When she arrived at Chimuhan’s office floor, the employees looked at her with strange eyes.

She has been to Melco International once, and she is very attractive. It is a little difficult not to be remembered.
A man named Linda came over to say hello. "Miss Shen came to see manager Chi again. Let me take you to the reception room first. He is busy inside."
"I have something urgent to trouble him. Miss Linda will tell him first."
Linda knows that there are all kinds of women who are always thinking about the pool, but not all women can get into the pool. They are all people who look at people and handle affairs. Although this Miss Shen has been carried out by the late manager, the one in the pool office can’t be offended.
Linda has always been cautious in her work, but she is afraid that this Miss Shen will go in and the one inside will hit the spot and catch fire.
She pointed to her desk. "Miss Shen, did you see that each of us has a cup of milk tea and cake on the desk? Today, Mrs. Chi is coming and she is in a particularly good mood to give it to us."
As soon as Mei Wu heard it, she could smell it. Linda told her to back down and wait in the reception room.
And at the moment ChiMuHan busy in the office to deal with the future Mrs Pool?
"Well, I’ll call your manager Chi and see how busy he is?"
I don’t know why I want to do this. I just want to do this if I’m not angry.
So she slowly took out a mobile phone and dialed Chimuhan’s number in full amazement.
After waiting for five or six seconds with the beautiful melody, the conversation got through. She said softly, "Chi Gong, I’m at the door of your office. Can you come out and pick me up?"
Chimuhan coolly "well" a word press off at a glance at the sofa Xiao Yinyin went straight to the door and beat the office door.
Eyebrow Wu’s youthful and beautiful Bohemian dress makes her temperament stand out and quiet. Chi Muhan cast a glance at her and glanced at Linda. Linda was so cold that she immediately felt as if she had offended someone she shouldn’t have offended.
Eyebrow Wu also don’t go over and put the lower back to the desk leaning half charming and half charming smile waiting for Chimuhan to pick her up.
Xiao Yinyin chased after him and asked, "Brother Mu Han, where are you going?" As soon as I stepped out of the door, I saw the smiling face at the front desk.
Xiao Yinyin cursed in her heart. What a coquettish bitch!
☆, Chapter 46 Which have the strength to talk about serious business?
Linda immediately apologized when she saw Chi Muhan coming. "I’m sorry, Manager Chi. I didn’t mean to neglect Miss Shen. I don’t want to be disturbed when you and Miss Xiao are talking in there."
"Linda’s’ I’ in her work is self-absorbed."
Chi Muhan has always been gentle and elegant, but it is such a man who is full of gentleman’s pity and expensive temperament. A word of warmth makes people even dare not breathe hard.
Linda’s leg in a dark blue professional suit was shaking like stepping on a sewing machine. "I know that I will never be smart again."
Even a casual reproach made Linda walk on thin ice for fear that Chi Muhan would demote her and reduce her salary. You know, she had a hard time sitting in the position of president’s secret.
"Well, go and make a cup of rose tea." Chimuhan gave a light hug to Wu, the waist as soft as a water snake, and walked into the office.
There are two women in the president’s office, which is still a little crowded.
"Miss Shen, don’t you know how to come first?"
Xiao Yinyin couldn’t resist seeing Shen Mei Wu even if she wanted to crush the fire. There was an impulse to chop her to death and dump her body in the wilderness. Besides, she came to Brother Mu Han first. Did she wait outside for a while to die?
I don’t need eyebrows to talk. I long for the cold face and turn to Xiao Yinyin. "I brought her in."
Xiao Yinyin didn’t fight. Why does Chi Muhan always help Shen Mei? If she marries in the future, even if the master helps her grow up, it will not be worth the care and love of her husband.
"Brother Mu Han, I will be your wife in the future."
"I’ll make it clear if you come today. I won’t marry you."
Xiao Yinyin was even more anxious when she heard this. She let it out. She will be the future Mrs. Chi. If Chi Muhan doesn’t marry her, won’t her face be lost to grandma’s house?
"But … but Uncle Chi promised me that you would marry me."
Section 24
Chi Muhan’s eyebrows are slightly twisted, and he is probably a little bored. His gentle eyes are sharp and sharp. "Who promised to marry you and let him marry you!"
This Chi Muhan’s eyes are red with such a roar. "Brother Muhan, how can you do this to me?"
When ChiMuHan this attitude to her is because Shen Mei Wu this bitch!
So stalemate for a while Xiao Yinyin also didn’t see ChiMuHan soft posture, but she would cry and ran out, and finally she had to slam the door.
Eyebrow Wu looked at the door that was gently shaken by Xiao Yin’s sound force and gently pressed the eyebrows. "Chi Gong, after you hurt Miss Xiao’s heart so much, you must have a toss."
"After marrying two women, my life will be troubled."
Chi Muhan doesn’t want to follow his father’s path and marry a house full of women. He is too tired to be caught in the middle.
Eyebrow Wu looked at his clear side face, and his eyes were dark and seemed to be thinking something.
He turned his eyes to Mei Wu. "Okay, let’s get down to business. Is there anything from Yan?"
"Well, Yan told me that my brother was in the warehouse at home by Shen Yuchen, and I wouldn’t bother you if it weren’t for human life."
Clean and bright office, a large amount of sunshine comes in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the eyebrows are just in that golden sunshine. The white skin is even more charming when the sun shines red, but such a charming woman’s mouth is just like a pair of unhappy faces.
"Are you still angry that I have driven Xiao Yinyin out?" He gave her a spoiled squeeze before raising his eyebrows.
Angry? How can she be angry?
But it happened that she was cutting her heart, bulging her cheeks and helping to stretch out her slender index finger and point a little at Chi Mu’s cold heart, and her eyebrows and eyes were curved. "Chi Gong, you know that women are very narrow-minded."
"So my future Mrs. Chi is still a little jealous?"
The man leaned over and drew them closer to each other, and he could feel each other breathing. The man’s breath was so fierce and hot that he kissed and bit her lips and said vaguely, "I didn’t kiss you enough on the hospital stairs, did I?"
Eyebrow Wu by he kissed immersed in it.
When he let it go, her breath was a little anxious and chaotic. She leaned against his solid chest, pink and tender cheeks, and gasped gently. "Didn’t Chi Gong agree to talk about serious business?"
"Didn’t eat which have the strength to talk about serious business? Don’t you think so? "
A surge of dark color is flowing in the man’s deep eyes, which is really like eating her.
In a moment, he picked her up and put her on his long desk.
Eyebrow Wu’s heart is beating violently. He’s trying to …
Her hand is still against his chest, and the person leans back slightly with a charming eyebrow eye. "Can’t Chi Gong come home late? Save my brother, or I won’t be in a good mood and serve him well. "
Shen Mei Wu, a little woman, is always too clever. She knows what her most proud talent is. She always takes the negotiation as bait.
But for such a beautiful and delicious woman, even if she is refined, she will not be offensive.
At this time, the office door was knocked on the eyebrow. Wu guessed that it should be that Chi Muhan asked Linda to make a cup of roses before Linda came in.
"It’s not too late for you to see us like this, is it?"
She gently tugged at his tie, like a thrush, and her beautiful eyes were dotted with prayers.
"That’s up to you." He took her from the desk and pinched her without a trace as she slipped past her waistline.