Say it’s not why I came back this time in an attempt to tell on Huang Yi. Huang Yaner always found that Huang Yi seems to be as cool as Wen Ya in previous years!

Did he pretend or did she never know her father’s true temperament? !
"Smoke son? Have you been to Louyue? "
At this time, when I came back to burn Yaner, there were a lot of things that I didn’t tell Xia Fei Luo!
After she heard Huang Yi’s mouth, her cheeks were full of disbelief!
Burn smoke son looked at burn yi and Xia Fei ROM both confused look nervous at a loss!
But she suddenly thought of one thing in her heart, so she nodded calmly. "My father and mother really went to Lou Yue!
But it’s just to see an old friend! I believe my father didn’t know that my son was injured by Su Ling and she ordered two people to muzzle him all the way and plan to send him back to Qi and Chu!
Speaking of which, my father wouldn’t believe that my son was bound by them on his way back and … and he was almost killed by them!
If I hadn’t been alert, I’m afraid … I wouldn’t be alive today! "
Burn smoke son self-directed and self-performed a drama soon wry smile!
This made Xia Fei Luo Xinzhen immediately feel distressed and put his arm around her shoulder and asked, "Are these all true?"
Huang Yaner nodded with a wry smile. "How dare I talk nonsense about such obscure things as mother!"
At the same time, Huang Yaner smeared Su Ling’s body in the palace for no reason, and Mo Ying and Zuiqing sneezed one after another!
Who speaks ill of them behind their backs!
At the beginning, I was sent back to Qi Chu Mo Ying and Zuiqing Huang Yaner by the order of the old burn, and I was lying in my gun for no reason, and I was hit by arrows!
At that time, Xia Fei Robbie hugged the burning smoke son lovingly, and the burning smell was also a flash of taboo!
"The emperor now you also heard you recognize smoke son met so many later she still dare to come back easily?
This time, if it weren’t for a harp, that girl might take it in … Maybe Yaner would have been killed by Su Ling! "
Xia Fei Max Loehr said that the more excited she was, the more she finally began to cry!
This makes Huang Yibi a headache!
"All right! It’s a long time ago, but now that everyone is back, there are so many things! "
Huang Yi felt annoyed and turned around and went to the first dragon case. Even though he knew there must be something hidden in these things, he didn’t want to do any more entanglement at the moment!
"The emperor is so forget it? It’s all Su Ling’s fault. If the emperor doesn’t punish her, how can he explain it to heaven and man? "
Xia Feiluo lived in the deep palace for a long time, and once she was able to cover the sky with her hands, but now it has gone with the water!
So she was forced not to want to let Huang Yi punish Su Ling, which was a great worry to her!
So that everything can proceed normally!
"F * * king! Explain to heaven and man? What did Su Ling do to make people angry and complain to heaven and man?
Now who in the four countries doesn’t know that I, Princess Chu of Qi, was divorced because I committed seven crimes? Now you blame Su Ling for having no brains!
Do you want me to be crowned the title of faint king? ! "
Burn yi fidgety stare Xia Fei luo eyes looked at her without any emotional color!
Suddenly there was a long silence, and the smoke son’s eyes flashed and he knelt down and said slowly, "Father and son believe that there is one thing that my father never knew!