When we returned to the Dragon Club, it was late at night. Aozhen saw us and asked, "Where have you been? When swimming can last so long, "she glanced at her brother." If my second cousin hears that you have been out with other women for so long … "

"Will you stop caring about her?" Aobing immediately shouted
12 inauguration Yamatu
Aozhen asked for a boring pout and stopped talking.
"This is not good!" I said, "The second princess looks fine. Besides, if she is really annoyed, I can’t beat her!"
The next day, when I returned to Yamatu from the Dragon Club, Ao Bing insisted on seeing us off. Instead of taking a boat, we both flew back from it. With the help of Ao Bing’s power, I easily flew over a hundred miles.
When I went back to college, my friends all looked at me strangely, probably thinking about how I turned back to a handsome guy when I went out of the door.
I quickly introduced that this was Aozhen’s brother, but it didn’t change their eyes at all. Both men’s and women’s eyes were full of jealousy.
I took Ao Bing to see Professor Kumei, but I met more people in her room. Two days later, a group of seven senior members from Chuyu College, including Dean Inaba, Professor Sen and Song Ji, who hated the old ghost, arrived in Yamatu.
When these old men heard that Ao Bing was a dragon in the East China Sea, they immediately stood in awe and bowed to each other. Did you see my stomach straight with pantothenic acid?
Later, Dean Inaba introduced him to Dean Ono of Yamato College. This time, I didn’t go with him, and I don’t know if his poor Japanese can handle it.
Professor Sen also stayed in Harakumi. When talking about the choice of pupil, Harakumi couldn’t help crying. Sen comforted her and said, "Pupils have memories of past lives and are not so nostalgic for life."
On the day of the game, Ao Bing was invited to the stadium again, and Ao Zhenlai was also invited, but he refused to admit that he was ill in the future.
Dean Ono sent a master of ceremonies to invite Ao Bing to sit in the VIP table on the rostrum, but he insisted on sitting with me in the audience, which was a terrible master of ceremonies.
As a result of the final compromise, I was also invited to the rostrum to be the master of ceremonies. When Yuan Jiumei asked what to introduce my VIP status, the former professor was quite impatient (she was not qualified).
"She is the champion of the big business royal dynasty song smart competition, and the champion of the Biyou Palace Jingling Competition, Sadoshima, killed one of the serpent warriors, which was enough for her to sit in the VIP seat."
I followed Aobing and the emcee to the rostrum. Dean Ono, the first seat of Yamazaki and Dean Inaba all got up and greeted each other. After Aobing met each other, I also wanted to meet them, but these people obviously didn’t want to.
What’s even more embarrassing is that all the other distinguished guests, including Ao Bing, are dressed very formally, and I’m wearing a thin gauze dress and diagonal shorts, which is too informal, so I don’t need to compare with them as a woman on the rostrum.
Aobing’s seat was arranged on the right side of Miyata’s chief executive, and I was sitting on the right side of Aobing.
Other people on the podium try to treat me as much as possible. I think if I am really a guest, but I want them to live together every day, the treatment I receive today will become their pressure.
However, when the MC told me my identity word for word according to the original Kumi statement, it still caused a stir in the audience, but I enjoyed it very much.
Because there are men and women performing alone in two events and there are not many contestants, the competition schedule is not long.
Kwai won the championship although she didn’t play very well because of her friend’s suicide.
Xiang won the fourth place in the men’s bench. Hui, You and Zhenyi didn’t get the place.
After the game, Professor Yamazaki, on behalf of the Dean, asked Kwai if she was willing to transfer to Yamato College to continue her studies. Kwai hesitated at that time, and this hesitation decided her fate.
The next day, Dean Otano offered me a teacher’s appointment and announced that Kwai, the female champion of the Smart League, would be transferred to Yamato College for further study.
On the third day, in addition to Kwai and the teachers and students from Chuyu College, we set off on our way home. Yamazaki, the first leader of Yamamoto College, led a team to send us off.
After saying goodbye one by one, Harakumi asked me to push her wheelchair aside and her eyebrows locked slightly.
"You know what? Nezha, "she said," I’m always worried that Lai Kui will graduate in less than two months. Are you interested in letting her transfer to Yamato? But it seems that Dean and President Sen have already acquiesced in this matter. "
"Kwai, this child is simple and kind. I’m really worried about whether she can live safely in this mixed place. If my health is good, I’d rather stay here with you for a month, but it’s a burden for me to stay like this now."
"Teacher" I squatted down. "What can I do?"
She saw the crowd off in the distance. "See those two guys?"
I noticed these two younger teachers a few days ago because one of them is Miyata and the other is Matsuji, and they are Miyata Chief and Professor Matsuji respectively.
"These two guys, I always feel that they are not good people." Harakumi took my hand. "Promise me that Nezha will take care of Yikui for more than a month and don’t let her be bullied by bad people. I will hire her back to Feather College when her studies expire."
I’m a little stupefied looking at the original kumei. Is it so exaggerated? Or did Harakumi suffer too much injury and lie on her sickbed for a long time and have hallucinations?
"Good teacher," I replied, "I will be with her and make sure that she can return to the feather completely."
A few days ago, I was still indifferent to the original Kumi words, because almost all teachers (including Miyata and Matsuji) were polite when they saw me.
But it didn’t take long for me to find out that what she said was not groundless.
The courses arranged by Yamato College for me are smart confrontation, which is exactly my strength. Like in Chuyu College, I changed into a long-sleeved fork before class, but my students didn’t wear anything. Most of my regular students wore loose clothes, and a few wore tight clothes, and none of them showed their thigh roots.
Girls here are more conservative? Or is the former professor in Chuyu College well-trained?
This is not my place. I can’t be as strong as the original professor. After two classes, I finally couldn’t help asking them, "Why don’t you wear tight clothes?" I can’t see clearly when I’m dressed so loosely! "
Girls, look at me. I think you are reluctant to answer. It took a long time before a girl screamed at me, but she asked me, "Teacher, if a man touched your ass or thigh once in class, would you still wear this?"
What do you mean? I asked, "You mean there will be men in this training ground … You don’t mean when you train in pairs, do you?"
"Of course not!" She said
I frowned. "Isn’t this training ground closed to boys?"
The girl made a very naive expression, and her eyes were full of naive disdain for me. Then another girl said, "If the teacher breaks in, we can kick him out, but what if it is a male teacher?"
Male teacher? I’m completely speechless
At this time, the girl in front said, "It’s okay to touch it. What should you do if someone pinches a scar on your leg?"
I was angry at that time. "Break his hand!"
Make them stunned.
In the next few days, when I was walking through corridors, restaurants and other places, I paid special attention to it. I actually saw 30 times that girls were attacked and things happened, and these men had both students and teachers
So terrible! I’m too scared to dress so exposed on campus, so I can’t help worrying about Kwai.
However, when I asked her to come, she said that she had never encountered such a situation. I think it is also an excellent girl like Kwai. Wherever she goes, there will be a group of admirers who are willing to be escorts.
But I couldn’t turn a blind eye to it, so a few days later I walked into Yamazaki’s house, the first law enforcement house.
He frowned at once when I told him what I had come for, but he was not satisfied. Obviously, it was not that I reflected things, but that I was looking for trouble.
13 protect sunflower
According to the overall style of this episode of Yamato College, the design is rather dark. Considering that a considerable number of my readers are young female readers, I don’t want to increase everyone’s unpleasant feelings, and I don’t intend to exaggerate this detail and cause and effect as much as possible.
But if you’re really obsessed with the dark details, please make up for it yourself.
Of course, our female host (and male host) Nezha is not a good girl and will not suffer from YaBaKui.
Professor Yamazaki looked at me. "Miss Nezha, I heard that you come from a country that pays great attention to unification and etiquette. You studied in a women’s college, but you read earlier that badminton college, although it is a branch school, adopts a relatively closed management method because there are more girls. This relatively liberal atmosphere may make you difficult to adapt."
"The corresponding investigation of your reflection will also remind students and teachers, but there are two aspects to everything. Please also pay attention to your words, deeds, and dress in accordance with your identity."