Wind Jerry Liau remembered Xia Yibing’s injury. What happened to her injury?

The wind Jerry Liau moved his fingers and put pen on the keyboard to continue banging.
Just half an hour when the wind Jerry Liau will Xia Yibing found out the cause of the injury.
"Mafia ranked fifth SAN ke mu glass jia this woman is really malicious actually hurt her grandmother" wind Jerry Liau said a little angry.
Wind Jerry Liau looked at the information in the pen. He hated this kind of ruthless girl. Just like someone, she pretended to be a lady, but she was ruthless.
"Good, it’s decided." Feng Jerry Liau made a snap of his fingers and decided one thing.
Pick up the phone and dial a word at will.
"Give me a learning procedure" San Yayi Royal College Senior Three (Class 1) "After the words were passed, Jerry Liau said it first before the people there could speak, but the tone was very cold, which was estimated to be about twice as cold as Xia Yi’s ice.
"If it’s a young master pony, do it." The loyal tone over there should be answered.
In a second, Jerry Liau hung up the phone directly, triggering a smile at the corner of his mouth. He decided to capture her.
Wind Jerry Liau put the pen away and went back.
He hasn’t seen Xia Yibing for several days. Although he says she hasn’t left the house, he is still worried.
When I got home, it was already late, and the wind heard the piano outside Jerry Liau’s house. Listen, there are several styles of sadness and resentment in this piano, but the wind Jerry Liau sounds very beautiful. This piano is wonderful and really worthy of being the queen of the piano.
The wind Jerry Liau hit Xia Yibing’s door and watched Xia Yibing playing the piano intently. The wind Jerry Liau closed his eyes and listened to this wonderful song.
At the end of a song, Xia Yibing closed the piano and clapped his hands behind it.
Deah191 is such a coincidence in the same class?
Xia Yibing turned to look at the wind. Jerry Liau sent a message to her sister for several days.
The efficiency is really slow.
"Playing well is with several styles. Can you tell me what this song is about?" The wind Jerry Liau clapped his hands and walked over and asked.
"Nothing" Xia Yibing cold replied.
Xia Yibing significantly don’t want to say don’t want to say anyway, the wind Jerry Liau is decided to decide her.
"I also want to say about you? I asked you to send a letter and you sent it for four days? "
"the letter arrived early, but I have other things to do and I haven’t come back these days."
"Oh …" Xia Yibing light nod should way.
"What happened to your wound? Is it better? " The wind Jerry Liau looked at Xia Yibing gentle tone asked.
"Well, it’s much better, and I can almost leave."
"No, you can’t leave yet." Feng Jerry Liau refused to rest for a few days, and the wound was much better. Although the wound was not deep, he graduated from the chest. If it is not handled properly, it will bring trouble to the heart.
And the wind Jerry Liau also don’t want Xia Yibing away.
"It’s not up to you to decide whether to leave or not. Besides, I have to learn." Xia Yibing took a white look at Jerry Liau and said coldly.
Why can’t she leave? Why should he influence her?
"It’s just learning. It’s a trivial matter. Why don’t we learn together?"
"What? Learn together? " Xia Yibing surprised and asked.
"Yes, I’m in Class 1, Grade 3, Royal College of Saint Yayi. What about you?" The wind is easy to blow off and say
"What? Attend the third year (1) class of the Royal College of Saint Yayi? " Xia Yibing was surprised again and asked, "Isn’t that her class in Class 1, Grade 3, Saint Yayi Royal College?"?
"Why are you so surprised?" Feng Jerry Liau pretended not to know that Xia Yibing was also studying in Class 1, Grade 3.
The wind Jerry Liau looked at Xia Yibing and felt that she was more lovely. The corners of her mouth evoked a Gherardini radian.