The bullet is still in it, and it’s not one of them’s turn

"Don’t-don’t gamble!"
Hands clasped behind your back, your eyes are bleeding.
Mom! Is there such a foolish gamble?
Man’s world, man’s thoughts, she really understands
She gritted her teeth and yelled at her, "Uncle, you catch him and give him to gold for me-?"
As soon as the words fell, she was touched by the golden gun camel, but he didn’t make much effort to "shut up!"
Wild smell speech with a wry smile shook his head and looked at the cold owl "you see how cruel she is! I wish I could die. ! But she’s really cute, isn’t she? Why don’t you think about a man who dares to gamble with his life … how can he be a hostage? "
Cold owl is dangerous. He doesn’t take advantage of it. He says coldly, "Give me the gun. It’s my turn!" "
Precious and pure on the edge of the cliff was anxious to burst into tears. "Uncle, don’t gamble … don’t play with this crazy! You should go! Don’t shoot again …! "
No more guns …
This is the third shot … A person won’t be so lucky forever!
Leng Xiao turned her face to look at her for ten thousand years, and her cold eyes were always calm and peaceful, spinning the left gunner’s gun wheel round and round. It was like saying to her and to the wild hunter, "I will live in her heart when I die. What about you? Nothing. "
"ooh So confident? " Wild search touched a corner of his mouth and smiled at him. "Cold owl, you have to know that this kind of thing is to eliminate all emotional killers. If you die, I can take her to Japan for one year and two years … I can’t believe that her heart will not be captured by me in ten or twenty years … I also have this confidence."
Holding a gun and shaking his hand, he pointed his gun at his temple, and his face was cold and emotional, but he didn’t have a gun for a long time.
Wild find dazed dazed face with a smile good whole defect to hold the arm sarcastically asked "what’s the matter? You know what it’s like? Are you reluctant to die? "
Cold owl cold hook lip sound cool "you are very naive!" "
Yexun looked at him for a while and couldn’t figure out the meaning of his words. Just as he was in a daze, Lengxiao’s finger slightly flexed and pulled the revolver again.
Gee …
Fortunately, it’s another hole.
Bao Qi’s eyes were quenched, and her body was about to collapse. She felt that if she didn’t get killed, she would be so scared that her heart would rupture and die.
"It’s your turn!" Cold owl throws a revolver and looks deep like a knife cutting him!
The revolver drew an arc in the middle of the game, looking for handsomeness. He took it and smiled slightly and turned the wheel several times. The calmness made people feel that he was not playing a life-and-death game, but it was like a kindergarten child playing a water gun.
This time, he didn’t have that urgent gun.
Lengxiao stared at him coldly. "Are you afraid, too?"
Shrugging a shoulder and looking for a bleak smile, "A man will not show his fear in his heart, will he?"
Once again, it is a light ring!
Or a gun!
I have to say that these two men are excellent at Russian roulette, and they are both masters of grasping strength and playing with guns.
One shot after another.
After a gun and a gun, the wild search blocked the cold owl’s hand and smiled. "Come on, I think it’s really boring to play like this-no one is allowed to turn the wheel if the rules change." Life and death are determined by life! "
Hook a cold lip cold owl stared at her strangely "but! But you don’t have to! "
"Have fun? ! That’s embarrassing! " Yexun said calmly.
What is the concept of not turning the wheel? Is that the cruelty has intensified.
Bao Qi almost collapsed when he heard it.
The result of not being able to turn the wheel is that two people have a total of six chances. The bullet slot is six holes, and one of the six holes is live ammunition-so there will always be a bullet that will kill people, even if it is arranged at the last one, it will also fire after five guns.