The leader’s hands were wrapped around his chest, and he was not angry. He watched the scene with interest and brought the beggars to peace. He slammed and threw a stack of silver tickets from the bridge and smashed Jiang Jinxuan and Ouyang Jun’s feet.

Ouyang Jun was so jealous that he stared at the man with almond eyes. "You …!"
Just as she was about to rush to argue with others, the dark guards around Jun Chen suddenly surged to protect her at any time. Unexpectedly, someone rushed to the front of the crowd faster than the dark guards, but seeing that Ouyang Jun envied being held by Jiang Jinxuan, he stepped back.
"This money can’t be picked up! You …! "
"Begging people disdain! You really have a national body! "
The crowd was angry and shouted at the beggars.
Jiang Jinxuan looked at the beggars and looked up at the leader with a slight frown. It was really uncomfortable to look at them with a sneer!
"Who will throw the money back to the young master and give him ten times!"
There was a lazy sound in a clear voice, and Lin Yu’s nerves tightened as the crowd looked to the left.
See sixteen people carrying a luxurious sedan chair out slowly out of the crowd and consciously give up the spacious road, orderly and not crowded.
It’s hard to buy gold, soft gold curtains and fan Jin’s foundation. The breeze blows like all kinds of smoke, and the scene in front of you is so wonderful that people can’t help but wonder who the people in this sedan chair are.
So arrogant, so exquisite and luxurious, so … Destroy each other’s prestige for a moment!
After hearing that, the beggars were a little loose, and they didn’t dare to believe it. After seeing the present situation, they immediately reversed it. Most of them have put the silver tickets back in place, and their eyes are dim and they stare at the sedan chair.
Jiang Jinxuan felt her heart beat a little fast since the sedan chair appeared. Somehow, she was inexplicably familiar with the sound of a name. Her mouth was vividly portrayed. Chapter 61 The profiteer PK Wei Man.
"It’s the Nangong gentleman-!"
"It’s Master Nangong coming, hahahaha!"
I don’t know who it was in the crowd. Gao Yihu’s feelings immediately boiled up. Many of them were choked by the Wei caravan. Shangdu stared at the sedan chair with flashing eyes.
Master Nangong-
Ordinary people in Southern Tang Dynasty don’t know a merchant, that is Nangong Family!
Nangong family is the first wealthy businessman in the Southern Tang Dynasty. The Nangong family has been established together with the Southern Tang Dynasty for hundreds of years and has been prosperous.
In terms of modernization, Lin Yu is said to be rich, but the Nangong family has been in the hands of this young Nangong master for generations. It is not only difficult to see from the expressions of envoys of various countries in the Southern Tang Dynasty that the influence of Nangong family is not small.
Lin Yu’s eyes also looked over there with the crowd. People haven’t appeared yet. The momentum has already done enough bridge. When the leader heard the Nangong family’s face, he changed slightly. Although he didn’t change his arrogance, he showed a lot of convergence
When all eyes were on the Nangong sedan chair, there was probably Jun Chen who looked back at his cousin Jiang Jinxuan’s face. She always had a light face with a silk glow and her eyes were full of expectations.
Jun Chen Gherardini turned around and hugged Lin Yu’s arm, and made some efforts to get Lin Yu closer to himself without trace.
Manager Sheng has always been close to the sedan chair, and his eyes first fell on Jiang Jinxuan. Then she swept everyone around the center and smiled politely at Jun Chen. Then she said something to the sedan chair in Nangong Yi.
"Hoo" a gust of wind across the soft smoke curtain was blown to reveal a shallow light figure.
At first glance, it was as if I saw an outline in the misty color, and then I looked at it intently, and the line of sight could not be moved any more.
In the sedan chair, a lazy figure is half-leaned, and the inside is pure white Persian white carpet, which is as clean as the sky and the purest cloud is woven, while Nangong recalls that people who are in the clouds show a kind of floating temperament.
In his hand, he twirled a colorful glass bottle filled with crystal clear liquid, which was just a little bit in his cup and floated all over the street when the wind blew. You could smell the refreshing fragrance and the strong stimulation at the tip of your nose after smelling it.
Just like Nangong Yi, this person’s first sight is elegant fragrance, and the second sight is strong stimulation. Those eyes are full of eyes, and the girls can’t help but scream out and faint with excitement.