The fire dragon is also the first-order strength of the immortal, but it belongs to the illusory kind. Now, after the physique is solidified, the strength is unfathomable, far exceeding the general strength of the immortal. This time, it is a sneak attack. That Wei Song was caught off guard and soon flew out to see it, which is worse than the masked woman in white just now.
Bang bang!
Wei Song fell to the ground and his body didn’t know how many trees in heaven were knocked down, leaving a piece of debris before he vomited a few mouthfuls of blood and stopped. At the moment, his face was pale and there was no trace of blood.
"Ang!" The fire dragon whistled for a long time, and a huge body circled for a circle and immediately flew to the front of Du Yun, and then his back was cleverly stuck to Du Yun and the masked female feet in white.
Du Yun held the masked woman in white in one hand, and his eyes were as cold as thick black hair, and he pointed to the place to make an example. One hundred and ninety-two
Forest Du Yun was covered in blood and spread to lock up every monk in the field. He only took half a step to cultivate immortality, but every monk in the field dared not underestimate him
Scarlet substantive murderous look surrounded Du Yun and bowed his head in the hands of four directions. The three-meter-long square painting halberd with a long handle and the quaint Chinese halberd head was cold light flashing, adding to his arrogance and imposing manner, which made people feel shocked.
Kill Du Yun!
This name, which is widely talked about in the misty rain city, is resounding. Many monks turned pale after recognizing him.
Half of the audience took part in the encirclement and suppression of the Du Yun Action Center in the misty rain city that day. Seeing Du Yun again this time, they were all terrified.
Look at Derek Du, although he is still a half-step immortal, but the momentum he exudes is already much stronger than it was a month ago, especially the scarlet blood ShaQi is more shocking to people’s vision.
"Nothing?" Du Yun head slightly low look at the masked white women, although can’t see the Zhang Yan, but the masked white woman slightly distracted eyes still let Du Yun know that she was hurt.
"Help me kill them!" There is a trace of pain in the eyes of the masked woman in white, and the toxin has penetrated deep into the bone marrow. She is afraid that she will be mentally dissipated before long.
"Don’t worry that one can’t run away!" Du Yunyin didn’t hide it, but it was very plain, but it was very light, but it spread all over the forest.
"Protect her!" Du Yun’s mind reached an order to the fire dragon immediately without saying anything. He raised his hand and painted Ji’s body suddenly and violently swept out.
Du Yun’s speed is amazing. If it is thunder, there will be an immortal in front of the strong. The immortal in the strong heart is surprised. He wants to offer a ring to hold the spirit and immediately meet Du Yun.
"Golden Chain Tower!"
Du Yun’s hand painted a halberd, and the strong man in the immortal realm struck a blow and then suddenly retreated, but he didn’t stop offering the golden chain tower to the group of monks in the later period, and then attacked the strong man in the immortal realm.
"Raytheon possessed!"
Du Yun’s mind moved, the element source force of thunder surged, a silver Lei Guang flashed, and then he was covered with a layer of armor interwoven with Lei Guang.
Blow out the hegemony with one punch, break the mountains and rivers with one force, and go for money bravely. This is an enemy’s intention to punch out our enemy with one punch, which is both an imposing manner and a belief.
Du Yun’s face suddenly went white with a punch, and he felt that strength ran through his body, destroying the meridians of his body.
After the immortal strong man spit out one mouthful blood, his body suddenly retreated and retreated for nearly a hundred meters before he was neutral, but Rao was so. He was also seriously injured, and he was able to play a 67 th achievement almost one hundred percent.
Du Yun punched the immortal strong man, and another immortal strong man also reacted. A long sword swiped at Du Yun’s back, but Du Yun didn’t choose to dodge but avoided some important parts and scratched himself with this sword.
Flint against a cliff, an immortal strong man was seriously injured, while Du Yun’s back was marked with blood gurgling and flowing, but his face was not clear, which made many people feel scared.
At the same time, the Golden Chain Tower has skyrocketed in the wind and turned into a tower that covers the sky. A gap suddenly appeared in Du Yun’s control site, and a powerful suction burst out in an instant, absorbing more than a dozen monks in the later period and a half-step immortal monk.
Powerful as this!
This one was slightly injured in Du Yun, but the agate empire suffered heavy losses. At this moment, the weak monks in the agate empire have already made a return. They looked at Du Yun from a distance and felt a strong feeling in their hearts.
Du Yunze has no expression, as if he didn’t do all this. His eyes swept around. Finally, his eyes still looked at the man who was seriously injured and immortal.
Although these phalanxes are powerful, Du Yun has inexhaustible spiritual power and immortal power, which is what he is afraid of, and this is exactly what he is afraid of. The second-order strength of the white masked woman in the abnormal place of Xuantian pulse is not as good as that of Du Yun. It is one reason why these people are not as good as. More importantly, she was accidentally killed.
The poison of soul-eating powder is a kind of powder that emits various gases. After Wei Song and others found out the position of the masked woman in white, they designed to hunt and kill the masked woman in white with mental arithmetic. The masked woman in white didn’t check it for a while, and finally let them succeed in their scheming and finally got the poison of soul-eating powder.
However, it happened to be hit by Du Yun at the last minute. Otherwise, how miserable the white masked women’s field was? If Du Yunlai didn’t even think about it, the agate empire would have a deadly enemy. Du Yun should not miss this opportunity for revenge when he met this time.
If people don’t attack me, I won’t attack. If people attack me, I will pay back ten times!
Du Yun’s principle is very simple. Since he regards the monks of the Agate Empire as enemies, they are enemies of Du Yun in this generation. If they are enemies, Du Yun will never be soft-hearted.
Du Yun left his body like a flash of time, and when he reappeared, he came to the face of the strong man who was seriously injured and immortal.
Another blow came from the second time. After the First World War, Du Yun had completely mastered the hostility and then possessed Thor, which enhanced his physical strength. After the lighter, this power was even more exerted by him to the limit.
The immortal strong man tried his best to resist, but finally he couldn’t help flying backwards out of his mouth, and the blood sprayed out of his mouth formed a blood column. It looked so badly injured that people couldn’t help but gasp.
"death!" Du Yun’s murder was monstrous. He didn’t flash or avoid the sword of the immortal strong man behind him, and he left a mouth for himself. Then he painted Ji in his hand, followed by a sneer at his mouth, and fiercely split the head of the seriously injured and dying immortal strong man in two.
Just like cutting watermelons, the immortal strong man suddenly died, and Du Yun, a figurine, didn’t have the slightest fluctuation in his heart for this scene. As soon as he turned, he immediately looked at another immortal strong man
Fang Weisong has just recovered from the fire dragon offensive, but when he looked at the field again, the monks of the Agate Empire were already in a mess, and they were all afraid to look at Du Yun. At this time, Wei Song turned pale.
When he helped Yao, it was just the liquid of the earth. Now people are looking for the door. Why doesn’t this scare him? He personally witnessed the strength of Du Yun, and soon he had a feeling of resignation in his heart.
"Want to go?" Du Yun is a powerful god. He monitors every move in the field. Every monk’s breath is locked by him. He feels that Wei Song wants to run. Du Yun’s mouth suddenly reveals a sneer.
"Lock the array!"
Du Yun looked cold and a round bead was crushed by him, and then a layer of white light flashed across the area and was immediately enveloped by the law.
This lock array is a trapped array. There are many monks in the Agate Empire here. This lock array can’t trap them for long, but this period is enough for Du Yun.
Now that the identity of his array mage has been exposed, Du Yun has nothing to hide. When the lock array is offered, his body shape is also instantaneous and swept away towards the immortal strong.
"Thunder and fire are angry!"
Du Yun didn’t intend to drag the painting Ji away from Fang Tian. Lei Guang, the left hand, flashed his right hand, and the two of them instantly exploded into the immortal strong man.