He’s not in a panic. He’s going to go straight to the hall and see if he can walk from the second floor to the second floor, and then it’s easier to find Room 7.

Although he thought so, he didn’t move a bit, because he felt that these people would not let him run around alone in this mysterious place, and someone would take him there
If there is really no one, he might as well find another way.
Fortunately, he guessed that another man in a yellow bronze mask got up and waved to the waves and said, "Come with me!" "
The waves looked out from the eyelets in the face mask and quietly followed the man behind him. Before he stepped into the hall, he felt a mysterious and treacherous atmosphere, which made his heart beat wildly.
A thick, heavy scarlet curtain hung on the door of the hall, and there were faint lights and sounds coming out of it.
At the entrance of the waves, I felt that there was a strange and mysterious force behind the scarlet curtain, which could make people involuntarily absorbed into it.
Although his heart was surging, he acted as if he had followed the man and stepped into the hall.
As soon as he stepped in, he was stunned!
The hall is large, long, narrow and spacious, with wooden floors all over the floor, and people walk comfortably and warmly; Snow white walls; The windowsill is covered with thick scarlet curtains, so that people can’t see the inside from the outside.
There are many classical and elegant glass lamps hanging from the ceiling of the hall, and the whole hall is full of * * *.
Japanese classical music is playing in the hall with a solemn, solemn and elegant atmosphere.
-Snow-white walls, wooden floors painted with ukiyo-e pictures, window paper, scarlet curtains, antique glass lamps, classical elegant music, everything is decorated according to the ancient Japanese style. It is said that this place is mysterious, noble, elegant and delicious!
There are men and women in the hall with clothes on and without clothes, but all of them are wearing grotesque masks. These people are coitus in various postures.
You must have never seen such a situation that many people * * don’t stick to the way or place together!
He was dumbfounded when the waves didn’t see him.
Dazed as he was, he followed the man all the time.
His eyes looked out from the eyelets of the mask.
He walked all the way to see all kinds of men and women having sex in various ways.
These men and women are wearing masks, which are grotesque but can be roughly divided into two colors. Men are wearing turquoise bronze masks, which look ferocious, horrible, cold and gloomy. Women are wearing white masks and even have a red flower on their foreheads.
Their eyes are exposed through the holes in the mask.
Men are dressed and undressed, but they are naked in suits and ties, but almost all of them have sex with women regardless of whether they are dressed or not.
Women don’t have clothes and bodies * * Naked, but they also wear a white spun yarn that is as thin as cicada wings. The strong light shines, which adds a strong temptation to sway people’s minds.
These men and women have 351 groups of coitus, one-on-one coitus, a desk, a chair, a column and a wall, and they have coitus standing in front of them according to local conditions.
-Man’s cold and ferocious bronze mask There is a small red flower mask in the pale woman’s face. * * Messy clothes are as thin as cicada’s white gauze. Join in the * * scene. Strong lighting constitutes a shocking sensory stimulation.
The waves were shocked to see that there were at least 50 or 60 Japanese in the hall having intercourse in various ways, which was simply a surge of excitement.
-a man who just came in from the outside saw such a strange scene, which not only shocked but also inspired a kind of human nature’s most primitive and wild energy and * *! What kind of blunt past to join the * * scene.
Although the waves were dazzled, there was not a little bit of spirit. Mata was shocked by the scene that would appear in the most absurd and * * shadow!
Groan and gasps fil that whole hall-dozens of Japanese women moaned tactfully, and dozens of Japanese men rushed to make people feel magnificent! This kind of * * scene can only be seen in the most lewd AV cinematography.
When the car drives to the front gate of the villa, the car will automatically drive in.
The waves stopped the car in front of the living room, and the car raised its bronze medal and showed it to several bodyguards who came over.
Several bodyguards nodded. A bodyguard parked for the waves. A bodyguard led the way to lead the waves into the living room.
The waves fought back and wanted to look around * * showing indifference as if it was not the first time he had come here to calm down and went in behind the bodyguard.
This is a big hall entrance, a partition. From here, you can see the door of the hall and a thick curtain in the partition.
There is a desk and chair at the entrance, and three people behind it are neatly dressed and polite, showing a mysterious and strange coldness.
Three people are wearing a mask, pale yellow, weird and gloomy, showing a pair of cold eyes.
A worker stretched out his hand to the waves as if to ask for something, but he didn’t say it was cold and looked at the waves.