In other words, these four people are much more important than his five spiritual jade inheritors. If Ye Han really needs too many people who can’t get married, then it is natural to get married with these three women first.

But nowadays, all the women except Xiaoli know about those things a hundred years ago. If they really want to separate themselves from each other, if some of them disagree with it, they will certainly not know how to deal with it.
Ye Han seems to have some consciousness at the moment. It is also a kind of trouble to have too many women around him. Just as he is now stumped by this kind of trouble, he has no idea at all. If he needs to discuss with his daughters in ordinary times, just make up his mind by himself!
[593] [Four people get married] [Explosion 14]
However, at this moment, all the worries seem a little redundant. Ye Han soon noticed that after Xiaoli complained, Ye Ping and others had instant difficulties, so they all made up their minds to slowly come to Ye Han’s side.
Ye Han was suddenly confused when he saw it. Are these women really reluctant to agree with themselves? However, at this moment, the scene in front of him shocked him many times. The daughters came to him together but not close to him. Instead, they surrounded Leng Lingyanxin to Ye Han [!
Seeing their trip, Ye Han immediately agreed with himself, so he immediately said with great joy, "Thank you, thank you for agreeing to me. Don’t worry, I will pick a good one soon and marry everyone in the door!"
"Hehe, in that case, we look forward to that day coming soon!" After listening to Ye Han’s promise that Ye Ping and others have not yet made a speech, they suddenly listened to Xiaoli’s charming smile
Ye Hanwen nodded his head and smiled. "Don’t worry, I don’t think this day will be too far away, but I think I’m afraid I’ll find your last sister then. Do you mind?"
"Well, we should get together in nine planets. If you dare to throw us away from nine planets, we won’t want to!" Ye Han was a Xiaoli quickly nodded and answered.
Xiaoli naturally knows that nine planets is inseparable. Even if the second nine planets has not yet appeared and Ye Han’s seven women have become husband and wife, it is impossible for this third nine planets to avoid the fate of Ye Han’s marriage. nine planets is indispensable, otherwise nine planets will not be possible.
Therefore, they also have an idea in their hearts. Since everything is doomed, why should they care about so many things? Many disputes are not as good as everything is natural, and should not be obedient to Ye Han’s meaning, so that it is not difficult for him.
Listen to outstanding women always agree with their ideas Ye Han immediately smiled and laughed "Good, good, you can be so considerate, I feel very happy. In that case, let’s make more preparations. Oh, by the way, let Linger also prepare to get married in tandem. It’s a cold house. I want to formally marry her …"
Hearing Ye Han’s words, the daughters suddenly became one leng, especially Lengling. At the moment, she was a little confused. What exactly is this Ye Han playing? She is already Ye Han’s wife, not only a wife, but also a child. How can he become a kiss again now? Get married?
I want to go to Lengling and feel a little wrong. I just wanted to say something, but I heard Ye Han suddenly smile. Xiaoli Ye Rou turned to Lengling’s side and stretched out his hand and took his delicate hand. Then I smiled and smiled. "Linger, I Ye Han was unable to marry you as cold as you can, but now it’s different. I have enough ability to marry you. As you say, I want to marry you in the position of Ye Jia!"
With that, he put Leng Lingyu’s hand to his lips, gently kissed the back of his hand, and then turned to Xiaoli and others and said, "Just do as I say. Today, I will not only marry Rou Er Xiner, but also really marry Linger into the door of Yejia. Get ready!"
Daughters smell this. If it suddenly turns out that Ye Han’s heart has always believed that he was adopted by son in law, now he wants to save the situation and eliminate the adoption from the bottom of his heart forever. This is why he decided to marry Lengling again. This is also a choice that he should make, so no one dares to veto his decision.
Ye Han said, he left a smile and then let Lengling’s delicate hand turn to the layman at the door to prepare to play his role as the groom and wait for Ye Rouyan Xin Lengling to get married together.
The idea of Ye Han’s psychology has come to mind for many times. It has been a year since Ye Rouleng became attached to Ling Yanxin. There have been too many experiences in this year, but even so, he never wants to tie the knot with these three people.
This is Ye Han’s greatest wish all his life, and he can’t give up this idea whether there is nine planets or not. Because of them, he feels that the fate of nine planets has already surpassed, and it is not as simple as the fate of a hundred years. This kind of feeling is the most real and there is no compulsion.
Opposed to the cold and cheerless people, he felt that each other’s experiences were too rare, and their feelings had not been formally spent. The result was even premature. Their feelings were somewhat based on a century-old destiny and nine planets’s destiny, so they were not as complete as Lengling and others.
Naturally, even so, he can’t refuse his feelings in nine planets, because the fate of each other for a hundred years has been irreversible. At the beginning, Qingyun should have a sentimental road, but now he can continue it by himself. He has no choice
Another thought is that he thinks that all he can do to build their feelings is because he is at the mercy of fate, otherwise he can’t get to know them in just one month, and even more so, he is loved by them without knowing it. They have real feelings, which will never be cut off.
Unconsciously, Ye Han has come to the door of the Cold Cloud Pavilion, but he has not entered the Cold Cloud Pavilion. Although the daughters have reached a consensus, he has not really spent himself. Sometimes, he will secretly ponder over what his life would be like without nine planets’s fate and a hundred years’ fate.
If it weren’t for all that happened a hundred years ago, would Lengling and others still get to know each other and fall in love, and finally get married? Would all this not happen, whether it was love or hate, or perhaps he didn’t have a fate of a hundred years, his fate, Lengling and others’ fate? All this would not be without pain and happiness.
Nai shook his head, Ye Han sighed, and then slowly walked towards the Cold Cloud Pavilion. Now the Cold Cloud Pavilion has arranged a new and original banquet according to its intended way, and it has not moved, which is one more wedding banquet.
When Ye Han came back, Ye Hong and others were busy to meet him and wanted him to see if everything was satisfactory, but I didn’t know that Ye Han suddenly nodded at them and said, "This place has been decorated, so let’s get ready. I’ll go and see if the new house is decorated!"
After that, he didn’t do more to stay more beautiful. Listening to Ye Hong’s words, he turned and walked in the direction of stairs to disappear from their sight …
See Ye Han so Ye Hong and others are not all one leng. What happened to this Ye Han? How come going out for a while seems like a different person? Today is his wedding day, but it seems that he is not very happy, even his smile is so stiff.
Ye Han went downstairs for the first time and then came to his front to designate the new house to be decorated. After a pause at the door, he took a deep breath and then slowly pushed the door and started to walk in.
When he entered the room, he saw that everything around him was as he expected, which was not much different. He didn’t bother about the layout of the new house again. After seeing all this, he couldn’t help but see a series of familiar pictures in his heart, and his face couldn’t help but smile.
All of a sudden, Ye Han suddenly let go and muttered with a sigh of relief, "Well, let everything go. I still need to go on my own in the future. I will reconnect everything a hundred years ago. I own it all and I should have it!"
With that, his face showed a little sudden color, and he couldn’t help but sigh for a long time and carefully felt the relaxed feeling brought by letting go of himself, then he turned and left the room and slowly walked towards the building.
Ye Hong and others were confused by Ye Han’s extraordinary performance before. Now when he saw Ye Han coming from the building, he suddenly felt that it was time to understand the truth, so he came up to him and wanted to ask him what was going on.
But when they saw Ye Han’s sincere smile, they just thought of something but couldn’t say it. Naihao smiled at him and said, "How are you satisfied with the preparation of the new house?"
"Well, it’s good. Now everything is ready. It depends on whether the bride is ready without her father and father-in-law. You are going to meet the bride!" Ye Han nodded and affirmed Ye Hong’s words, then looked at Lengao and smiled and laughed.
"Ah?" After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, everyone was suddenly surprised that Ye Hong needed to be prepared. It was expected that he was Ye Han’s father, but he was cold and proud. He can Ye Han nothing special at best, even his father-in-law Ye Rou is alienated from this Ye Han Ye Rou. What does it matter if they get married with him? If the bride and groom don’t have a straight elder, it’s okay for him to act as his straight elder, but the problem now is that Ye Hong is not dead!
Ye Han took it for granted that they were surprised. After all, they didn’t want to marry Leng Lingyan, Xin Yerou at the same time. The three decided to tell them that Naihe was so embarrassed and smiled. "To tell you the truth, my marriage in Rou Er has changed a little today. After we negotiated before, I decided not only to marry Rou Er, but also to let Linger Xiner go through the door together!"
[594] 【 Wedding Gift 】
"Ah?" After listening to Ye Han’s words, everyone was surprised. How did Ye Han and Ye Rou get married and pull Leng Lingyanxin in? They don’t know whether Yan Xin and Ye Han are married, but isn’t this Ye Lengling already married and has children? How did this marriage involve her?
Seems to be white everyone thought Ye Han immediately smiled again. "I won’t say anything about Xin Er. I have never really given her a birthright for a long time. I feel very sorry to be able to let him marry me with Ye Rou, but it has also fulfilled my wish to Linger …"