Su orange bent over a pile of ruins to avoid the light.

After the lighthouse was swept, Su Orange straightened up, identified the direction by moonlight and sprinted away to the center of Area D.
Suddenly, a group of men appeared from behind a pile of abandoned rubble, with their bodies half bent as if they had no backbone, and their feet faltered. I don’t know if they were tired or injured, and they staggered and put their hands on their chests as if they were looking for something.
"This is already Area D. Is there any human being in the wall?" Sue orange can’t help but stop.
Suddenly Sue Orange saw the nearest person staring at her with red eyes.
"Look at their shaking sample mountain is not human? But a vampire? " Su orange thought
That guy growled. Other men also stared at Sue Orange.
Those eyes are full of greed and bloodthirsty, just like a group of hungry wolves!
Sue orange dark call a bad "it was a vampire! Look at them as if they were some inferior guys. "
I bought a silver cone Su orange from the mall and held it in my hand.
According to the data checked the other day, vampires are hard to kill, even if sharp weapons pierce each other’s hearts, their brains are still alive. To kill vampires completely, they need to pierce their hearts and brains, and Su Orange has been exchanged for a silver cone from the mall.
I met the "Seven Tigers in Nancheng" and the "Angel Wings" before. Although they were both hired to stop Su Orange from going to Area D to save people, Su Orange didn’t kill them with his dead hand because they were human beings after all.
But these low-level vampires are different. They have no human thinking and no high-level vampire reason.
This kind of inferior creature has a purpose to live in the world, that is, to suck blood and keep sucking blood! They changed from human to vampire, and they retained one function, that is, to find food-fresh blood!
Su orange will not be soft on them.
A group of vampires across the street found Su orange, and they smelled delicious food through the smell of fresh blood.
After all, Su Orange still retains her human constitution, so vampires will not treat her as the same kind.
Sue orange gripped the silver cone and prepared to fight back.
Seeing these vampires are all red-eyed and rushing towards them like a flood.
Su Orange slammed his right foot on the ground like a left arrow and ran out in front of a vampire. Su Orange jumped up high and put his knee on the other side’s chest with a wave of his hand, and the silver cone was suddenly inserted into the other side’s right temple.
Vampires eat pain and wave their hands at random to beat Sue orange.
Sue orange kicked each other out and landed lightly on the ground.
After being pushed out, the other party fell to the ground and rolled for two times, then slowly got up.
"Hey, what’s the matter? Isn’t it enough to pierce one temple? "
Sue orange and from the mall in exchange for a dagger left hand dagger right hand silver cone rushed into the vampire group again.
Lift a foot and kick in the front one. That guy was forced to fly out and hit several vampires in the back one after another. It seemed like a domino, and he fell down a lot.
Sue orange load a knife into a vampire’s heart.
That guy screamed in pain and waved his hands at Su Orange.
Sue orange pulled out the dagger and wound it sideways around the other side. Her hands came out together, and her left hand dagger stabbed and her right hand silver cone pierced the temples on both sides of the other side respectively.
That guy didn’t even hum. He fell straight to the ground and Su Orange kicked him. That guy finally stopped moving.
Su orange was relieved to find a way to kill vampires.
Other vampires have already remembered that they will not be afraid because of the death or injury of their companions.
In the eyes of these guys with no IQ, there is never a word "fear", but "food" and "blood". They rushed in fear like a group of death squadrons.
Sue orange corners of the mouth to pick her to find a way to completely kill vampires, of course, will not be soft.
Without this tall wall, these bloodthirsty guys would have rushed out of Area D to kill the people in Nancheng District.
At this time, just take this opportunity to eradicate them!
Su orange shakes and wears clothes among many vampires, or hits them with elbows, lifts their legs and pushes them out, or lifts a series of hands from their knees to beat these low-level vampires "upside down". Of course, the final result is that Su orange dagger is inserted in the heart and then wields a dagger and a silver cone to pierce their temples on both sides at the same time.
Lying down for a few minutes is a vampire, and the moonlight shines over a dead body as if it had experienced a war.
However, Su Orange was not excited at all, but felt inexplicably sad. After all, these vampires used to be ordinary human beings, and they would not become such inferior creatures if they were not infected.
Sue orange wiped a vampire’s dagger and silver cone, which were full of dirty blood. She was about to leave when a gust of wind came behind her.
Then his arms were firmly bound by a pair of dirty arms and could not move.
Sue orange one leng side head a see only to see a sharp teeth ruthlessly bite on his neck.
"ah!" Sue orange frowns and the whole body becomes stiff and can’t move.
"Is there a vampire hidden in the dark?" Sue orange thought, "This guy can actually understand sneak attack. It’s not inferior."
Sue orange was right. Just when she destroyed this group of vampires, she hid in the rubble. In the dark, a female vampire jumped out while Su orange was unprepared. She hugged Su orange behind her arms and then suddenly bit her neck with her fangs.
Vampire teeth have anesthetic effect. Once bitten, they can’t move until the vampire loosens his teeth after sucking blood, but at this time, the bitten person will also be infected and either die or become a lower vampire.
Sue orange endured the pain and quietly watched each other gulp their blood and wait for each other to finish drinking.