After hearing this, Wendi smiled gently and blessed the body. "Then come back to wait on the report and ask the report to have a good rest."

Out of the sword, Ling Xuan heard the flute and changed into a sullen appearance. After a simple wash, Bao Yue accompanied him back to the Art Ink Garden and slept without disturbing anyone.
Just when she wanted to practice for a while, the familiar sound rang again.
"Is the empress going to practice privately without waiting for Li Er?"
Chapter One His Gift
Hearing this familiar call, Wendi suddenly looked up to see the moonlight. The man in black was standing long and facing him in the backlight. Although she could not see his face, she knew that his eyes were looking at her warmly.
Flowers filled the whole room as he hid in his affection.
"You’re back" she answered lightly, but her voice was already surging in her heart. Before her voice fell, she was drunk in that room by the flowers.
"It’s only been a few hours since I saw the empress disobeying and practicing privately. Is it to throw Li Er away?" Although his words are teasing, there is a trace of resentment in them, and there are some childishness in them.
"Why don’t you allow me to add my own stove when you are better at it?" She was angry, but her voice fell, but her mouth was blocked by his lips.
"If the empress doesn’t listen, Li Er won’t say anything to the empress and practice now."
He mumbled the words in his mouth, and his palm was already on her vest, and the other hand caressed her lower abdomen to release the force into her body.
For this luck, the practice of listening to the flute has long been familiar to her, and she responded to Li Er’s gradual integration of two human resources, wandering in the limbs and various acupuncture points, exercising the meridians and strengthening the body
Li Ercai released the whistle and took a small jar out of his body after several weeks of meritorious deeds.
"Is it good for Empress Li Er to send an empress-like gift?"
Seeing that it was a small pot smelling the flute, I couldn’t help wondering, "What’s here?" Say that finish to fight.
"It’s good for the empress to watch." Say that finish, Li Er got up and put the jar on the console table, and the dark capacity moved into the jar. Finally, he picked up the console table, dipped a brush in it and came to Wendi.
"Li Er, what are you going to do?" Wendi looked puzzled and sat motionless on the bed.
"This is an agreement between the empress and Li Er," he said, rubbing her sleeve to reveal a pink and white skin.
In the moonlight, he gently touched the brush in his hand on her arm, showing a little deep red.
"This is …" Wendi felt a slight tingling in his arm, and saw the blood bead slowly seeping into his fair skin and immediately understood his meaning.
"Li Er, you should make decision without authorization. I ordered this? !”
"Empress promised Li Er to keep her virginity. It is only natural that Li Er should make a mark on the empress." He answered lightly that the blood bead slowly infiltrated and nodded with satisfaction to put everything back in its place.
"Please be careful when taking a bath these days. If you accidentally get water, you will get rid of it for a month before the palace sand will be firmly fixed on the empress."
He told and nodded with a sense of unquestionable majesty.
"Are you satisfied with this gift?" He held her in his arms as if she were his treasure.
"Li Er if this is seen by the report …"
"What’s the harm? The report didn’t look at the empress as carefully as I did. It’s normal for a rich daughter to order a palace sand. When he sees the empress, he will think about other things. "
Li Er gently rubbed her like jade and spoiled her even more in the eyes of the back of her hand.
"Li Er, will you really take me away when it’s all over?" Wanted to think to smell the flute, after all, ask it out.
"Empress really doesn’t want this country?" Li Er gently sniffed at her from behind and asked softly.
"Jiangshan is something that men use to show off and satisfy. I just want to be a couple for life …" Her voice was insipid but she refused.
"So Li Erji" He said that he had loosened his arm around her and pulled out a brocade box from her arms in front of her.
"Please collect this thing properly, even the sovereign can’t intersect."
Wendi’s eyes shrank tightly and hurriedly took it, and he immediately took a breath in a gasp to find out that there were transparent blood beads inside.
"Li Er you …"
"Li Er will do this only if he has an empress." He pushed the brocade box cover into her hand. "Remember that even if I give it to the empress, people can’t deliver it."
She nodded lightly and promised "I remember"
Hook the hook lip Angle he nodded with great satisfaction "so Li Er was relieved".
He once again put her in his arms and made her smell of him. He has turned his back on her, which is another guarantee he can give her.
When Wei Chi Jincheng woke up, there was a brocade box on the table and he heard the flute and sat silently beside him.
"The original report is so familiar when sleeping that I don’t even know that male and female servants are coming." She pouted slightly but was full of ridicule.
"Wang is vaguely aware that there is a little beauty on his side. When he wakes up, he finds that there is really a love princess who is so silent." Wei Chi Jincheng sat up and heard the flute and got up and handed him a wet towel to wait on him to wash.
"Well, Princess Ai is becoming more and more virtuous." Weichi Jincheng smiled and pinched her little face and turned to look at the brocade box on the table.
"Who brought that thing?"
Wendi shook his head. "I don’t know if it was there when I came in. Must have been sent by the report’s dark guards?"
Listening to what she said is reasonable. Wei Chi Jincheng got up and went to the console table without being melodramatic. He picked up the noodle brocade box and found that it was bright red beads like blood, and his eyes lit up immediately.
"Good job!" He hooked a smile at the corner of his lip.
"Your majesty is so worried?" Wendi walked over and saw the box of bright red blood beads and couldn’t help but take a breath in a gasp.
"Report this is …"
"Love princess, don’t be afraid that these are the king’s chips." Wei Chi Jincheng immediately told her about his deal with Jire Water.
"Your report really intends to get along with Ruoshui Pavilion?" Wendi asked some uncertainly
"What does love princess mean?" Wei Chi Jincheng picked his eyebrows.
"JiRe water should tell the report such a big secret, she is so sure that the report will not benefit these blood beads into a second’ master’? Her move is even too thoughtless. "
Wei Chi Jincheng nodded. "It’s true that Wang also thinks it’s strange that he will ask her to meet her face, saying that if the owner of Shuige never lets people see her face, Wang forced her to show her face, but she agreed."
"The prince believed that she co-starred with her in this play?"
"Yes, the blood bead king has got it. Do you have any suggestions on how to make love?"
Wendi thoughtfully said, "Why don’t you play chess with your male and female servants first?"
Get the chessboard ready, and the two of them will sit down relative to each other. Wei Chi Jincheng’s black chess will fall first, and then the two of them will play chess quickly.