"Well, I’ll take a good look at Chen Mi. Thank you for telling me. Otherwise, I will suffer a big loss in the future," Zhang Tao said.

"Adults are welcome to ask Chen Mi to know that he must know everything!" Chen Mi said.
Zhang Tao satisfied nod at this time only to find that the article walked in without notification, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Do you know that it is a crime to enter the interrogation hall without notice? "
"Back to the adults, outsiders guard me, and I also report it," Wen said casually
Zhang Tao’s face is heavy. If he wants to pursue it himself, it will be a group of people. This root problem can’t be solved. It seems that he has only improved step by step. "So why are you here for something important?"
"Your new official, of course, has a lot to deal with, and I am Wen, of course, and I need help." Wen said lightly without any emotion
Zhang Tao smiled. "It’s so troublesome."
"You’re welcome. This is my responsibility. Please wait a moment." Then Wen went to the hall.
Qin Huanran said, "Beware of furious." Chen Mi is also a face of doubt.
"I know, but there are different ways to treat such a person. What we need to do is to apply both hard and soft, but the problem is to solve them one by one first." Zhang Tao nodded and said
Qin Huanran didn’t say much. Since Zhang Tao had a steelyard in his heart, he didn’t need to say much. After a while, Wen came out and moved out a lot of books or recorded them back and forth for more than a dozen times. Soon, Zhang Tao was almost covered up. "My Lord, this is all my classification and sorting out urgent documents. I believe that adults have the ability to do it."
"What do you mean? Why didn’t I know there were so many official documents to deal with? " Chen Mi said angrily that this is obviously a spite for Zhang Tao. Of course, Chen Mi can’t see it.
"Although you are a deputy commander in chief, you are not qualified to deal with these copywriting things. These are all adults who can be involved in this command." Wen said neither too cold nor too light
Although Chen Mi was dumb, he glared at each other, but the text was still a pair of oil and salt. "These need to be dealt with immediately?" Zhang Tao is also a face of surprise. I didn’t expect the other party to come up with such a loss.
"Yes, it’s an urgent matter. If adults don’t handle it properly, they may not be able to escape. Don’t blame me for not waking up," Wen said lightly
Zhang Tao nodded and said, "Wen, do you know what your duty is in the guard?" Zhang Tao sink a way.
Wen smiled indifferently. "Beizhi naturally knows that it is to help adults deal with miscellaneous things, but it is no good to sign these papers to correct villains."
Zhang Tao smiled. "Good. I don’t need you to do my work. You just need to be a good worker."
Wen was speechless. "Now I need you to copy everything here and divide the key points into convenient seats for correction and signature."
"What?" Wen can’t believe that there are so many questionnaires in his ears that he has to copy them and classify them. Isn’t that killing yourself? But look at Zhang Tao’s negotiable expression and his words are too dead. It’s really hard to cry and ride a tiger this time.
"I believe you also need to burn the midnight oil all night! Otherwise, face-to-face questioning can’t keep you alive. "Say that finish, Zhang Tao left and left to leave a message. A person looked at the hill in general!
"Ha ha, Zhang Tao, you are really witty and incredibly clever. I’m afraid this writer will be broken?" Qin Huanran happy laugh Chen Mi is also a face of admire.
Zhang Tao sighed and said, "This is just the first fire of the other side. I think there will be many difficult things in the future. I must solve the difficult problems here as soon as possible, otherwise I won’t help anyone and I won’t be able to do my own work well."
Qin Huanran nodded his head. People here have got used to it. It’s hard to make a change, isn’t it? Even at the head of the identity, it is difficult to provoke fear. They are obviously a nostril to vent their anger.
"I know, but everything has a solution. I don’t believe that they are unbreakable," Zhang Tao said coldly.
At this moment, the emperor Gu Longtian laughed while listening to the shadow report. "I really didn’t misread this Zhang Tao as a talent who would think of this way. This article is even worse than life, right? I also want to see him if he solves the problem of the East Palace. "
Zhang Tao didn’t know that he was patrolling around in every word and deed, but after a circle, there was no difference between him and Chen Mi. Rao was his new official, and these people didn’t even give face to face, and they couldn’t see the guard sample.
Zhang Tao shook his head and said, "Come on, Qin Xiong, we can’t do anything today." But Chen Mi was ashamed. Zhang Tao patted Chen Mi on the shoulder and said, "Don’t be ashamed of others and don’t be proud of yourself."
"Yes, my Lord, you are right!" Chen Mi grateful said.
Zhang Tao gratified nodded. Chen Mi must be made of wood. Giving him some proper exercise and giving him a proper position will inevitably shine.
At this time, the Chinese in the interrogation hall was sweating and copying several volumes in front of them. Wang Xi and Shi Geng looked puzzled. "Who are you?" After learning the truth, Wang Xi looked gloomy. "This Zhang Tao is really not a provincial oil lamp."
"What shall we do now?" Shi Geng’s face is not good-looking, especially when he sees a bitter gourd face on the side, there is a kind of fire in his heart.
"Consumption dead him! Since he wants to be the leader, then we should rest in shifts, even if there are three of him, I’d like to see how long he can hold on. If he doesn’t want to, then we will jointly impeach him! In this way, I am yellow mud and gold pants, not shit but shit! " Wang Xi said fiercely
"good! Just do it! " Shi Geng also came to the spirit.
"Wang Daren? What shall I do? " Wen wants to be dead at this time.
"Copy it yourself slowly," Wang Xi said angrily.
Shi Geng made a shrug and left a message. A person faced this pile in despair as if he would never finish copying the document!
"Come back?" At noon, Zhang Tao went back to his rest place, and the deputy commander-in-chief had a separate yard, while Wang said softly as if waiting for her husband to come home, and then Zhang Tao poured water.
Zhang Tao gently held the king’s hand as if something had been touched. "I’ll do it myself. You don’t want to work hard." Perhaps it was noticed that something was wrong. Zhang Tao let her go soft and the king naturally thanked her and then walked aside to rest. That pretty face was slightly red.
"It’s not convenient for me to enter the palace if there is a master. If there is a change, let the frost feather inform me that I will come immediately." This is what Zhang Tao said before entering the palace. Zhang Tao also agrees that the more cards he has, the better. It is best not to expose the poison cloud before, otherwise it will be bad for himself.
As for the atmosphere in the room at this time, Zhang Tao had a dry cough for two times. "Let your maid wait on you. The food should be all there. There are still many places that I need to pay attention to." After drinking a mouthful of water, Zhang Tao hurried out of the door. "Come back early." The king didn’t know that he would be like this, but it was logical to say such words.
"yeah!" Zhang Tao nodded heavily and went out.
Wang watched Zhang Tao leave before returning to the room door to continue to embroider a flower that was about to bloom, as if her dexterous hands were born