Shallow water with a smile "this time can always let Yun Ni talk? Have some manners, okay? It’s you now. "

South injury nodded someone will Yun Ni mouth cloth pull.
"The water is clear!" Yun Ni shouted at the shallow water.
Shallow water Qing watched his beloved woman escape all the way. She suffered a lot this time.
Gentle eyes full of deep love, he said to Yun Ni, "Don’t worry, I will get you out."
South wound laugh wildly "shallow water clear you are an idiot! What qualifications do you have to say to save people now? "
"What’s not?" Shallow water Qing asked, "When you have been in the army for so many years, you should know that my habit is to work out other corresponding remedial measures whenever a plan is made in wartime to prevent the plan from failing."
Nan Shang stayed in shallow water and said, "So my remedy this time is very simple. I want to make a deal with you."
"Is it possible for us to have a deal?"
"Of course there is," Shallow Water Qing proudly replied. "If you let them go south, you will have a chance to have a fair duel with me. You should know that I was rescued in the Dragon Wind Temple and I was attacked by Yi Xinghan’s two swords. I chased you all the way, and there was almost no chance to treat you. Now I can talk to you here, but I am actually strong and self-supporting. If you want to fight alone, your martial arts is with me. You have plenty of opportunities to kill me with one knife. Do you always have a choice?"
"The water is clear!" Yun Ni shouted again, "No!"
Shallow water clear newspaper confident smile
Nan Shang "I don’t believe your story."
Shallow water Qing tore his skirt to reveal blood stains. The injury caused by Qiu Shuijian is actually not small. Shallow water Qing has never had a chance to recover. At this moment, it seems that his body is a bloody mess and looks particularly ferocious.
Nan Shang snorted, "I’d rather let you kill yourself immediately in exchange for Yun Ni’s terms."
Shallow water Qing shook his head. "You are now in the alley. Poor dogs bite you when they meet people. I won’t believe me. If I die, you will definitely kill Yun Ni. In this case, I would rather watch you kill him than commit suicide. Although I love Yun Ni, I prefer two people to live together rather than die in the same cave. If you kill her, I will continue to live and live more wonderfully. I won’t accept your threat. I don’t believe you. You might as well try."
"ah! ! !” South wound angry barking sword waving in his hand almost cut fireflies fly neck "what what you this dog men and women are so outrageous? One said that he was raped, and the other said that his woman died without you. What the fuck is love? "
Yun Ni shouted at Chengtou, "That’s how we are. I support you! If he kills me, you will kill him with a sword and avenge me. You must remember what you said and you will live a more wonderful life. "
Shallow water laughs more freely and naturally.
No one knows how the waves are ups and downs in his heart.
An opponent like Nan Shang must never lose to his opponent psychologically. He must be convinced that even if he kills Yun Ni, it will not cause much damage to Shallow Water. Only in this way will the opponent’s hostages be less valued.
At this moment, Shallow Water Qing continued, "Think about it. You killed Yun Ni. I am just sad for a while, but I can’t be sad for a lifetime. Feelings are the most unbearable thing. It’s not that you don’t know that there are many women around me when I am with Yun Ni. If she goes, I will have more women. Although I love her and cherish her, I won’t let you do what you want. After all, the damage to me by killing her is limited. Now I’ll give you a chance. If you give up, it’s your own stupidity. I guess your plan is You must have promised a lot of benefits to the Ministry, but now the plan has failed and you can’t make it. Of course, your injury is dead. What about those who follow you? Hum, don’t you think of them? If you care about the lives of your people, they will make you work hard? "
These words are really vicious. Nowadays, the knife rest is in Yun Ni, and it is the shallow water that hurts the hand in the south. A few words have done everything possible to provoke the south to hurt Qinbing. Although he is loyal to him, he would like him to die, but if he is afraid of his life, he will be chilling. At this critical moment, he will never shake his morale.
Nan Shang ruthlessly looked at the shallow water. "What do you want?"
Shallow water Qing lightly sighed, "It’s just a simple deal. You let all of them go, and I also let you go. Let them go home and never bother them after farming. You and I have a fair fight. Whether you win or lose, there is a dead end, or I can’t let you go, but you rarely have a chance. Think about it. This is your only alternative."
South injury stupefied looking at shallow water.
He knew that he was injured and he saw it.
There is a saying that Shallow Water Clear is not wrong. Since Lone Star City was first arrived by Shallow Water Clear, it is no longer possible for him to escape from the south.
But people are inherently dead, but they always have to find a way to pull the water together to kill their own family.
Nan Shang wanted to kill Yun Ni, but he knew that it was impossible for him to kill both of them after all.
If he can, he naturally prefers to kill shallow water.
He said coldly, "If I let her go, can you really keep your promise?"
Shallow water laughed. "You and I are both leading the troops to fight. When you know who will be, you will be the first to keep your promise. Today, I am here in this lone star city in front of all the soldiers. If you break your promise, who will believe it?" It’s okay to cheat the enemy on the battlefield. That’s the life of most soldiers. Here, you and I fight to the death. If I retreat from the battle, I will make heaven and man think that I am timid and afraid of death. When did you hear that I was shallow and afraid of death? When did you hear that I lost my letter to my brother? "
Nan Shang laughed. "You’re right. Now I believe you. No, you believe me. There has never been a weak side. Look at the face of the strong side and act. The passive side accepts the proposal of the active side. You really have always been like this. Even if your women have already fallen into my hands, you must master the initiative everywhere. I respect you as a person. I will fly Yun Ni and Firefly their lives in exchange for our safety. You and I will have a chance for World War I."
"Right, this is a man." Shallow water laughs.
"Two male don’t!" South wound all departments shouted at the same time.
Nan Shang has closed his sword and retreated.
Fireflies fly in danger and immediately pull out their swords to stand in the south and hurt their necks and shouted, "Everyone put their weapons at once! Miss Fang Yun, or I’ll cut him off with a sword! "
Nan’s facial expression is coldly looking at Chengtou Shallow Water.
This moment depends on the performance of shallow water.
Shallow water Qing leisurely said, "firefly, you are not so nervous. Nan has been injured and has put a weapon. Don’t hurt him. Please invite him in first, take a good bath and have a full meal, and then I will fight him to the death in the morning."
"Shallow general, do you really want to duel with Nan Shang?" Fireflies shouted. At this moment, it is really impossible for Shallow Water Ching to win the South Injury.
Shallow water Qing smiled sadly. "The old rival Nan Shang actually knows what I know and he trusts me."
And he has turned ChengTou.
At that time, Nan Shang suddenly shouted "Yi Xing Han!"
Shallow water clears the body and shivers.
Nan Shang looked at the shallow water and said slowly, "I finally know what he will do to you."