In the room, Sue’s quilt pressed against the couch and hugged Yan Gui’s neck. "Wang Ye points out that he wants to be tight, but he also satisfies my shame."

Yan Gui pulled her hand to kiss her fingertips and did not answer.
Is to look at her face and gently unbutton her clothes
Su Mianbei blushed slowly when he stared at her like this. It’s also been a couple for several years, but what’s the point of staring at her in broad daylight?
Pull the quilt and cover your face.
Yan Gui’s eyes are full of smiles, hugging her with spoil, lifting her lips and being kissed. "Being shy is becoming more and more charming."
This time, after lunch, two people hugged each other naked. Su Mian was tired and scolded, "I’m so tired and hungry. I hate it."
"Just who said to monopolize the rain and dew tired also don’t abandon? Hmm? So tired the king … wanting more "
He said, turn over and press it again.
Of course, he couldn’t bear her suffering, and she didn’t have a good meal, but once in a while, he could not control it.
The room is full of confusing breath, hoarse love words between men and women, and people feel flushed when they hear it.
God is the noblest couple. This afternoon, they are touching and intertwined.
Su Mian won’t be happy at the end of this time.
Or did Yan Gui personally wait on her to clean it and bring a spoonful of smooth shredded chicken porridge to eat before changing Su Mian’s good face?
Su mian didn’t have the strength to eat anything else, so she drank two bowls of porridge with small dishes and went to sleep again.
Yan guixin said, have a good sleep. You are still tired at night.
Almost all the departments involved in the ceremony of the emperor’s accession to the throne are busy, and gradually the emperor and queen will receive gifts on the same day, and things are also facing the wild
Su Mian was famous for a while.
Sue’s family followed the fire, but it’s a pity that Sue’s family now has no other relatives besides Sanfang.
After all, Su Wen has a son and a daughter, and Su Man has been married for many years, but someone gave his concubine to Su Wen and Su Zhen as concubines.
Su Zhen refused directly. After all, his wife hasn’t entered the door yet. Zhang Taifu’s second granddaughter still has a lot of status, and no one dares to be too tough to squeeze people in.
However, Su Wen’s place is quite interesting. After all, Youshi is not out of the halls.
It was Su Mian’s words that solved the problem.
Su Mian learned this from Xian Taifei.
She took the children to visit Xian Taifei and laughed. "It’s good to receive gifts together and the harem will be safe."
"Receive gifts together?" Sue cotton looked at xian toffee and couldn’t think of what this means at the moment.
"I’m talkative! I can’t believe you don’t know! It’s just that we have been talkative. The day when Jiu-Er Jr. ascended the throne is also a gift for your conferring the Queen’s Day. "Xian Taifei laughed.
Just sitting here, Shu Taifei laughed. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Let’s watch the excitement at home."
"I really don’t know … is it in line with the rules?" Su Mian was pleasantly surprised and didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"You don’t have to think that although the rules are set by our ancestors, little Jiu-Er horse is the emperor. He is willing. He just likes that you are willing to call you. Everything is so-called." Xian Taifei laughed.
"Although it is said that spoiling the queen alone has many disadvantages, it is not the same as cherishing her family. Although she is a princess, she doesn’t think that the queen’s spoiling will definitely mess up the Chaogang, but it is all right." Shu Taifei laughed.
She really wants to have a queen to spoil the harem so much, and if she wants the queen not to be vicious, she won’t be able to make trouble
"Sister, it’s never occurred to me that Xiao Jiu is willing to look at the two of them." Xian Taifei said,
"Thank you mother princess thank you toffee empress" Su Mianfu body way
"Don’t be so polite. Your report is reluctant to be honored by you. Looking at you, I feel that when I was young, it was really in vain …" Shu Taifei said with a smile.
Sue cotton embarrassed way "toffee empress is elder if you cancel me …"
"When we were young, ah ….." Xian Toffee wanted to think and sighed. This sigh called Shu Toffee also remembered their former expensive four concubines, but which one didn’t suffer from Tang’s hand?
At that time, I was crushed by Tang’s family. Where can there be such a good day?
"The past is the past, and whoever laughs last had better be someone who has long been a dusty mother princess and a toffee empress." Su Mian advised when she knew that they remembered the past.
[Recently, my eyes are not comfortable and tired. Please forgive me. I won’t break it. I will slowly 53. Chapter 53 The saddest princess outside.
After a heart-rending cough, Yan Zi Ling gasped on the couch.
The doctor’s treatment is still much better than the other days. Her eyes are a little dull. After moving outside, the window is no longer bamboo, but Parthenocissus because it is a wall, and the window wall should not appear because it is not the main room.