Feng Linglong was very happy that Bai Qin around her also slowly said, "Princess, don’t worry, I will also help the queen."

"Well, with your help and her ability, I’m sure she won’t be bullied."
The ladies in the temple laughed.
Queen Mother Yangde Palace At this time, Scott and Zhang are leaving the Queen Mother to go back to Ningfu overnight.
Tonight, the emperor but * * naked beat their lujia face, although min xin did out of line.
But lujia is at least his uncle’s house. Can’t he give a warning? Directly hit Liu Minxin twenty boards.
Twenty boards go to Liu Min’s heart, and his ass is bleeding and dying.
Scott and Liu Xuan looked so sad that they never expected the palace to fall into such a field.
Come on, they are the emperor’s uncle’s house, and the emperor will be kind to them. He entered the palace with joy and turned back like this.
"Empress Dowager, when we go back, Min Xin has been beaten twenty times, so we need to find a doctor immediately or her leg will be ruined."
The queen mother felt distressed. "Then let her go to the palace for treatment. Go back early in the day."
Scott shook his head "the queen mother empress didn’t hear the emperor said? Out of the palace overnight, we don’t want to make it difficult for the empress dowager. If the emperor even blames the empress dowager, we won’t. "
Scott this sentence is almost gouge out the queen mother heart.
She can’t say how sad she is, but she also knows what kind of person she is.
He said that Liu Minxin was driven out of the palace overnight. If Liu Minxin doesn’t leave, he is afraid that he can really let people come and drive people out.
The queen mother didn’t stay reluctantly, although she didn’t stay reluctantly, but she thought that her family had never spent a night in the palace. The queen mother felt that the queen mother was not as good as the ordinary mother-in-law
Zhao was about to leave the temple, and Zhang couldn’t help but say, "Is it because the Empress Dowager Minxin and Minyue can’t enter the palace that they are not blessed, but the lords are admitted to Beijing?"
As soon as Zhang’s words fell, the Queen Mother gave out that "the palace will definitely let him agree to transfer his uncles to Beijing."
Scott and Lushi always feel better. It’s good to be an official in Beijing. Min Xin and Min Yue can’t enter the palace, but they can marry a good family in Beijing.
"That all please the empress dowager empress."
A few people are talking about going out and don’t want someone outside the hall to rush in. Actually, Liu Xuan’s face is particularly ugly. When he came in, he said impatiently, "My aunt Min Yue is gone."
If the Empress Dowager Empress is still Princess Jing Wangfu, then she will still be a good mother-in-law, but now she is the Empress Dowager, and her thoughts are different. She wants to wipe her family and get her niece into the palace. Because of this, the contradiction between the Empress Dowager and Su Wan comes out in Chapter 19.
The queen mother led several people from Lujia to the Imperial Dry Temple, and several people speculated whether Liu Minyue had come to the Imperial Dry Emperor to find the emperor.
The queen mother and Zhang’s face changed at the thought of Liu Min’s broken ass. Liu Min’s heart will not be beaten again, will it?
A line of people rushed to the Imperial Palace. Just as they entered the gate of the Imperial Palace, they heard angry beatings not far ahead.
"This bitch dared to think that the emperor cooked delicious food in the middle of the night to seduce the emperor."
"Call me if you want to die, shameless bitch."
When the crackle sounded again, you could hear people shouting pain first, and then there was no pain at all.
The queen mother and the Lu family behind her heard that the pain was Liu Min’s sound.
A few people face qi qi changed, and the queen mother did not think much of it for fear that Liu Minyue was killed by someone and led the people to rush forward.
The eunuch behind him has screamed at this time, "The Queen Mother is here."
The empress dowager angrily led people to rush over, contemplating that I’ll blame Su Wan for the previous emperor’s beating Liu Min’s heart for twenty boards, and now she wants to ask the queen again.
She is going to dominate the emperor alone. How can the 95-year-old emperor live alone with her?
What is she? It’s only natural that she should be the queen mother.
The eunuchs and guards who hit people in front have stopped to salute each other respectfully.
The first person is Bao Pingan, the eunuch in charge of Yugan Palace.
Bao Ping-an used to be a loyal person placed in the palace by the emperor. Later, after the emperor succeeded him, he became the eunuch in charge of Bao Ping-an’s Imperial Palace.
Bao Ping-an used to be a eunuch running errands in the palace, and he was bullied by slave owners in various palaces. Now he has finally come out and become a red man in front of the emperor and empress.
Bao Ping ‘an is very loyal, knowing how he got such an opportunity today, and he is particularly loyal to Xiao Huang and Su Wan.
This makes Xiao Huang and Su Wan hand over the Imperial Palace to him to deal with.
What happened to Liu Minyue tonight was planned by Bao Pingan.
At this time, Bao Ping ‘an heard the Queen Mother and Empress coming, and her eyes darkened. After that, she respectfully led the eunuch of the Imperial Palace to come and give the Queen Mother and Empress Jianli.
"I have seen the empress dowager."
The queen mother didn’t look at Bao Ping-an, but looked at the girl who was beaten behind Bao Ping-an. She was wearing a embroidered lotus Chinese-style chest covering and a white trousers, and her hair was very messy. Not only that, but her beautiful face was horribly swollen at the moment, and her palm print was all over her face.
It seems that I was slapped hard before, so I cried out in pain.
Later, I was beaten so hard that I couldn’t even scream.
The queen mother’s face changed a few times, and her mouth was open to let Bao safely release people.
Don’t want to bao ping-an, but one step ahead respectfully said; "Back to the Empress Dowager, this bitch doesn’t know which palace or palace maid dares to sneak into the imperial palace to seduce the emperor. The Empress Dowager once said that the eyes are the first emperor’s funeral, and the first emperor’s funeral is forbidden. If anyone is found to seduce the emperor, he will be severely punished."