I stayed calm and thought about this thing. It comes from one side of the world. It belongs to my own world. So what benefits can it bring to myself? Judging from the growth of flowers here, it should be very suitable for planting Lingcao panacea. It is only thirty feet in diameter, but it seems too small. I wonder what is outside the fog?

Besides planting, the abundance of aura is extremely rare. It is also very beneficial for him to practice here as a closed place. I wonder if he can bring people in? If we bring those kids from the Hidden Dragon Army in, the cultivation effect will definitely be good, and all kinds of ideas have to be tested one by one.
But the first thing to do is to refine this box and merge it into your own soul, otherwise everything will be discussed. At any time, someone may rob it and try to quit. A whirlpool door appeared before leaving.
After stepping out of this door, throb reappeared in the basement.
"throb! Master "The Hunger and Monty’s figure flashed in front of Ray’s departure, and they all looked terrible. Just now, they disappeared when they saw a flash of throb, and there was not even any breath left. Just as they were preparing to check the box, throb appeared again in the blink of an eye.
"Don’t worry, I’m fine." Reluctantly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that it was very convenient to get in and out. After a look at the nervous two people, they mused, "This box contains a treasure that can be produced once and I don’t know which one is refined?" It’s not like a soul-eating tower. It’s so-called second-class treasure to say in front of The Hunger. Although it’s rare, it’s not unique.
Of course, it can’t be said that this thing is worthless in staple goods. On the contrary, this thing is very valuable, especially if you can carry it with you. If you sell The Hunger and others at least, you can’t buy back a similar treasure.
"Can it be born again?" The Hunger was ecstatic immediately after Zheng Zheng. "Congratulations to Master Hershey, a creature that can be carried with you. Even in ancient times, it belongs to a few people to have treasures. This thing is called Little Heaven and Earth, also known as Beppu, which can be cultivated as a top secret back garden. I wonder if this aura is abundant?"
The Hunger asked, "It’s very professional to be able to have a baby, although it’s rare, but it’s always lucky to find it, but it’s a small world that can be born and aura. What’s more, it’s far from being able to carry it with you."
"The Hunger this words asked" monty show eyebrow a cu cold said 1.
The Hunger’s light coercion in the face of Monty was a tingle. When he put away his smile and said humbly, "The master is trespassing," The Hunger might not have been afraid of Monty before, but as Monty advanced into the middle class of Yuanying, The Hunger consciously became shorter. This is the world, and strength is king.
"Don’t worry that The Hunger’s predecessors are our own people, no matter how big the secret is, we need to guard against it." Willy smiled with his hands on his shoulders. "It’s a second person with strong aura. Come in with me and have a look."
Although I know that throb has the meaning of buying people’s hearts, The Hunger still gives birth to a warm feeling of respect. It sounds like an aura place, and The Hunger can’t help but nod curiously, so throb enters that little world together.
Rao is a well-informed brother of Yuan Ying, and he can’t help but be stunned by this little world, especially if the aura is rich. It is simply dense, and this aura-rich environment will only appear in ancient times. It is precisely because of this that all races in ancient times will be very horrible as conan the destroyer.
"Ten years, five years, if I practice here for five years, I’m sure I’ll break through to Yuan Ying’s middle class." The Hunger’s eyes showed a fanatical expression and eagerly looked at throb. "Master, please make it." It’s no wonder that The Hunger couldn’t help himself. He was trapped in Yuan Ying’s early stage for many years, but he was disappointed again and again.
"Can you break through in five years?" It’s also a bit surprising that five years is not a short time for a mortal, but for a monk, five years is a flash, and it’s a pleasure to harvest a middle-class baby. Even if it’s all Yuan Ying’s initial stage and middle stage, there is a big difference. A Yuan Ying’s middle stage is less capable than three initial stages without falling into the wind. The difference is great. If there are no means to go against the wind, it is very difficult to challenge the stage. Of course, this refers to the difference in the realm. For example, if there is a difference between the foundation and the elixir, and the Yuan Ying and the deification, the difference is even greater. Because there is a difference in the same realm, it is a difference in quantity, but there is a difference in the realm.
"As you wish, but" willy said after a moment’s hesitation, "it will take a while to become a success. After all, it’s stormy outside now, and your combat power is also very important."
Although The Hunger is a little disappointed, the overall situation must also be Gu Sui seriously saying that "it is a matter of obedience and it will be closed after this matter is solved."
"Wait, you didn’t find a problem?" Although Monty was also shocked by this wonderful place, he was still keenly aware of some unusual places. "How long did you come in at a time?"
Willy was a little confused and said, "That is, half a column of incense."
"What? Half-column incense? " As monty’s face changed dramatically, The Hunger screamed at the same time. "How is it possible that you just disappeared for dozens of hours?"
"How much interest? No ….. "The words of throb stopped as soon as they were exported, and their faces also became strange and wonderful." The rate of passage is different from time to time. "No wonder Monty will find out that something is wrong. Whoever comes to this little world will also delay for a while, for example, he will explore for a while and then be shocked. It is impossible to get a preliminary understanding of this little world after staying for dozens of breath and then go out.
What is the speed? Monty The Hunger doesn’t understand it, but the world has a long history and the earth has a different development path. It is no stranger to the time, and there is quite some research
"law of time"
Almost at the same time, the two devils gasped for air, saying this amazing word word by word. When they looked around, their faces were already more dignified, but more admired. The refining side’s small-world predecessors’ great power was already a master of the law of time.
They are all characters in Yuan’s infancy, but they have touched some fur on the law, but mastering it is only a fur. This kind of thing has already made them look up to a more advanced law, which is not to think about it, even if they mastered it in ancient times.
"Experiment" Rao is throbbing and calm and ecstatic. "The Hunger predecessors, you two go out first, and I will stay here for twelve hours before leaving." Raise my hand and call out a whirlpool, even if there is no refining throbbing here, it is half a master.
After sending The Hunger out, he meditated and refined the gas. Twelve hours passed by. The aura here is not the kui to be abundant and dense. In a short time, he can feel that he has cultivated a little growth. He exulted in his heart. Even if he doesn’t take drugs for ten years, he can advance to the higher order of then.
(To be continued)
Chapter four hundred and eleven LouQian wantonly
Although it is common sense that the higher the degree of training, the slower the promotion. If it is not because of willy, it is almost impossible to promote from the intermediate level of then to the higher level according to his qualifications. The Hunger’s so-called five-year breakthrough in the intermediate level is only because he stayed in the primary level for too long and was on the verge of a breakthrough. It is not that he only needs five years from just entering the primary level of Yuanying to the intermediate level. If he has such qualifications, The Hunger would have been a strong intermediate level.
Put away all kinds of thoughts, thundered and broke through and returned to the secret room. Monty and The Hunger are eagerly waiting for him to come out. When they see the thunder, they are all shocked than the spirits. The old devil The Hunger also groaned and said, "We have been waiting here for more than an hour. Master, are you sure you have stayed in it for twelve hours?"
"That’s how natural it is." Willy is also very shocked by the time difference between the two sides. "Isn’t it said that there is almost ten to one passage? Refining what is the predecessor of this cave? "