Then the beautiful girl turned into an air and gradually entered the juvenile body, and the two merged into one!

The teenager immediately closed his eyes and went out after receiving the little beauty, and returned to Tang Junti.
No matter what happened. I regret that I can’t come now. Tang Jun looked at two beautiful sisters and closed my eyes at a glance. According to the little beauty’s instructions, I just entered the consciousness of Tang Lingling’s body and got into the big ball of light. The mysterious energy in the big ball of light was refined and merged with myself. Tang Lingling’s only consciousness was finally merged successfully, and then Tang Jun re-called this new idea and slowly input it into Tang Lingling’s body.
Suddenly Tang Jun felt the danger, and his soul sensitivity was always very strong. When the danger came, he naturally stopped his luck! He thought to himself that there must be something wrong.
And this kind of danger is getting worse and worse. Tang Jun knows that it’s not good. He immediately retreats his knowledge, but it’s too late. This new idea has got stuck in Tang Lingling’s body and can’t be pulled back unless he enters his mind again to find the new idea just now, but it’s extremely dangerous. He has deeply felt wrong!
Since Tang Jun couldn’t retreat, he decided to give up that new idea immediately, and he cut off his consciousness for a moment. Suddenly, Lingling Tang rushed out with a horrible suction!
How come… Tang Jun broke out in a cold sweat? What would have happened if he hadn’t given up that new idea just now? He didn’t dare to think about it and didn’t want to think about it? Apparently, the beautiful girl told him that there was a big problem with the method? Just now he has come back from the ghost gate!
Tang Jun looked at the beautiful woman sitting in front of him with a layer of worry in her heart.
Suddenly, an unexpected thing happened. Chapter 271 Linglong Pagoda.
Lingling Tang trembled and then opened her eyes!
Tang Jun got a fright and immediately stepped back. Tweety, the girl, was so excited when she saw that Miss finally woke up that she immediately called a "Miss".
Lingling Tang, with her beautiful and charming eyes, looked at the three people sitting next to her and said "Yi Yi Yi". Like a newborn baby? She also stretched out her hands as if seeking a hug?
Miss Tweety is stupid. What’s the matter, miss?
Lingling Tang saw that everyone in front of her didn’t want to hug her, and she burst into tears. It seems that she was greatly wronged and wiped her tears while crying!
Tweety girl felt nauseous. She held her in her arms with both hands. Strangely enough, Lingling Tang immediately stopped crying and wiped her face with tears. She smiled innocently and put her tender white cheek on Tweety’s face.
"Silly? What a fool! "
A master who shocked God Emperor became an idiot from now on. Tang Jun had very complicated feelings for this beautiful woman in front of him. Seeing that she had brought people back to life at this time made her look a little ugly, but she finally brought an almost dead Tang Lingling back to life.
Miss Li has been well informed and carefully observed the shape of a Tang Lingling. She can’t help but rejoice that "Tang’s elder brother Tweety’s younger sister Tang Lingling didn’t become an idiot, but was reborn as a god. I heard that to reach the level of God Emperor, the body is stronger than the god’s knowledge. Even if people die, this god’s knowledge will be hard to perish, and rest body will be reborn after a long period of practice. Fortunately, Tang’s elder body is intact and damaged. This time, she is reborn and has her own body. Now she is still a little baby. When she grows up and reaches the age of
"Really?" Miss Tweety was so surprised that she hugged the young lady who had become a baby in her arms, fearing that she would slip away again.
"seize the house"
Tang Jun gasped and screamed. Just now, he saved the big beauty in front of him, and he became the other party’s possession? Almost lost his life? Thought of here, he is afraid of the newly reborn baby in front of him. He can reach the level of God Emperor. The super master has the magical power to move mountains and rivers. Which one is not a big man who shakes the sky? This kind of ultra-dangerous person is still less tricky.
Seeing that the two young girls are all chatting with Tang Jun around Lingling Tang, I gave him the siren Long Xiaoxiao, took it out and explored it to see what was good in it.
Tang Jun fell to the ground in the east and west of Najie. Suddenly, there were a lot of dazzling things in front of him, including all kinds of strange things, which were priceless. The fifth to seventh-order Dan medicines all contained no less than those natural materials and treasures. Tang Jun once heard from the master and got to know several gods. The first two are the most important materials for refining the seventh-order Dan medicines, and the last two are the most important materials for refining the sacred weapons. Just take them out for auction. It is hundreds of millions of gold coins that unexpectedly appear. There are still many treasures in Long Xiaoxiao’s Ring that he doesn’t know. If you release powerful aura from them, you can guess that they are all rare things in the world.
It is also a shocking beauty. One is a witch in the underworld but has a deep kindness to herself. The other is a woman in the human world but wants to take away her body? With this in mind, Tang Jun can’t help but calm down for a long time.
At this time, there are quite a few methods of spiritual order in front of Tang Jun, that is, there are several kinds of methods of sacred order. These things are also priceless and incalculable. Only the spiritual order can be practiced at the honour level, and the whole fairy continent is also rare. Except for one or two kinds of dinosaur families, his power roots can’t even think about it.
Now Tang Jun has got so many super babies from Long Xiaoxiao, and his heart is naturally excited, but these things are not very good because of his low repair.
Suddenly, Tang Jun had a flash of light in his mind. This colorful jade ring is also a very clever device. It’s not too small to go in and see if there are any treasures hidden inside.
Tang Jun immediately manipulated the spirit to read the calling hand "Fairy Aurora", and the whole person entered the middle.
As soon as he entered the colorful jade ring, Tang Jun was dumbfounded, and his eyes never turned. I didn’t think that the ring was actually located in a big tower. Every floor was glittering and powerful, and it weighed tens of thousands of pounds than the coercion released from the tower. If he hadn’t released his own powerful strength to compete with such a powerful coercion, he would have died. Obviously, this tower is also a treasure and at least an artifact. I don’t know if Long Xiaoxiao got it.
Tang Jun counted a total of thirteen floors, but what he saw from the outside of the ring was the bottom. If it wasn’t for the "fairy aurora", he wouldn’t have seen this tower, but there are so many treasures at the bottom, so the hidden treasures on the surface must be even more exciting.
Thought of here, Tang Jun walked to the second flight of stairs with excitement. It’s an artifact-level baby. Even the stairs are serious. It’s made by the famous "God Thunder Wood". This "God Thunder Wood" is not simple, but also an evolutionary level baby. The fruit of life is an indispensable and important material for refining the spirit.
As soon as people walked to the "God Thunder Wood", they immediately thundered to kill the soul. Fortunately, Tang Junti’s soul power is stronger than that of a small ball to protect the root, so it will be fine.
When he walked to the second floor and saw a gate in front of him, the whole person was dumbfounded, and at the same time, a very horrible breath was released from the gate and rushed to him.
Tang Jun instantly changed his face Chapter two hundred and seventy-two Shinto
"divine power"
Tang Jun couldn’t help but be surprised and exclaim when he saw the gate. A little bit of divine power rushed to him. Now he is no longer the original "fairy aura" owned by the small rural body who knows nothing. It is the divine power nemesis who immediately released a lot of powerful light when he saw the divine power rushing over, scaring those who also have spiritual divine power away and never dare to rush over again.
The gate that can release divine power is not an ordinary thing. Tang Jun can sense a little familiar smell from the big facade, and his body is almost the same. Unexpectedly, this door in front of him is made of "extremely immortal stone" with yin and yang attributes.
Even if there are matchsticks, there will be an uproar once the fairy land appears. Is it incredible that so many fairy stones have been used by the owner of this tower to build a gate?
It can be seen that the identity of the owner who built this pagoda must be serious. I wonder what the big witch Long Xiaoxiao has as the owner of this pagoda. Can you get such a sacred object?
Tang Jun looked at the door of Xianlingshi and looked a little dignified. I’m afraid it’s not so easy to open this door with him. But now that you’re in, you have to give it a try. Giving up halfway has never been his style.
Now Tang Junshen has the most powerful magic weapon or hand that "fairy aurora" through the mind to control a light shot at the door.