See Gulan too excited to burn smoke son secretly glared at Su Ling and then hurried to Gulan’s side to comfort with Hector even Jinse.

But maybe it’s that the remark of burning a small four hoodoo is too stimulating, and she gradually turns her eyes in Gulan’s sobs!
So Su Ling’s heart is shocked. Don’t dirty her hospital!
"BiRao BiRao!" Su Ling was somewhat eager to shout. Next to her, she couldn’t wait to see the play with a melon.
Smell and then Bi Rao bowed his head to Su Ling, but still don’t forget Yu Guang to look at the situation outside the hospital.
See blue Rao half-hearted appearance Su Ling could not help but grabbed her ear sound not novel way "hurriedly carried out! Don’t dirty our hospital! "
Su Ling’s words are a little mean!
But she did it on purpose!
She doesn’t believe that her front foot and Gulancai split the results from the Valley Pavilion, so she took these two and she didn’t deal with them to find her unlucky!
If she persists, she can change her name to Su Ren.
"Su Ling you say what is this? Don’t dare to do whatever you want just because your brother loves you! Don’t take it seriously, brother. You will really be a woman in this life!
Gu Lan and your brother used to be you, and you are not qualified to compare! "
Burn smoke son unbearable Su Ling tone directly pointed at her nose and swearing!
"Sister Huang, how can you …" This will always be silly. Xiao Si finally remembered to help Su Ling speak, but was interrupted by Yan Er Li. "Xiao Si, shut up!"
And this situation has once again inspired Su Ling’s small universe!
She feels that since Gulan appeared, her temper seems to be always irritable! Really want to pretend to be calm is really kung fu less than home!
Since you are angry, you must vent!
Su Linghuang smoke son pointed at her and then slowly got up step by step. The steady pace seems to indicate the mood she is brewing at this time!
When Huang Yaner saw Su Ling get up, she couldn’t help but feel proud of her lips. At this moment, she was already fainting, but she was still awake. Gu Lan finally asked faintly, "Sister Wang, I have never offended you. Do you hate me so much?"
At this moment, Gulan’s weight seems to depend on Hector even Jinse and even her tone of voice has become powerful!
This feeling makes Su Ling have an illusion that she will put out the fire soon!
Well, I’m drunk when I think about it!
It’s hard for them to lives of three women!
When Su Ling walked slowly in front of Gu Lan, her phoenix eyes were deep and distant, her eyes turned slightly, and she glanced at the moment with contempt. When the latter was about to speak, she withdrew her eyes and looked at Gu Lanling’s lips. The natural curvature of Su Ling’s lips made the arc more beautiful, but when she spoke, every sentence was cool!
"Gulanshi you’re right! I really hate you, and more than a little! If it had been a long time ago, according to your deadly personality, you might have died in my hands a thousand times!
You really didn’t blame me, but you were wrong. You shouldn’t have appeared in the palace when you came back alive! And your mistake is that you should appear in front of me!
Nowadays, Lao Huang is my man! And I’m in charge of the whole palace. Who allowed you to go back to the palace for the night without my consent? You still think this is your home? Or do you still want to rekindle the old relationship with Huang Lao San?
Now that I’m talking about this, I might as well tell you that when Huang Lao married me today, he never got another chance in his life! Unless I don’t want him, and then you are still willing to be a maid to fill the house, then I will sincerely bless you!
But! ! ! Now that you’ve come to live in the palace uninvited, I don’t think the old man has said much! But what about you, Miss Gulan? It seems to me that you are not comfortable with the present situation. You say that you are so weak and dead, and I can’t like you even if I want to. Who can blame you? "
Su Ling’s last sentence was thrown to the ground!
And it’s sunny and sunny, and Su Ling’s cold tone adds a touch of shade to the vicinity of Xiyuan for no reason!
People in Suling farm have never seen this before!
When Gulan heard Su Ling say these words, he seemed to forget to continue to play the role of rolling his eyes on the eve of syncope, but looked at Su Ling in amazement!
This is the expression of everyone!
But suddenly, in this quiet and cold atmosphere, Su Ling suddenly frowned, and a strange smell made her eyes look behind Gulan, and at first glance, she took a breath!
But I don’t know when I saw the figure of Huang Lao not far away, and he looked at Su Ling’s cold eyes at this time without color and gloom, just like the eve of the storm!
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