Three people walking along the road chatted with each other about the recent events. Ye Yu was slightly depressed when he learned that the Loki family was going to start a new expedition in ten days.

"How busy …"
"I can’t help it … because it is the most powerful family group in Euler Li, I have to take the lead in everything."
With a gentle smile, Riviera said so lightly that Ye Yu was deeply intoxicated by the amorous feelings of the girl at that moment.
It’s a little bad … The throbbing in my heart is unbearable. I really want to … just take Riveria away.
Chapter 65 Teaching
I had such an evil thought in my heart for a moment, but Ye Yu soon suppressed it. Obviously, Rivera would never be happy to do so.
I have to say that Ye Yu felt a little stupid and expressed his mind to Rivera, so he didn’t know what to do.
Love what … Have no experience?
Are you going to try a date now?
If it’s love … it should all start with dating, right?
When she was about to walk to the ground, Ye Yu turned her eyes and immediately looked at the girl beside her.
Riviera’s side face is perfect. It really deserves to be the embodiment of elegance. The elf is completely different from Mao Mao’s impatience, like a teenager.
Thinking of Ye Yu in this way is not funny. He shook his head. Just walking with her made him nervous, not to mention the fact that the last two people went on a date alone.
However, if Ye Yu can be positive in Riviera, he can find that the actual girl is not much better than him.
Rivera is just pretending to be calm, but it can be seen that her pupils are tightly contracted, her lips are tight and her limbs are stiff.
Ye Yu is nervous, while Riviera is afraid. She is afraid to stay with Ye Yu so much, because she is always worried that she will be influenced by Ye Yu and become no longer herself.
Maybe you really love him?
Glancing at Ye Yu Riviera around her, she felt very complicated in her heart, and she didn’t know what happened to her, so she had such feelings for Ye Yu.
Rivera is gentle and accommodating to others, but obviously it is not the case with Ye Yu’s feelings. It is a kind of detachment from these two feelings, and Rivera herself is not white. What is the feeling?
Sigh softly … Rivera is not that kind of feminist and doesn’t despise men. Although the elves are very picky about love, it doesn’t mean Rivera doesn’t long for a shoulder to lean on.
However, several powerful adventurers in Loki as soon as possible are an indispensable core of a team, and Garibi Leah’s gentle personality makes almost everyone treat her as an elder. There may be admirers, but none dare to show them.
Perhaps in the midst of Ye Yu’s confession, I was already enchanted at that moment.
Elves are actually like this. Creatures are arrogant and elegant, but they pretend that their hearts are thinner than their races. But if they are really emotional, they will never die.
Are you really emotional? Facing Ye Yu?
But … So what? Impossible … She and Ye Yu are doomed to be impossible.
Sighing softly in my heart, Rivera has made up her mind to find a chance to talk with Ye Yu.
You have to be clean and tidy, and you don’t want to drag your feet at all. Only in this way can you make him completely give up?
This mistake has been going on for a long time, and we can’t let him make it again.
"So don’t live for a while …"
Because everyone is familiar with the road, it took only ten minutes for the fifth floor of the maze to reach the ground. When Aisi and Riveria appeared in the square together, it naturally caused an idea, but soon people’s attention was focused on Ye Yushen.
Who is he … What’s with Kenji and Jiumoji?
"That … don’t have to?"
Ye Yu stopped talking about dating at the fork in the street, so things didn’t come out after all.
"Well, goodbye to that one."
Riviera also turned slightly and dared not look at Ye Yu’s face.
Is Esther looked at Ye Yu there and looked at Rivera suddenly like what thought.
"It was still early at that time … why don’t we go to training together?"
Ye Yu and Riviera are all a light shout, and some don’t know what Bai Aisi is talking about.
"Ye Yu … you want to master your own real power? Whether it’s fencing or controlling your own magic. "
Esther looked at Ye Yu with a sword behind her.
"It seems that you are interested in swordsmanship. How do you want me to teach you? Yu Riviera, he is the best magic teacher of O ‘Leary. If she comes to teach you magic, she will get twice the result with half the effort, right? "
Listen, Esther came out with this suggestion. Ye Yu’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light. In fact, it was similar to asking Hessia. He came out to Loki, but he was rebuffed by Ye Yu.
At that time, he thought about Hessia and wanted to rely on her dignity to get instruction from others.
But it’s different now … Now it’s Aisi who comes out voluntarily.
"That … is that good? Will Rivera be sometimes? "
Ye Yu so nervous staring at Riviera looked at the latter some nai pie pie.
It’s as cunning as ever. Ye Yu directly asked me if I had it or not, instead of asking me if I agreed to your request.
"At that time … anyway, before an expedition, Esther and I were very leisurely."