Sue cotton nodded and followed him up with a sigh.

Yan Gui smiled and knew what she was thinking. A monarch is also her husband. If she is angry, just shout at him a few words.
Zhen Hao’s two brothers here took care of him and laughed at him.
"You still laugh at me? Look at today’s frightened mother! " Vibration Hao to hold the ass way
"You return not bashful say? What will happen today if you don’t run around? Keep it well, well, give it to your mother as a gift. It’s not necessarily hard to beat your mother today. "Since the childhood, children are disobedient and won’t fight this time. I want to scare you, but how can I regret it when my hands are heavy?"
Sure enough, Su Mian dreamed that Zhen Hao was broken and cried on the couch at night.
I’m so scared that I’m going to sit up and see the child Yan Gui. I can’t stop her from going with me.
Zhen Hao is fine, sleeping soundly on the couch.
Su Mian’s eyes were red and scolded, "heartless and smelly!"
"Go home. Are you relieved that he’s okay?" Yan to say with smile
Sue cotton or touched the vibration hao head to see that he didn’t have a fever that peace of mind.
After they left, Zhen Hao’s eyes were red, and his mother loved him too much. Before he was a middle child, he was ignored. He didn’t understand and never made his mother angry again. He guaranteed 976. Chapter 976 A foreign brother.
Nianyu went to many places.
He went to Cangwuzhou first, where his father and mother met.
Since someone showed him where Yufeng lived, there was nothing left here, and he just had a fantasy.
His mother was buried in Ning ‘an City, and later she was taken back to Yanjing City, where they parted.
Then he went to Jiangling City, where the former Prince’s Palace was long gone, and it was already a square where vendors peddled all kinds of things.
Read the imperial law and imagine that his arrival is as thrilling as his mother’s death. He knows that he took it out of his dead mother’s stomach. He also knows that it is just a word, but he knows how terrible it is after being experienced.
When he was a child, he often drank medicine, and he knew that his life was raised year by year because his father protected his mother’s love. Now he is no different from a normal child, but he is a little thin.
He breathed a sigh of relief and let it go.
This time, I want to bring her mother’s bones back to the capital and bury them in the imperial wind, so I will go to Anning City to reveal the bones of Chiang Kai-shek before I can return to Beijing.
It is the hottest time in July when I go back to Beijing to deal with these things.
Going back to Beijing, I will go back to the palace to temporarily put the bones of Jiang’s family in the temple outside the city.
Su Mian was distressed to see him tanned. "Are you stupid? Can’t ride in a carriage? Do you have to sun? "
"Don’t get in the way, mother, isn’t it a healthy sun?" Read the imperial smile, and the snow-white teeth make the skin darker.
Su Mian slapped him. "Stop laughing and become an African."
"What are Africans?" Nianyu Dao
Su Mian is stunned. She rarely speaks modern language. She can’t help but shake her head. "I don’t know where it seems. Go wash and change."
Yan Gui also went back to the back to see him and nodded when he learned that Chiang’s bones were brought back.
Early the next morning, I read the imperial edict and put the bones of Chiang Kai-shek together to kneel and kowtow. "Father and mother will bury you together today. You will rest in peace when you are alive. Dad and mother treat the child as their own children, and they have never been reassured by their parents."
"Father and child are not bodyguards, but they will protect Dad and will not betray Dad. This generation must guard Dad, Big Brother and Second Brother. You must have regrets. This regret will be fulfilled for you. You don’t have to worry about it. I wish your father and mother a good life."
Then I read aloud and got up. "Dad and mother are waiting for the baby. When the baby leaves, he will often come."
It’s not that I don’t care about my mother and father, but I was born without my parents. His initial warmth came from my parents now.
Then read the total is still closer to Su Mian and Yan Gui.
After he left, he came out of the Woods and two people were holding jars.
It is the high wind Feng Ling who don’t want to disturb Nianyu and want to sit quietly in front of Yufeng grave and have a few drinks.
"While reading imperial all so big, we are old," Feng Ling laughed.
"It’s a pity that the north wind is too far away for the three of us to get together."
"Fine, just call him. Remember him everywhere." Glide smiled and took out several cups. Isn’t it just four?
"You said read royal with who? They all say it looks like a royal wind, but I look like an empress? " High winds doubt way
"Are you right for them to say this before their graves? But the child’s sex is a bit like the empress "Feng Ling glaring.
"What’s wrong? Is the empress bad for that child? Really! " The high wind also stared back at the tombstone. "Let’s be at ease with the wind. We are here. We all need love in this generation. What’s wrong with the empress?"