But when Lord Falcon prayed, Xuan Gui had roared out "7 million!"

When he said this, his stubby arm waved as if he were splitting a boulder. His face expression was not arrogant but ferocious.
Kunpeng’s face was cold and he took a hard look at Xuangui. He slowly sat down and gave up.
Xuan turtle exhaled a long breath and sat down.
"Seven million for the first time, seven million for the second time and seven million for the third time!" When lifting the hammer to set the tone, Lord Falcon felt as if he were numb to the senses. He pinched his thigh very hard to wake himself up. This is not a dream.
But even though he abused himself so much, his head was still so white that he couldn’t think.
7 million square meters of jade pile, how big it should be!
But the mysterious turtle who shouted out the price of 7 million seemed to have no idea what was going on. He looked at him and pinched Kunpeng, and then the two of them snorted and sat down safely to wait for an auction.
All the infernos looked at the two men with their eyes set on the mountain. Obviously, they all guessed that they could come up with seven million pieces of jade, and they didn’t change their face. Except for the five masters, one hand could count the number.
The whole auction hall was so quiet that everyone unconsciously held their breath for fear that if they were not careful, they would be unable to restrain their thoughts and rob the two men.
Although they can come up with so many jade people in vain, they will never be nobody.
The falcon’s adult took a long breath, although he was a spectator once, but his back was soaked as if he had fought a big war. At this time, he realized that it was a bit insufficient to prepare the auction of Master Yan himself. Frankly speaking, this kind of auction with a price of 7 million yuan was not enough. It should be that the demon Lord himself sat in the town to control the scene, otherwise chaos would occur together. Once things were lost and guests were injured, I am afraid it would not be enough to split them into one hundred pieces.
Falcon big human shook his head and looked worried. They had no other ideas except praying that the situation would not get out of control.
Chapter 189 So origin ()
Chapter 189 So origin ()
He raised his trembling hand and tapped on the desktop, which cleared his throat and tried to calm himself down. He said in the previous voice, "Then let’s have the last magic auction today."
"This magic weapon is today’s finale magic weapon, and its attraction is definitely more than those two pieces just now." Hayabusa swallowed and continued to think about the advertising words he had already thought of. "Especially wake up, women demons, please be sure to watch it and don’t blink!"
When he finished, he went to the tray and held the black cloth and brushed it!
It was almost only when I lifted the black falcon that I heard all the women in the auction hall screaming like they were going to pierce the sky!
Everything was planned, but it was different to imagine the scene. After all, Hayato’s adult suffered this scream in vain, and then his legs softened and he almost fell on the spot. He grabbed the legs of the table and slowly got up and became frightened. "Everyone … can bid."
This bidding is really exciting. The eagle’s heart is very strong, but Lord Falcon really doesn’t know whether he wants this price to continue to soar.
However, if you look at this final auction, I have to admit that the next auction is bound to set off a new auction!
"Today’s finale magic device is Master Yan’s personally refining colorful Xia clothes yesterday!"
After Lord Falcon announced the name of this magic weapon, he naturally didn’t sigh that Master Yan is not only a good refiner, but also an absolute first-class psychologist. It is almost difficult for women to tailor this magic weapon to sell at a sky-high price!
Men are more willing to spend money than women. This theory is irrefutable!
Moreover, this colorful Xiayi is a rare and very defensive magic weapon!
In terms of value, how many transactions will be made in the auction? Adult Hayabusa is shaking all over, and he also finds that he has almost calmed down and his heart is pounding uncontrollably again!
Licking his slightly dry lips, Lord Falcon forced himself to say in the shortest language, "I think all your friends know how many defensive magic weapons there are in the underworld, so I won’t introduce the base price of 300 thousand here, and the price increase should not be less than 50 thousand each time!"
I don’t know that he is such a simple introduction, but it is far more shocking than the rhetoric.
Most of those infernos are people with extraordinary eyesight. Naturally, we can see that a magic weapon is good or bad. It can be said that after the first exhibition of this magic weapon, everyone has estimated their own psychological price, and some people want to shoot this thing. If Hayabusa’s mouth seems to boast for a while, it may make people feel that he is noisy and will also look down on this magic weapon.
But now the falcon talent announced the bidding scene, and the fire broke out before!
Maybe many demons didn’t think about bidding, but when such a dress came out, the fantastic colorful glow immediately won every woman’s heart, and once these women want something, they naturally can’t be angry.
So the man’s bones are half crisp first.
If women encourage the two lovers to get hot-headed, they immediately raise their cards crazily, as if anyone who is slow for half a beat will never see the sun. In fact, at most, they go home and are punished for kneeling on the washboard, or they are not allowed to go to bed.
It was their enthusiastic bidding that eventually led to the preheating of others.
"Five million!"
It’s this sound again, which directly touches the price to others’ method. Adult Falcon looks intently and finds that he is the Kunpeng just now. Obviously, he was crushed by the Xuan turtle. After watching him shout the price, he squinted at the Xuan turtle with his eyes just now, which makes people feel strong and provocative.
"Six million!" Buy coloured glaze lamp Xuan turtle quickly meet the battle and see his sharp eyes obviously didn’t intend to let Kun Peng get colorful clothes.