"Yes, yes, yes!" Yuan Keding leng hit his palm shouted "and I want to! I’ll arrange someone to do it! " Said turned to go and suddenly turned back.

"That you …"
"Master, we two will not be idle!" Yang Ye smiled and turned to Nan Rong Huan and said, "Huan, you are going to Lianjie Beggars at once to form a Beggars’ Petition Group!" "
"Beggar?" South glory magic leng Yuan Keding also live to Yang night watching.
"Yes! Let President Yuan know! Not only bureaucrats and nobles, but also ordinary people support the lowest people in other countries, and they all support it with both hands! " Yang Ye shouted excitedly.
"Yeah! Er Hao wants to be thoughtful! " Yuan Keding side also clapped his hands "huan that this thing you do! I am rewarded for doing it well! "
"Why should I organize beggars?" South glory magic back to Yuan Keding smiled and nodded and turned back to cold face stare low ask Yang night.
"Suitable for! I’ve watched your beggars for so many days, and I think highly of them. You used to give alms to beggars before Huan! " Yang night said at south glory illusion wink.
Nan Rong was a little confused and still reluctant to ask, "Naerhao, why are you going?"
"Me?" Yang Ye smiled. "Of course I went to organize a prostitute petition group!"
"Prostitute petition group?" South glory magic one leng Ma Bai come over "you mean …"
"Yes, yes," Yang night nodded at Nanrong Magic. "You haven’t seen Ruyan, have you? Wait a minute. I’ll take you to meet her, but we have to be careful. You are married now. Hey hey. "
Nanrong Phantom stared at Yang Ye gloomily. "I’ll tell you what you told her again!"
Yuan Keding came a few steps with both hands patted Yang night and south glory illusion "Er Haohuan is really thanks to you! I’m going to make a call now! Let’s act separately! "
Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic Horse nodded "Goodbye, Gentleman"
Yuan Keding walked outside and chatted with Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom. Yang Ye said with a low smile, "I didn’t expect that I was the worst."
"You come to the worst! Li people are like Yan Yan! " Nan Rong Huan Yang Ye teased him and felt annoyed.
"No, I mean that history is true, but I didn’t expect that I was the one who helped Yuan Keding advise Yuan Shikai. This is really an infinite loop."
Yang Ye smiled and shook his head. "I really don’t know how all this happened in real history if we didn’t come back."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five "You shout when you have pleasure"
Yang Ye found Ruyan and asked her if she had discussed with her sisters in this street what he entrusted.
Ruyan is a bit difficult and sad, sniffling and getting dumb, sobbing and saying
"Yang Ge’s … there are several good sisters who promised to come, but his sisters have to receive guests and earn enough money for the big teapot every day even … even …"
Yang night looked at the distressed hand and gently comforted Ruyan. "This is normal. Helping you can’t delay others’ work."
"I’m sorry, Yang Ge, I can’t do all these things well …" Ruyan said if she sobbed.
Hold the Yang night chest * * shoulders one by one.
Yang night holding RuYan smiled this girl is really simple, but this thing can also be sad and remorse like this? Although smiling, Yang Yexin felt a little touched and touched Ruyan’s hair and said softly, "Well, you can tell your sisters that you are willing to help join the petition group when the time comes, and they will definitely agree to give each person one hundred oceans."
"A hundred oceans?" Ru Yan was a little surprised and raised his head slightly. "So much?"
Yang night smiled and said, "Don’t worry, it won’t cost me money anyway." With a smile, she continued to gently stroke Ruyan’s head and let her rest in her arms. Yang night knew that Yuan Keding would definitely pay for this money if she wanted to open her mouth.
Ruyan nodded and looked up at Yang night, blushing and smiling, and suddenly he became sad again. Slowly, he left Yang night’s arms and walked to the window and looked out the window silently.
Yang night strange also went over and hugged RuYan slender waist from behind and put the pillow on her little shoulder face and asked softly, "What’s the matter? Ruyan? "
If Yan Yan closes his eyes and looks up slightly, he rubs his cheek against Yang Ye’s cheek and says softly, "Yang Ge, I don’t regret it. It is the happiest thing in my life that you can be my first man."
Yang Ye stunned and asked with a smile, "How do you talk about this well?"
"I know Yang Ge you are a great man," RuYan said, and lowered his head. "RuYan was born in a fireworks alley, and you can’t wait on you forever …"