Warm rhetorical question "No?"

Qin Keqing sneered, "Is it because they can’t eat meat until they eat it, or do you make them lose their appetite?"
Warm also not angered light back "what about you? Did the Taos eat you? "
Qin Keqing "…"
"Qin Keqing is the most stupid person. Compared with you, the teacher elder sister, you obviously have a shallower way. I advise you not to have any thoughts here, otherwise …"
"Or what?"
A warm smile makes people feel a quiver all over. "Otherwise, I am afraid I can’t walk."
Qin Keqing’s face changed. "Do you want to start work on me?"
Warmly shook his head. "People don’t attack me, I don’t attack, but people are doing things and watching. If you do anything harmful, God will take you back."
Qin Keqing stared at her with a half-ring hum and laugh. "Mind your own business. Since I dare to come, I dare not be your mother."
Warm Naitan hand "Well, I want to do a good deed every day, but since you don’t appreciate it, go ahead."
Qin Keqing or cold hum "that I also advise you to stay out of my business, otherwise no matter who you are, I will deny my six relatives."
Say that finish this sentence Qin Keqing turn round and then walk.
Warmly staring at her enchanting back, she suddenly said, "Are you sent by the Wen family?"
This words out of Qin Keqing consciousness froze in place for a moment to adjust mentality bold turned "what are you talking about? You Wen family don’t have that qualification to assign me. "
Warm sneer "is it? Huadu Wenjia is not a family. "
Smell speech Qin Keqing suddenly face big change want to hide all can’t hide fundus pitfalls.
At this moment, Ji Fenghua came over with her baggage, and it took her a few seconds to reach a warm place from a distance of nearly tens of meters. She looked at Qin Keqing and hid her emotions, and she also dispersed.
Ji Fenghua glanced at her at random and asked warmly, "Who is her daughter-in-law?"
Warm laughed, "I live in Taojia, and Qin Keqing, like me, is from outside the mountain."
JiFengHua tone quite disdain "how can you like daughter-in-law? My daughter-in-law is my god’s wife, so she should come to the tribe with other people. Hehehe, my mother has been too busy recently to clean up the tribe. Who wants to come? "
This is embarrassing when Qin Keqing is there. "Mrs. God …"
Before she could speak, Ji Fenghua disliked raising her hand to interrupt, "I don’t like talking to people who smell like foxes. Please stay away from me."
Qin Keqing immediately face changed "you …"
Warm and unkind, snow a smile. If she is said to be a soft knife stabbing people, Ji Fenghua’s style is absolutely rude and slaps directly. Well, it’s also very enjoyable to see Qin Keqing’s colorful face.
JiFengHua white her one eye "I what me? You don’t know any rules, and the Taos just let you out and run around? I’m going to ask Tao Qian how to educate his children, and whether they forget their ancestors when they meet women? "
Smell speech Qin Keqing’s face turned white. Tao Qian is naturally forbidden to let her come out casually. It’s her honey trap. Let Tao Zhengyu cover for her privately before going out of the door. If Tao Qian knows … I’m afraid that freedom will be less.
She endured a ceremony unwilling to kneel in her heart. "Mrs. God taught the younger generation a rude lesson. The younger generation will go back to confessing to Uncle Tao and ask Mrs. God to show mercy."
Ji Fenghua disdained to hum, "Now that I know I’m wrong, I’ll go back and think behind closed doors. It’s nothing. Don’t come out, and the most important thing is not to go to my daughter-in-law and bring her down."
"Poof …" Warmth didn’t hold back and laughed again.
Qin Keqing clenched his fist and pinched his nails in the golden meat to resist chopping up the woman in front of him, waiting for her to finish, and she would never let go of "Mrs. God"
Qin Keqing turned to leave people haven’t gone far JiFengHua to warm way "I hate the coquettish fox, she can really account for both daughter-in-law, I’ll take you to find a beautiful scenery to wash your eyes".
Qin Keqing almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of blood
Ha, ha, ha. It’s not cruel to send someone to the door. Alas, women suffer. What about women?
☆, Chapter seventy-four Women are not generous