manager Jiang has raised his son, but he still doesn’t give face to face and doesn’t even want to invest.
When someone else is a mistress, he won’t even go in one ear and out the other!
Diao Nian is crazy, dragging him from the attic to the first floor, beating and cursing all the way, and kicking him from time to time is even more violent if he cries out in pain.
The original owner was terrified, and he wanted to call for help but couldn’t say a word.
Because of fear, he temporarily lost his speech, and his throat could make a meaningful "whoop".
During the drag, his knee was violently rubbed and bloody, and blood gushed out, dragging a deep and shallow blood stain on the floor.
The original owner is in great pain and is beating wildly. Without resistance, he can curl up and moan in a low voice.
Tears blurred my eyes.
At that moment, the original owner fell into a lonely place.
He looked at the woman hiding on the second floor, got a fright and hurried into the house.
My heart is nothing more than ashes.
He no longer evaded the pain vented by his adoptive father, which made him unconscious, his throat itched, he coughed violently, and he vomited big mouthfuls of blood and dyed the floor red.
A maid was frightened and ran out of the dark to plead and said, "Mr. Diao, please spare him. If you fight again, you will die!" "
Diao Nian put up with it and put up with it. After all, he stopped laughing and sneered, "A moth is a moth, so it’s hard for you to die."
Xiao Jing fell in a pool of blood with two holes in his eyes, and the whole world collapsed.
The maid took pity on him and called two people to secretly carry the boy back to the attic and quietly deliver some medicine in the dead of night.
The original owner has been lying for three days and nights, and has not been able to sleep peacefully for a moment.
As soon as he closed his eyes, he thought of Diao Nian’s ferocious face and fear followed him.
That night, the original owner silently sent a message to Jiang Yuanhua in tears, begging him to pick himself up.
The original owner held the mobile phone for a whole night and watched it again and again, even afraid to close his eyes a little for fear of missing the reply.
Early in the morning and respond
Maybe he fell asleep early and didn’t see the message.
The original owner dialed the words with his eyes blackened with pain with humble belief.
There’s three. You’re connected.
When a teenager’s eyes shine, he gives birth to a point of expectation
For a moment, the man’s indifferent response made him fall from the cloud into hell.
"How can you have my words? Deleted! "
When a man hangs up, he also breaks all thoughts of the original owner.
He is like a poor man hiding in a corner where people see him and waiting for the flowers to fall.
At the end of the flower, he hopes for a long time.
The original owner licked the wound silently and floated in despair. The lighthouse in his heart went out.
If Xiao Jing didn’t wear it, maybe … He won’t live long either.
The world is sad.
In an instant, the original owner was obsessed with generate’s sadness from the bottom of his heart.
Feeling the grief of the original owner, Xiao Jing covered her chest and didn’t want to shed tears, but her face was wet uncontrollably.
"It hurts …"
He croaked in low pain, wondering whether it was the wound pain or the heart pain.
Sadness is getting worse and worse, pushing the limit
For a moment, Xiao Jing suddenly lost his speech, but his mouth was wide open but he couldn’t make a sound.
"Blare … well …"
You have something to say.
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 35 Chapter 35
Sorrow is like a flood, which instantly drowns his pent-up emotions. Once generate collapses,
After the tight string breaks, it eats itself back.
Xiao Jing was in tears, clutching his throat, trying to speak in vain.
"Woo … woo …"