"Hum, that’s good!" The man threw her aside and got up and stood long.

"You all remember that everyone is my toy. If you don’t listen, I will kill you at any time."
"It is a must to go through fire and water!" If Shuige all bowed their heads in unison.
"Ji Ruo’s water time is running out, so remember it for me. Otherwise, not only if Shuige is not alive, you will be dead!"
The man said, with a cold hum, he moved slightly from his seat and proudly walked away.
"Are you all right, Master?" Hu Wei saw that the man had left a step before kneeling on the ground, and Ji Ruoshui lifted him up.
"Hu Wei doesn’t want you to be in charge!" JiRe water raised his hand to stop him from reaching over to help her arm.
Hu Wei’s arm was blocked by her, but she was not angry. Instead, she gently respectfully said, "It’s Hu Wei who is the guardian of the cabinet. The duty of the guardian is to guard the cabinet and wait for the order of the cabinet."
Ji Ruoshui got up from the ground, touched her chest with one hand, and turned to look at Ruoshui Pavilion. They all followed their brothers and sisters for many years. Like themselves, they were taken in by the Lord and nurtured by killers. Now their lives are not in their own hands, but they have to listen to the angry Lord and send them at will. That’s enough for her!
"You are all scattered. If there is anything else, Hu Weida will be ordered. Everyone else will remember that no one can make a move without an order!"
"Yes, yes!"
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
They have been out of the room at Shui Han Yao Qiqi and looked at JiRe water a pair of awkward.
Hu Wei turned around and just saw her expression slightly shook her head. Yao Qiqi Nai went out with Shui Han first. There were Hu Wei and Ji Ruoshui in the room.
"Master, what shall we do?"
"Hu Wei, I have something to go out. You stay here and watch the Shuige. If anyone acts privately, shoot!"
Wendi came out of the palace and lifted the car curtain to see Li Er and Ji Ruoshui sitting in the carriage slightly, but when he thought that everything was not easy to say outside the palace gate, he quietly went to call people to drive away in a carriage.
It is not surprising to think that these two kung fu tools are superb and smell the flute. How did they get rid of the guards’ eyes and ears and enter the carriage?
"Smell the side princess for a long time no see" JiRe water across the mask slightly nodded at Wendi.
Wendi looked at her with a water mask, a blue dress and a pink-blue Chinese-style chest covering, and she knew that she was like a water pavilion.
"How does the cabinet master have leisure to come to the palace today?" Wendi superciliously asked Li Er in her mouth, but she didn’t worry that she was Ann, but she wanted to ask clearly.
JiRe water smile at her, this little woman is a little more calm and calm than when I saw her, and her brow is more mature and charming, and she is a little more charming and affectionate than that young girl.
"The side princess empress looks good recently. It seems that the 17th Master pampers you very well." Jire Water smiles and her accent is soft as a clear spring.
"If the owner of Shuige came to see the palace today, did he come to gossip?"
"Nature is not" seeing that she doesn’t seem to like herself, JiRe water will hook the lip angle and just cut to the chase. "If the water comes here, I want to ask the empress to put in a good word for me in front of the 17 th report and talk to the 17 th report, by the way."
"The cabinet master is joking. The 17th Wangfu listens to the report. If you have something to talk to him about, talk to me about a side princess and go directly to him." Wendi pulled the corners of her mouth, and the sound was extremely light.
"Now you’re a celebrity around the sovereign, and I heard that even the sovereign has to ask the empress for advice before he dares to make a decision."
"Where did the cabinet master hear rumors? I have a report in the 17th Wangfu, a decision maker, and I have a little side princess."
I don’t mind seeing her. Ji Ruoshui glanced at Li Er and continued to lobby, "You are a heroine among women, and you can see many things more thoroughly than men. In your opinion, if the 17th Wangfu and Ruoshuige join hands to kill other princes, Ruoshuige will try to ensure that the 17th prince will ascend to the throne."
Wendi didn’t answer, but a pair of eyes looked at her coldly and said slowly, "How dare you, Lord Shuige!"
Ji Ruoshui smiled gently. "Who doesn’t know that the side princess empress is actually the most adept at calculating such a plan? I didn’t think of a A Jiu in my house before you. That’s a buffoon. Thanks to your mercy, she can live now. This is also worth my talk with Ji Ruoshui."
"If ShuiGe Lord this waste smell Wang Chaotian is WeiChi home is today’s holy day did not succeed to the throne, everything is unknowable, not to mention that you want to help my report is true or not, it can be the report into injustice! You’d better go quickly. I haven’t seen you at the palace today! "
Ji Ruoshui didn’t expect this woman to be able to say such a thing. She wait for a while looked at Wendi and said inexplicably, "Don’t the side princess empress want to sit on the 95 th throne of seventeen princes and become a queen of ten thousand people?"
"If the main palace of Shuige says for the last time that the prince is loyal to the princes who heard about the dynasty, I believe that the princes will also be white. You are welcome if you don’t leave the strange palace again!" With that, she looked slightly sideways at Li Er and was about to open her mouth
Ji Ruoshui knew that he was no match for Li Er and hurriedly said, "Since the Empress said so, it’s too talkative. Take care if the Empress leaves!"
"no delivery"
When she left Li Erding unnoticed, she looked at her. "Don’t you blame me, Empress?"
"What do I blame you? Let her in to see me privately? " Wendi pulled a chuckle at the corner of her mouth. "Didn’t you mean to let her in to test my reaction? This court has its own report to make decisions. How can I be a women’s family at will? "
Li Er smell speech leaned over to the cold mask and gently rubbed Wendi’s earlobe. Warm breath in her ear made Wendi’s heart beat faster.
"Empress is a wise man, so it’s not Li Er’s saying that if you can really get help from Shuige, it’s really easier to get help for that position."
Smell the flute side head "I do?"
Li Er smiled. "The empress doesn’t want it?"
When I heard the flute, my eyes turned dark. "I think I’ll never get it."
Chapter 7 Jiruo Water Conditions
Li Er sat opposite Wendi. His faces were so close that he could barely hear each other breathing.
Wendi’s heart was pounding again. She secretly swallowed saliva and caught Li Er’s whole palm when he gently caressed her cheek with his fingers.
"Li Er, what are you going to do?" Her voice was tense as if she were afraid of being seen, and her eyes were full of tension and anxiety.
"Empress, no one will know." Li Er’s voice has changed back to the former warmth. He gently shook her little hand and put it on the palm mask. His eyes were full of pity.
"Li Er is lamenting that the empress is as beautiful as a flower and doesn’t love the position that every woman is jealous of."
"Yes, I don’t care about that position." Wendi looked at him, and she became more and more puzzled by him. Before, this guy cherished her in every way, but he refused to reveal any truth. How did he suddenly become a disciple and eat her tofu while others were eating?
"Empress, if you want something, Li Er Metropolitan Empress can trust you with her hands?"
He gently pinched Ba Wendi and looked at her unblinkingly with his watery eyes. How could he be confident that he could give her what she asked for? If she said she wanted the life of the seventeenth master, would he also give it?
"Li Er, have you had a drink today?"
"Is Empress Li Er talking nonsense after drinking today?"
He let her loose and gently took off half of the mask to reveal his face and red lips.
"Empress wants Li Er to be white, and Li Er will stay with her all her life."
Then he leaned his face in the past and gave her a deep kiss on her pink lip print.
Wendi’s face climbed two hongyun hearts and jumped out of her chest. When she saw Li Er, she could not bear to let go of his hand and grabbed him again.
"Empress? !” Li Er slightly raised his eyebrows and heard the flute, but he has taken the initiative to send red lips deeply imprinted on his lips.
The two of them clasped their fingers and invited each other with their lips and teeth, but they couldn’t say how touching they were.
Finally, I made up my mind, and my chest was full of violent ups and downs. The two lips were faintly connected, and the silver wire told me that it was just so hot.
"Li Er, I want something for fear that you can’t give it to me, but I don’t regret it!" Wendi looked at him and said in a low voice
"Empress Li Er knows what you mean, but Li Er will do it!" He hooked his lips to hold her little hand tighter.
Adjusted her clothes for her, and smoothed her hair. Li Er put on the mask again. "Wangfu is coming to Jire Water. I’m afraid I’ve already gone to the report. After Li Er sent the empress back, I’ll wait beside the report and tell her to meet the empress later."
Wendi nodded his head and slowly loosened his palm after he earned it slightly. The fundus of his hand was thick and reluctant.