Looking at each other face to face, Bao Qi’s big eyes stared straight.
The man’s forehead is low against her forehead.
Two people eyes nose heart finally command the hand.
Close by breathing slowly intertwined, from time to time, lips glued to each other’s eyes, and no one spoke to each other, curled up and felt wandering around. Bao Qi was surrounded by hungry wolves, and there was no way to move his hands again, but he couldn’t stand his own control and was forced to circle him back and forth.
His face is red and he is about to drop blood, and his body is about to collapse on him.
The man encircles her powerfully, and the position and angle are well adjusted. He is strong and big, and it is a kind of submerged hug to let the little girl sit in his arms. Even if someone passes by, it is a big deal that the couple have a good relationship. Who would have guessed that people are there in broad daylight?
Bao Qi’s face was so embarrassed that he didn’t dare to look outside. His fingers were burning and explosives were getting stronger and stronger.
And the face man’s breathing frequency is even more messy, and the cool and thick breath almost ignites the hot and dry gas.
Then the wind leaves on the top of the mountain became a little bit warm …
Moment after moment, the kind of husband and wife who are sweet and greasy will stop talking …
Finally, the man volcano erupted …
It’s over!
The man dug out a bag of wet tissues from her bag to clean her little hand carefully and cleaned it up again. He kissed her happily in the little girl’s gnashing eyes, and she was in excellent spirits after venting her bright forehead.
Although I didn’t eat enough, I somehow relieved a depression.
"Let’s go mountain!"
Treasure and pure will have dry clean hands palm in his body to wipe the abandon whisper "hum! I told you, just now, I took so much trouble to visit the mountains. It turned out that the color heart came … It’s a Buddhist place to live here! "
I brushed her hair, and it was extremely cold and chic.
"Color is color!"
Say that finish up and pulled her away.
Looking up to heaven!
Treasure and pure head in dizzy looked at the mountain heart hate hate …
This man is justified anyway!
Especially when it comes to courtship, he is brutal, shameless, insatiable and inhuman. But at that time, his expression and prudence seem to be reasonable and reasonable.
While walking, I thought of the secret things that two people had just done.
Her face is red, and her eyebrows and eyes are actually warm.
When the mountain bypassed Fayin Temple again, the Sanskrit had stopped and the smell of incense was still there.
It’s still early. It’s still bright.
It’s a wonderful feeling that two people walk hand in hand along the road when they come.
Everyone says that holding hands with ten fingers is the entanglement of the heart.
Section 515
Sipping lip treasure and thinking about this secretly, my fingers tightened involuntarily.
The man clasped her hand tighter.
The car was driving on the road back to the city, and the cold owl’s words rang out several times in a short distance. Bao Qi was worried while he was driving and answering the phone, but he didn’t feel sorry. In fact, she knew that he had a lot of work to do, but she took time off to take her out for a stroll.
Lengxiao is really good to her.