Feathermoon knew that his brother was proud and could not persuade him. He said to him, "Eldest brother must meet me alive."

Yuyang snorted disdainfully. "Why do you talk so much nonsense if you want to leave?"
Say feather Yang picked up feathermoon and threw feathermoon out in the direction of the monastery road.
As soon as feathermoon’s body left the ground, his wings immediately flew up.
Inflammation if coagulation lifelong leap caught feathermoon’s hand.
Xiaohong jumped from feathermoon’s back and got bigger, catching the inflammation.
Two people and a bird fly in the direction of the intersection at the same time, flying over the heads of countless necromancers.
Little Phoenix Xiaohong’s realm is not very high to deal with few necromancers, but she can also choose to escape in the face of the surging army of necromancers.
Fortunately, those necromancers didn’t bother Xiaohong, and they flew back to the intersection safely to meet Yuan Lan Wang Haoxuan.
Wang Haoxuan, these people are very strong, and those necromancers can’t get close to them at a distance.
"How did you come back?" Yuan LAN know feathermoon and Lin Yu some "that" hum said.
Feathermoon replied, "We will come back here and wait for Lin Yu when there is danger ahead."
"Then why don’t others look back?" Yang Luoyun asked curiously.
Wang Haoxuan snorted. "How can those fools naturally hide in the strong side of the Zi family’s heaven and man, and how can they turn back and rely on Lin Yu with Yuanling?"
Wang Haoxuan said in a word that if inflammation coagulates his face, it is unnatural. What Wang Haoxuan said about fools naturally includes those who are infected with her family.
"Ahem …" Yan Ruoning coughed twice and immediately turned his attention to other places. "How do you trust Lin Yu so much?"
Wang Haoxuan asked, "Then why are you willing to believe that guy?"
If everyone is originally inflamed, they will not know how to answer, but if they are inflamed, they will casually say, "It’s okay for women’s intuition to rely on you to protect me now?"
Anyway, we have to guard against those necromancers. There is no difference between one or two more people. Yang Luoyun naturally doesn’t mind.
The big troops in front are still moving forward, but the ground feathermoon and Yan Ruoning can’t see the team.
Surrounded by densely packed necromancers, feathermoon and Yan Ruoning are separated from the big troops in front.
"I hope my brother and they are all right." feathermoon secretly prayed in his heart.
Feather Yang has already made a desperate fight and told all the demon people to get ready to slow down and hide behind as much as possible.
Demon race all face crazy change but at this time who face all bad and didn’t notice their weird.
Cang Lingying, a tricky guy, found something wrong when he left with feathermoon, but now he’s afraid to leave him for fear that if he runs away, everyone will follow him back to run after the necromancer and everyone will be finished together.
Now his plan is to be the first to fight back when he is in danger, so that those in front can be used as cannon fodder, which will be much safer.
However, Cang Lingying was going to fall purple. At this time, she realized that it was wrong and quickly shouted, "Everyone, go back and kill!"
"What?" All one leng failed to slow down.
Purple urgent way "didn’t you find that the more forward the necromancer level is higher? Now there has been a necromancer at the level of Yuan Shenjing, and if you go forward, you may encounter reincarnation and the necromancer in the realm of heaven and man! "
By purple this wake up all this just wake up inflammation feng is hate yourself if you don’t listen to inflammation coagulation advised.