This relief made the whole person feel extremely tired and finally fell asleep leaning against Xiao Huang.

Su wan never woke up, so sleepy that she couldn’t say how heavy she was. She slowly raised her hand and gently touched her head, which was accompanied by a deep sigh.
Haha, my family got a big son and picked it up for nothing. Chapter 1 Poisoned himself.
One person in the bed with dark eyes fixed on the bed, lying on the bed, looking at her so close to himself, he doubted whether he was wrong.
Wan son, why is she here? Shouldn’t she be in Beijing? But if you look closely, she finds that her little face has lost a whole circle, more than Xiao Huang can’t say how distressed she is, raise her hand and touch her head lightly, and she can’t say how guilty she is. Since Wan’s son married him, there hasn’t been a day to worry about it.
It’s always been her turn to be happy after he became emperor and married her, but now it seems that it’s not at all. It seems that her son is more bitter than before.
Xiao Huang became more and more sad when he thought of that period of freedom in the Jianghu, and secretly determined that he must get rid of all the people or things that affected her, and never let personnel affect her again.
Although she can’t be allowed to walk freely in the Jianghu, he should at least ensure that she can live a better life.
Almost instantly, people’s eyes reflected a cold, dull-minded mans finger, which was also quietly grasped.
After that, he will never let others hurt his son again, not even anyone.
Xiao Huang was thinking about the person who was lying on the bed and sleeping. Su Wan woke up and opened her eyes just to see the person looking at her overhead.
For an instant, Su Wan froze and doubted that he had read the wrong hand and rubbed his eyes.
She moves like a surprised little girl. She can’t say how silly she is. Xiao Huang’s heart is sour and soft, so she can pinch the water. The voice slowly sounds, "What’s the matter? Don’t you know your husband?"
Su Wan can finally be sure that Xiao Huang woke up. He woke up.
Seeing him awake, she smiled happily and said excitedly; "It’s great, Xiao Huang. It’s great that you finally woke up."
But after she laughed, she remembered the previous danger and cried again and again. She stretched out her hand and hugged Xiao Huang and cried.
Su Wan has always been very calm and self-reliant. It’s rare for her to be so rude. When Xiao Huang gets distressed, he puts his arm around her. "What’s wrong with Wan?"
Su Wan cried for a while, then raised her hand and beat Xiao Huang’s chest while crying, and said, "Xiao Huang, you really scared me to death. Do you know that I was born so hard in my palace that I almost died in bed? Not only did you not accompany me, but I just got out of bed for half a month, and I rushed to find you, but you were poisoned and unconscious. I found you and went to collect medicine, but you almost died in the hands of the Northern Jin State. If it weren’t for September 1111"
When it comes to the back, Su Wan didn’t dare to think about the thrilling scene before. She was really scared to death. If it weren’t for A Jiu’s sudden rebound, she and Xiao Huang would be very dangerous/
Xiao Huang’s face grew darker and darker with Su Wan’s words, and he covered himself with bloodthirsty murderous look.
I didn’t expect Wan Er to suffer so much.
What do you mean he almost died in bed? What do you mean he was poisoned and unconscious?
Xiao Huang’s heart rose with a fierce flame, which burned everything, but when he looked down at Su Wan, his eyes were full of tenderness.
"Wan son, you have suffered."
A thousand words are full of tenderness.
This sentence is called Su Wan’s convergence of those grievances. Who told me that I like this man? Who told me that I love him? Since I like him, I am ready to share the wind and rain.
What she cried before was because she was worried about seeing Xiao Huang almost killed before.
In the room, Su Wan smiled and looked at Xiao Huang. Her eyes were crystal clear and bright, as if covered with a layer of water mist. She couldn’t say that she was handsome, but her small face had no meat at all.
Xiao Huang felt heartbroken but remained motionless. He held out his hand and clasped Su Wan’s hand. After secretly making up his mind, he didn’t ask Wan Er to suffer a little injustice.
"Wan Er, you said earlier that the baby in the palace almost died. What is this?"
When Xiao Huang said this sentence, her eyes couldn’t say it was dark and cold. Su Wan used to say it because she felt wronged.
Now I see Xiao Huang asking but I don’t want to say it.
Xiao Huanggang is still weak because of detoxification. How angry he would be if he knew that the queen mother wanted to kill her and her son.
Don’t say anything about all this.
Su Wan opened her mouth and wanted to explain that A Jiu didn’t hear anything outside for a long time, so she shouted "Mother Mother, don’t you" outside.
A Jiu’s room was startled by Xiao Huang. He quickly turned around and looked at the outside and looked at Su Wan. He hesitated and asked, "This is our child."
Children should be born. Why would they scream? Is it a monster?
Sue wan looks weird and can’t wait to go out and smoke A Jiu’s mouth.
She didn’t say that A Jiu was crying because he didn’t hear Su Wan’s response and she didn’t want him. She was crazy and wanted to rush into the room.