No matter how it turns out, she’s leaving!

Otherwise, Yunzui will never be Chimie’s wife!
It’s brave to be drunk!
Love yourself and fight hard!
Chapter 114 114 Natural and unrestrained at will
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Although the cloud said it was doing its best, Yunzui was at ease enough not to be afraid that he would be really burned to death.
Lie still and get drunk with a little smile.
She thinks she’s going to be Ike’s real wife.
Don’t laugh?
A few steps before the cloud then said to the imperial secretary, "light the fire!"
When the cloud said a word, those princesses couldn’t help exclaiming what they didn’t hear wrong, did they?
Actually, you really want to burn Yunzui to death? !
God, Yunzui is willing to be burned!
What the hell is this situation!
And isn’t it special that Chi Mi has always been drunk with Yun?
Now, why not stop it before?
Did you really watch Yunzui burn to death?
Besides, Yun Zuifen knows that she is going to be burned to death, but they should not be afraid to say that before.
That score is not a reaction to death!
Not scared, so indifferent, so calm
And now I’m still lying still, and the fire is getting bigger and bigger
At this time, the cloud went to a table covered with yellow bedding, and there were candles and incense sticks on the table
There are also Taoist symbols!
This is necessary, but in fact, the cloud makes people prepare these for others to see.
All he needs is a spike.
Face but has the Wolf fairy magic.
When Qian Yunzui first came to ancient times, Wolf Fairy often came out, but recently he suddenly disappeared.
And the cloud wants to go to him tomorrow, but he doesn’t go either.
And even if you go to heaven and find his body, you will know the wolf fairy if you find him with the enchanted spike.
Besides, if you trace him, you will find that he should be dead, but he can run around and jump around. Isn’t that bold? The wolf fairy makes people die and continues to live. This is a violation of heaven.
And a hundred years ago, Yunzui was one person, but he was divided into three people. If you go to the wolf fairy, you will be abolished, and you will be severely punished.
So I found him at the beginning and asked him to come forward and often set up Yunzui and Chimie.
The princess stared at the fire, which had drunk the cloud to those who couldn’t see clearly.
But Yunzui didn’t move, didn’t scream and didn’t come out. They were trapped inside and burned to death.
Chi Mie’s fists tightly hold his head down and won’t let himself take a look at the fire.
In the fire, it’s strange to be drunk. It’s not like being burned when you open your eyes and find that it’s cool around you
But opening your eyes is really seeing a raging fire.
Just when I felt novelty, suddenly Yunzui felt dizzy and then lost consciousness.
Yunzui’s body is still burning in the raging fire.
But Yunzui was unconscious.
The cloud seems to be relieved that the practice is completed.
Immediately, the cloud wiped his forehead and sweated at Chixuan and others, saying, "I need to go back to rest when I finish my practice."
Smell speech pool xuan not dazed immediately gave a cloud away.
Chi Mie couldn’t help feeling a little nervous when he heard the cloud, and then stood up a little hungry and absent-minded and said, "The king is out of the palace."
Say that finish, then step up and walk towards the palace, which is much more natural and unrestrained than the cloud.
115 Chapter 115 Tell the sky
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It’s just been done, but the cloud will leave the palace in a moment, and Chi Mi will leave the palace without much time.
The concubines couldn’t help looking at each other. What the hell is this?
And was Toffee Yunzui really burned to death in the fire?
Just died?
Why should a person be burned to death?
Isn’t Yunzui a toffee? Now the status is more expensive than the average person. How can you die now?
How strange!
Now everyone is not looking at each other and talking for themselves.
Chixuan also feels that he can’t find the state yet.
There was a big living person just now, but now there is no one.
The fire is still spreading, and it hasn’t screamed all its life.
How can Yunzui not struggle?
She hasn’t been shackled or knocked out. What’s a living person without any trace of struggle?
And will it really ascend to heaven if it is burned?
Is Yunzui really sent by the first emperor?
Chi Xuan feels that the first two clouds are drunk, whether they are people, ghosts or immortals, or whether they are really sent by the first emperor or monsters.
With a sigh, Chi Xuan ordered that "the ashes should be put away and presented in the imperial tomb"