"Body rub?" Sue cotton can’t help black line.

"Yes, the master handmaiden must wipe it for you. The physician said that this powder has always been said that the master is still tender in his dozens of years old! This is very precious. It is said that it is not idle. "
Acacia laughed
Su Mian looked at Albizia deeply. This girl has gone bad.
"Lord, hurry," requested eagerly.
"Good good?" Sue cotton around when massage.
Is this it? This is the brightest place.
Request, pointing to the window couch.
"here?" Su mian was surprised.
When did Acacia become so … unrestrained?
"Oh, what the Lord is worried about, not to mention that this is a room. Who dares to come in? Besides, if you want to come in, you have to go through the cloister and enter the hall! " Albizia julibrissin stamping quite a bit dislike Su Mian pedantic meaning.
Su Mian can’t help but say that she is a traveler. Isn’t it nice to put it like this?
"All right, listen to you" finally agreed.
It’s a shame to take off your clothes and cover the key parts with some cotton wool. Although it’s not once or twice for girls to see her naked, it’s really …
Su Mian couldn’t help but take the handkerchief sauce purple face and face flushed.
Hehe smiled and powdered her. This powder is really good, with fine particles and elegant and smooth taste.
Wipe the Su Mian and let it go. Instead, it’s called Acacia. It’s not light or heavy, making her sleepy.
"Lord, turn over and wipe the back." Acacia is still in a good mood
Su Mian was lazy and turned over. She went to meet the Duke of Zhou.
Yan Gui entered Chuyin Courtyard. Two old ladies wanted to greet him. He waved to stop him.
He stopped two maids outside the purlin from asking for their greetings.
Jinxiu came to see Yan Gui go in and didn’t think much about Albizia and the Lord.
Yan returned to the hall and went to the room without seeing anyone.
A quiet light fragrance came.
At the sight of Yan Gui, Albizia’s face was white-washed with fear, and he was about to kneel down and confess his sins, although he didn’t know if he was wrong.
Yan Gui frowns. Is this girl afraid of him too much?
He frowned and waved his hand to ask Hehuan to go out.
Acacia looked at the powder in his hand and then at Su Mian, who hesitated naked.
Yan GUI Dian Dian indicates that he knows.
Acacia this just step three back out.
Yan Gui looked at the couch girl. Her long hair was loose and her head was covered with half a couch like a black waterfall.
She slept on the couch with less than half of her face, soft and beautiful, and her eyebrows slightly pursed, and her white skin became more beautiful as soon as she was powdered.
The sun shines along the edge of the window, and her body is almost perfect. little ass is covered with a handkerchief, so shattered glass’s voice is dry.
Sunlight can be seen on her skin.
Yan Gui picked up the powder puff and dipped it along the waist without rubbing it.
Su Mian slept so hard that Yan Gui got powder again, took off her ass handkerchief and continued to wipe it.