Advanced liver cancer, middle gastric cancer and advanced lung cancer.

It’s just that he’s almost forty and fifty, and he just lived to be ten years old.
For six years, I survived for six years with Yan’s ability.
That’s …
"Is Madame going in?"
Yan Shuhan felt unlucky at the thought of something lying inside.
I really don’t want Su Mo to touch that bad thing.
Ega understood Yan Shuhan’s meaning and stopped. "Well, don’t go in, sir. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you here."
Yan Shuhan stretched out his hand and touched ega’s head. "Be good and wait for my horse to come out in three minutes."
"Well, no, sir, go. It’s okay for a long time."
Yan Shuhan bowed his head and kissed Su Mo’s forehead and lips slightly upward and touched the guy’s heart. His eyes were tender and firm. "I won’t wait here for my baby for three minutes and one second."
"Well," Su Mo looked at alpha and nodded his lips slightly.
Yan Shu Han touched ega’s hair sideways and clicked forward, opened the door and went in.
Su Mo took out his mobile phone and brushed the study group. Did the teacher arrange a new business and sent a message on the WeChat group of four people asking Lin Qiu to go back? No one said that he was driving back.
Everything is fine and normal.
There is nothing new. I only found the information when I returned to the main page. The icon braved little red dot to show that there was a letter that I had not read.
Su Mo froze when he clicked in-it was Li Wenle, the freshman of the Academy of Fine Arts, who sent it to him at 3: 12 in the morning four days ago.
Said he couldn’t sleep, thinking that alpha would pick him up that day, and he was always afraid that the other party would hurt him.
Say, "That alpha is fierce at first sight." If the other party does something bad to him, he can seek protection from the ega Protection Association. Don’t let the other party be evil.
The footsteps are getting closer and closer. alpha comes out from that end and the right corner shows exactly three minutes.
"What is the lady looking at? Laughing?" Yan Shu cold get pheromone ability to pull the door.
Su Mo handed the phone to the other party, "Look at it, sir."
"Go for a medical examination now?"
Yan Shuhan took the mobile phone and read it quickly. He bent over and hugged ega to his body and kissed his loved ones. His delicate white face should be "hmm" gently.
Chapter 168 High sweet warning! Baby, don’t move
When the car drove out of the sanatorium, the street lights were on all around, which seemed to be the time when we first met each other-the same was true on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, when the warm yellow street lights were on and alpha drove him to Yan’s old house.
There, his husband called him his ega, his wife and his lover.
At this time, alpha still smells like vodka soothing pheromones.
As warm as the sun, the smell filled the whole carriage. Su Mo sat in the back seat with a thin blanket and felt a little sleepy.
Unexpectedly, I really fell asleep in the blink of an eye
It was before going into deep sleep that alpha reached out and untied the seat belt and held it to her body.
Broad shoulders and tall body are extremely safe. Su Mo rubbed his eyes and hands and naturally hugged Yan Shu’s cold neck and couldn’t help but rub each other’s faces
The sound is soft and seems really sleepy. "Are you there?"
"Well, it’s time to hug my wife and go in." Yan Shu replied with ega and walked to the health center gate.
Today is the working day, and the health center has implemented a 24-hour shift system to meet the needs of young people.
There are quite a few people in this point when it is an ordinary staff class
However, when I went in and took a closer look, I found that most of them were from other departments. Most of them were husbands who accompanied their pregnant wives for prenatal check-ups, and some of them were young people who accompanied their elderly parents to get some special medicines.
There are two people in front of the physical examination department
Yan Shuhan showed his military officer’s card and motioned for people to relax and ask if there was a green channel before the doctor called his name.
"Of course, sir. Please follow me."
In recent years, the situation has been turbulent, and the rate of joining the army has dropped greatly. Parents are reluctant to join the army for fear of going back to the alliance, and the welfare system for soldiers has been correspondingly high.
I got it by myself. It’s time to get it.
After all, it’s almost five twenty when you look at it.
He is expected to leave the health care center at 5: 50 to drive ega to dinner-he thought about it before he said he would bring someone for a physical examination. There is an old Cantonese restaurant next to it, which is very good.
Light and delicious, suitable for ega. I’m not very comfortable now.
However, I didn’t expect to go in through the green channel. The doctor in charge said that the blood test should be carried out first, and the blood test report such as pregnancy or other large-scale functional diseases can only be carried out after the physical examination.
"How long will it take for this to bear fruit?"
"Well, it will only take half an hour to talk quickly."
Yan Shuhan thought that it would be better to take ega to dinner after the examination, and to pick up the blood test results after the meal. After the project, there is no need for abdomen.
I talked to the doctor in charge, and the other party said that it was no problem and introduced them to the Cantonese restaurant, which is worth trying.
There is nothing to avoid doing blood tests. Yan Shuhan accompanied Su Mo into the blood drawing room.
The nurse sitting in the blood drawing window is a young woman bea who looks at her early twenties.
Su Mo sat with rolled-up sleeves and put his arm into the window. The other party just dipped the medical cotton swab with iodophor and wiped the needle on ega’s arm. Yan Shuhan put the soothing pheromone to the highest concentration before plunging in.
The smell of warm sun almost filled the whole blood drawing room in an instant. When bea’s eyes opened wide, several nurses next to her in the glass room were blindfolded.
They couldn’t help looking at the tall and handsome alpha and suddenly felt that they were wrong.
Dig out the news of the explosion of the ex-Su family case and cover your mouth and stare at each other for a moment.
Bea, a young woman, also recognized someone.
It’s more gentle to move around. I can’t help it. I’m really afraid that I accidentally hurt my boss’s wife and let the boss lose his temper
Su Mo was made a little want to laugh by Yan Shuhan’s actions, but he held back.
When he drew blood, his left hand and right hand reached over and pulled Yan Shu’s cold hand and hooked the man’s four fingers a little naughtily-it was wrapped by alpha’s warm and thick hand for two seconds.