However, when Ye Rou wanted to tell the truth, Ye Mu’s eyes suddenly got a little wet and her lips trembled slightly, and she was awkward.

Leaf mother’s move leaves soft eyes more affirmed his guess Ye Han must have had an accident, otherwise the Ye Hong couple wouldn’t be so worried.
Ye Hong felt that he shouldn’t tell Ye Han that Ye Han was seriously injured. After all, Ye Rou is Ye Han’s best friend, and even he is a father.
Besides, it is no problem to hide such a big thing for a while, but it is absolutely impossible to hide it forever.
Thought of here, Ye Hong immediately made up his mind whether to say it or to put it bluntly. Maybe it would be better for everyone.
"Since you are both cold children’s biological parents, I think there are some things you need to know!"
Ye Honggang wanted to tell the truth that Ye Han was dead, but he heard Ye Rou say so, so he temporarily let him go and turned his attention to Ye Rou’s face and waited for the answer to appear.
Ye Rou paused and looked at Ye Hong and his wife, and immediately continued, "When Shi Haner escaped from his legacy, his physical strength was already banned by his enemy."
Once again, I took one look at Ye Hong and his wife, Ye Rou, with a full face of horror, and could not help sighing, but I saw that Ye Mu was in a choked state at the moment.
"No, if Han Er is physically strong, then how did he beat you in the previous match?"
Ye Hong is also very sad, but there is still a trace of reason to think of the doubts before, so he asked with a little enthusiasm
Leaf soft seems to have Bai Yehong’s thoughts in my heart, but seeing Ye Mu also stopped crying and looked at himself with a puzzled face, obviously not believing this fact.
"To tell you the truth, I didn’t know at that time that Han Er won because he was physically fit and energetic, because I didn’t want to see him lose the competition."
Leaf soft wry smile when I think of my thoughts cheeks suddenly emerge a hongxia.
After hearing this, Ye Hong and his wife finally understood everything and accepted this fact. At the same time, they also lost the last glimmer of hope. Ye Han really died and was killed by his own father.
Although this was not Ye Hongyi’s mistake, the fact told them that Ye Han was really dead and had no vitality, but he could not withstand the attack.
"Cold son is the father, and it is the father who has hurt you. I didn’t take good care of you since I was a child, and now the opportunity has come and killed you."
Ye Hong’s face turned pale and her eyes became moist. Two lines of tears could not help but wander around and keep the same painful color as Ye Mu.
Although Ye Rou kept calm all the time, she couldn’t keep it up after she realized the seriousness of the matter.
This Ye Hong is a long-lived patriarch of the Ye family. He has to keep calm all the time, otherwise he can’t be so calm in doing things, but now he is so painful.
"The heads of the Mrs Cold son he had an accident? Rou Er wants to see him. Where is he now? "
Feel the seriousness of the matter, soft leaves could no longer help wondering in my heart, so I asked tentatively with a face of tension
Leaves soft words just export Ye Hongyou can endure shaking targeting top is more painful Ye Mu is not so optimistic, originally choked, but now she has cried.
Seeing that Ye Mu has been crying, Ye Rou is not going to continue to ask her so that she can focus on Ye Hong’s face. It is obvious that she wants him to tell the truth.
Ye Hong seems to see that Ye Rou’s mind is getting more ugly, and he has to tell himself what he killed himself, which is not for him to sprinkle salt on his wound.
But as he thought before, paper can’t contain fire, and this matter will eventually be exposed, even if he doesn’t want to go, he can keep this secret.
Besides, Ye Ruan and Ye Han are so close and powerful that they know Ye Han’s recent situation, even for a while, it won’t help to hide it.
"Rou Er, there are some things I want to tell you. It’s really cold. He’s dead. I killed him myself."
Ye Hongqiang endured the pain in his heart and told the truth. Before he finished the pain, he came back to my heart and finally didn’t suppress his tears.
Ye Rouyuan Ye Han was injured, but he didn’t want to get the bad news that Ye Han was dead from Ye Hong’s mouth. A pair of beautiful eyes suddenly turned red and two lines of tears flowed down his cheeks.
"Cold son he’s dead? How did this happen? " Leaves soft eyes tearful muttered is obviously a method to accept Ye Han is dead.
"No, it’s impossible. He won’t die. He won’t die. I don’t believe he won’t die." Leaf softly choked.
The original leaf is soft and has reason to doubt whether it is true or not, but seeing that Ye Hong and his wife are sad is not false, she has to reluctantly believe this fact.
However, her intuition told her that Ye Han could not die like this, and she believed that Ye Hong and his wife were right, and at the same time she unconsciously doubted whether Ye Han was really dead.