After buying all the clothes, they prepared the car. Xiao Cheling saw an ice cream shop not far away and asked her with a smile, "Does Yiqing want to eat ice cream?"

"Then I’ll buy it for you now," he said uneasily when he got up. "I won’t lock the door. Don’t go out by car, do you know?"
"Oh, I’m not a child anymore. Don’t worry!" She said that he was at ease, and then went straight to the alley inside, where Han Yiqing didn’t notice and turned directly into a little foot …
It’s dark inside, and I can’t see the road ahead clearly. He just said to the air, "Come out, I know where you are."
There was finally a low smile in the silent alley. It was a woman’s crisp smile.
"Che Ling, I’m back." Hearing this, he was not surprised. He had already noticed it at the mall just now.
He has smelled her.
A woman in a beach skirt came slowly in the alley, and the long waves rolled around her waist, which made her more attractive.
"AnRui you shouldn’t be in Rome? !”
She gently captured her bangs. "You seem to have forgotten our agreement."
"What agreement?" His frown seem to have really forgotten.
"You said you would be with me after you dated a woman!"
Chapter 179 Then let her return it!
Anrui looked at her faintly, but his eyes were staring at him intensely.
He really doesn’t remember! She has been waiting in Rome for a long time, always keeping an eye on his news. He said that if he really dated a girlfriend and didn’t find out what he really liked, then he would be with her!
So now that she’s back, she’s back as his girlfriend
Xiao Cheling frowned. He really forgot.
"Anrui, maybe I have found it. I don’t keep my word."
AnRui constantly back corners of the mouth up with a smile "I waited for so many years how to get is you don’t count? ! Have you consider my feelings at all? !”
She has been keeping an eye on him for years. Do you know how much she cares when she learns that he has made 99 girlfriends? ! If it reaches a hundred, then he will keep his promise.
But now he has reached a hundred! What’s his attitude now? !
"Are you loathe to give up her? !” Anrui went straight to the point. She was suddenly afraid that he was already interested because she didn’t believe that he didn’t remember!
It’s because I remember that it’s good not to let myself get together, but the woman sitting in his car must be different from his woman, otherwise he wouldn’t risk her coming after me to associate with her!
"yes! I loathe to give up "Xiao Cheling frankly admitted that there was no hesitation at all.
It is because of this that she is particularly annoyed that her fist has been pinched at the bottom of the sleeve.
"How can you do this to me!"
"No matter what, I won’t break up with her! I can’t do this at all! "
AnRui stare at men smile "that’s right! Because this is a promise you owe me! "
Xiao Cheling hasn’t reacted for a second. When she wants to do something, Anrui has turned away from this hutong. That direction is …
It’s her direction!
His eyes narrowed and his feet were buried. He almost ran before he saw Anrui. She quickly pulled the trigger with a gun in her hand and aimed at the passenger seat of the roadside car …
"AnRui! You stop! You give me stop! "
"no! You owe me this! In that case, I’ll let her return it! "
In Anrui’s concept, if this woman dies, then Xiao Cheling will be with her! Without distractions, she will!
Han Yiqing kept wanting to see the back scene in the stuffy car, but he couldn’t see it! When will Xiao Cheling come back? ! It’s just an ice cream. What took you so long?
Just as she was thinking about it, the door was suddenly pulled. She looked up and wait for a while looked at the intruder …
His face is half masked, but you can still see his angular profile. His eyes are black. He moves skillfully but with a little bit of haste.
"Come out!" Before Han Yiqing could react, she had been pulled out. Just when she wanted to call for help, she felt the man behind her groaning. His hands were holding her with a burning heat …
Warm liquid flowed to her hand. Han Yiqing looked down and it was blood …
"You …" She looked up and he smelled familiar …
It’s him? !
Chapter 18 If you leave us, break up!
His body feeling made her too familiar to forget!
"Yi Qing!" The heart-rending sound behind her got up, especially when he saw a man behind her, his heart was in his throat.
"Anrui, I warn you that if something happens to her, you will see two bodies!" Xiao Cheling then rushed in her direction …
Anrui couldn’t believe it when she heard this. Looking at his distant back, she just stood there. She never thought Xiao Cheling would say such a thing!
No woman has ever made him want to go to hell with her! But this woman has such a thing!
She has no regrets! Don’t regret what you did just now!
See the tall figure Xiao Cheling couldn’t say familiar with this figure is not … Thought of here he suddenly slow down.