In the huge circular room, two completely different pictures suddenly appeared. One picture is a colorful se sports car driving in a wide street at a speed of more than 150 yards. The other picture is a strange and dangerous cliff, and the cliff face is a J-flow turbulent mountain stream.

Although the picture is extremely wide, it is very jng, and the real scene is almost no different. Zhuo Qiang feels a little dizzy when he looks at the cliff that is more than 100 meters deep.
"This game room is really advanced." Zhuo Qiang almost expressed his shock in French.
Strangely, although Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao are in a fantasy state, they and their bodies have not lost their balance because of this, and they still stand still like two statues.
Zhuo Qiang saw that they were having a good time. Although he wanted to play again, he thought about it and gave up the idea. Even if he wanted to play, he also planned to play alone when no one was around, so as not to be trapped by some people.
Ye Chuchu and Liu Xiaolei and other games are also excited at this time and have joined the ranks of the game.
The original two huge images of the wall were cut into more pictures after everyone joined in. These pictures include boxing, exploration and so on.
Of course, everyone in the game, they see the picture naturally, not after being cut. These cut pictures can only be seen by Zhuo Qiang and others who have not played the game.
"You are not also very fond of playing games? Why don’t you play? I am a big boss? " Christie cocked his head and asked ZhuoJiang.
"I, I didn’t play for the time being," Zhuo Qiang answered savagely.
Christie doesn’t seem to see ZhuoJiang evil continue to introduce ZhuoJiang to this recreation room.
"Actually, this so-called recreation room is like a real dream, but this dream has great uncertainty, ng. That is to say, every time you play, your experience is never the same as that of the past. For example, playing this adventure game like Liu Xiaolei, this time he went in and explored the jungle, but it will become a graveyard ue…… …"
Zhuo Qiang listened and asked, "What is the principle? How did we suddenly enter the dream when we were here? "
"This recreation room is a huge brain. Processor B wants you to have the will to play. After receiving the signal, the main processor will meet your various needs. You may ask, there is no mahjong here. What will be in the game? This is naturally because of brain B, which will automatically process all kinds of signals in your brain B like memory, desire … "Speaking of which, Christie suddenly stopped talking. She turned her attention to Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao in the sinking game.
"Wish" Zhuo Qiang immediately understood what Christie thought.
Just now, after he entered the mahjong game, three opponents appeared. Are these three people hidden in his heart?
Although Zhuo Qiang didn’t think so, Christie didn’t think so, otherwise she wouldn’t have restrained herself and turned her attention to Jing Tian.
"Well, I want to go somewhere else." Zhuo Qiang was ready to retreat with great discretion.
Christie held his hand and said, "If you want to visit, I, the hospitable host, will be your guide."
Looked at the game in which Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao Zhuo Qiang dared not say anything more and hurried out with Christie.
"My husband, should you visit my bedroom first?" After sharing with everyone, Christie went out of innocent girl’s small nv se again.
"The bedroom? Is there anything to visit in the sleeping place? Oh, ouch, can’t you be gentle? I’ll go. I’ll go. Your bedroom that is must go to enjoy a "ZhuoJiang a face of sweet wry smile followed Christie into a room in the living room 397 water enemy.
397 water enemy situation
"Is this your bedroom?" Zhuoqiang came to this room as a set of circumstances that also surprised Zhuoqiang.
There is nothing in the same ngng room except the floor.
But in an instant, the situation changed.
As Christie spat out a strange syllable, the floor was as smooth as a mirror, and a square platform shaped like a pool rose, and the pool-like facility was actually full of water.
Zhuo Qiang frowned and asked, "You won’t sleep in this pool?"
Christie didn’t answer, but walked over and jumped into the pool.
Strangely enough, although the pool has been rippling in circles, Christie’s body has not been submerged in the water.
Zhuo Qiang suspected that hu went ahead and grabbed the "water" in the pool, but it turned out that it was not water but a substance as soft as water.