"This way, even if you get it, the heart organization will suspect you."

Qianfeng broke the moon and suddenly laughed. "When do I need them to believe?"
"You …" Dark night turns pale. It didn’t expect thousands of chickens to break the moon to be so timid. Then he hurriedly said, "The organization will not let you go."
"You think too much." Qianfeng has shown impatience when she broke the moon, and suddenly came to the front of the ghost night, and her right hand rolled into a knife and exploded.
Knife potential panic night unwilling to do nothing, although the body qi and blood churning, but still bite a tooth condensed the aura launched a trick.
"Mitsubishi returns to the truth!"
Suddenly, in the dark night, three sharp cones split towards the force and the knife light suddenly shot out
For a moment, the three sharp cones were deadlocked together, and there was a trace of blood in the corner of his mouth at night. He looked ferocious and faced death threats. He was really reckless and unrelenting, and he rushed towards the three sharp cones. At that time, it was just like blocking the attack of thousands of chickens breaking the moon
"Give me death!" Thousands of phoenixes break the moon, the arch eyebrows stand upright, and the knife light in their hands suddenly rises again. At night, the body shakes violently, and there is more and more blood in the corners of their mouths.
"You can’t kill me!" Bite your teeth in the dark night, face ferocious, face death threat, and your desire to survive becomes stronger in an instant.
It is obvious that a thousand chickens break the moon and don’t care about his desire for survival. All hypocrisy can be a cloud in the face of absolute power.
Knife light rises again. This time, I lie on the ground at night, and my bones are trembling and my blood is flowing.
Three sharp cones have been shaking, and even cracks have appeared.
Qianfeng broke the moon and gave me a sneer at the corner of her mouth. Then she made another effort to split the knife light in the crashing and crushing.
Blood was sprayed and splashed on the temple wall in an instant.
And ghost night at this time has been beheaded completely without interest.
Qianfeng broke the moon and slightly breathed a sigh of relief. To tell the truth, even she herself was a little overwhelmed. At this moment, she hurriedly sat cross-legged and operated the Nine Spirits tactic to restore her physical weakness.
There was no sound in the temple, and it was a full two hours before I slowly got up with my eyes open.
Several bodies were lying on their feet, and at this time, she was left in the temple, looking for money in them one by one, and finally found a bag in the dark night
Qianfeng broke the moon and hesitated for a while, and then reiki was instilled into the bag. Suddenly, she felt that there was a reiki in the bag to form a ban.
Root didn’t consider a thousand phoenix break the moon itself reiki bullying to break through the ban moment spirit has spread to go in.
"This is?" Qianfeng broke the moon and showed a look of shock, because through the spirit perception, there were a lot of treasure magic weapons in this bag.
After half a ring, the phoenix broke the moon and suddenly calmed down. These treasures are very familiar. They are the ones on the second floor.
It seems that the real purpose of staying on the second floor in the dark night is also the same. This is a pleasant surprise for thousands of chickens and broken moons.
Wealth is an important help in cultivation.
If you don’t have deep wealth to practice martial arts, it is a drop in the bucket to practice on your own.
However, Qianfeng feels that the biggest gain this time is that the strength in this bag can hold a lot of things.
I searched a lot of financial reports, found a good knife in it, waved it in my hand for a while, and then stopped looking up at the fifth floor temple.
What will be in it?
Thinking that thousands of chickens have broken the moon, they have already walked towards Fang.
The stairs are long and short, and the phoenix broke the moon and soon came to the fifth floor, but when she came to the fifth floor, she was instantly stunned.
That light, like the glory brought by the gods, spread all over the earth, adding a layer of confusion to her face, a gem as bright as the first floor.
Thousands of chickens break the moon first, and then it’s the same trap on the first floor, but it’s not long before she’s Zheng, and she can obviously feel her body force fluctuation.
Not a trap!