From his eyes, he slowed down after Yan Liang’s step and looked back.

"What’s the matter?" Weiyuan stopped and looked back at the man as she stopped, as if one leg was still lame.
"It’s a little familiar, but I can’t remember where I met my face when it was beaten like that." Yan Liang looked back and saw several strange faces every day. Most of them can be remembered in her mind, but if she wants to remember where she met, she needs to think again.
"If you can remember every face you have seen, your head will explode in the end." Wei Yuan shook his head. How can everyone remember it?
Saw his one eye, Yan Liang pursed her lips and bent a little radian. "Say yes" is that she is too nervous, and now everyone is suspicious.
"Let’s go and see if that Liu Bai is home, but whether he is not home or not, the harvest is very rich." If he is not home, he can be sure that the suspect will be searched all over the city
"Hum, don’t be too happy. It’s much more likely to backfire than to get what you want." Yan Liang threw cold water on it, but Wei Yuan didn’t make progress and help to the end
In a small courtyard, there was a mess of sundries hanging clothes and clotheslines, and no one picked them up.
A few people at the door looked around and then Yueshan quickly walked to the closed door.
Knocked first, but no one responded, then YueShan kicked the door.
"Nobody" walked through the door and YueShanyin came out of the room. Liu Bai didn’t.
"Look at this, it should be in a hurry." There are still a few muddy shoes in the closet door.
"abscond for fear of sin?" Didn’t go in Weiyuan felt that there was an arrest warrant for Liu Bai.
"It’s possible" Yan Liang nodded at this time can be so inferred.
"A few of them often get together to gamble, and it is likely that conflicts will arise because of money. It is not a rare thing to kill people because of money. After that, Liu Bai can be wanted." Liu Tianzhao came out of the room and waved his fan and followed him out. The smell in the room was really bad
"Will this place be sealed back to the wanted notice of punishments?" Although Liu Bai can be wanted, Yan Liang feels that he still needs to find the unknown gambler again.
"Alas, it took this bastard a long time to make a ghost story. It’s like being cursed. It’s estimated that Mr. Li’s business is bad these days, and even Zhai and Chunqiusheng are all unlucky." Liu Tianzhao, a loyal audience of this novel, was very upset. After all, at the very beginning, he also suspected that there was something wrong with the novel and worried him for a long time
"By the way, Yueshan, please search a room to see if there is a ghost." This case is most likely to have this in the hands of the murderer. If it is not here, then he may have taken it with him when he fled and hid, so he may continue to kill people.
"Yes" YueShan returned to the room to continue rummaging.
"Look at this, he has been away for several days. The clothes are all dusty." Liu Tianzhao picked up the clothes in the yard and the clothes were all dusty.
"Chef Sun was killed the other day, and he was just right when he admitted his illness. Maybe he still has an enemy who is hiding in the dark." Yueshan came out of the room with a "Ghost Road Record" in his hand, which happened to be the third.
Look at his hand. The three men are relieved to varying degrees, and there is an arrest warrant.
"Let’s go, let’s arrest people." When the sun goes west, it passes again. The longer it takes, the more difficult it is to arrest people.
From Lu Baijia, a line of people returned to the wanted order of punishments, and soon Weiyuan guards posted it all over the city.
"You found it so soon? The murderer is not so good, I will find it difficult to check. "It’s not difficult for Ningxiaoyue to shake his head and engage in this case for a long time."
"Even if it’s difficult to find out, it’s not that we just have to help the king of Weijun to travel back and forth." Liu Tianzhao HuaLiYouHua NingXiaoYue also laughed at the tacit understanding between the two men, echo each other.
Yan Liang didn’t seem to hear the face-deadpan.
"Yan Liang you and new moon marriage? I also heard from Zou’s adult the other day that the 17th birthday of New Moon is coming soon, so I will fix your wedding date with New Moon. "Although I teased her with Liu Tianzhao, Ningxiaoyue was still worried.
Yan Liang and New Moon don’t match, and long eyes can see that it would be great if the engagement could be dissolved. Both of them are free.
"Hmmm" is a simple reply, and she seems to have no roots.
Liu Tianzhao and Ning Xiaoyue looked at each other, and they also lamented that they had known each other for so many years and they have never been optimistic since they got married.
At that time, I thought it was reasonable for Yan Liang to agree to the last wish of Tou Tao, who had just died. After a while, the engagement would be dissolved, and then the brothers and sisters would be guaranteed to enter the punishments together, and his future would be all right.
Who would have thought that things didn’t go according to what they thought? Yan Liang seems to really want to follow the will of the deep-catching head and get married in the new moon.
Walking out of the gate of punishments, Yueshan and other guards came back, and the wanted orders were posted. Now the city is searching for Liu Bai.
"The bulletin board is full of people who have been searching for you in the city." Liu Tianzhao walked over and it was either his own case or it was easy, otherwise it would be them who couldn’t sleep all night searching for people in the city.
"Thanks also to Liu Kuai and Yan Tou for their assistance, otherwise we wouldn’t have found the suspect so quickly." Yueshan handed over the past two days and both of them have been helping. Although Weiyuan never said that he needed their help, Weiyuan was really happy to have their help.
"Don’t mention it. We are colleagues helping each other now." Liu Tianzhao was polite and heard Ningxiaoyue’s cheeks were sour.
"Report" YueShan moment towards them slightly bent down to see you later Weiyuan came out.
Even if I can see him every day, I have to admit that I will become speechless when I see his face.
Ningxiaoyue secretly shook his head. The Wei family’s blood is good, regardless of whether the princess emperor just found out one that looks extraordinary.
"Search! Be sure to find out Liu Bailu in the evening at the latest." Wei Yuan ordered a group of people to leave immediately when they came back.
"Ahem, I wish you find the murderer as soon as possible, so I won’t bother you." Ning Xiaoyue gently coughed. She glanced at Yan Liang and was full of selfishness.
"Wait, I’m with you all the way" LiuTianZhao mouth is also a deliberate appearance.
Looking at him, Ning Xiaoyue shook his head. "Don’t have so many roads. We’d better not go alone."
"Why am I so gross?" Raise your eyebrows. Liu Tianzhao is not willing.