"Sir, now is not the time to pursue the cloud. The cloud is right. If this little untouchable’s wings are hard, our Zhou family will be finished." A lady aside is Zhou Yunsheng’s mother who comes out to cover her faults at this time.

Zhou yun smoothed her beard. "You said he became one of the top ten masters of Haoran University? Then let’s just say that he has the strength of a six-level martial arts master. This is already overestimated. Such strength will inevitably shine in the future and it will be hard to stay. "
"Dad, what are you going to do?" Zhou Yunsheng seemed to have seen Zhang Tao die when he saw his father’s promise.
"You don’t need to worry about this matter. You should study hard and don’t get in touch with him. I’ll arrange it." Here, Zhou Yunlong’s eyes flashed a trace of murder
Zhou Yunsheng’s face is full of joy, but the poem in Haoran University is somewhat absent-minded. Since Zhang Tao was invited by Yuemei’s invitation letter, she has been very contradictory. It took her a lot of effort to invite him to the academic exchange meeting. But this month, although Yuemei is talented, she is always a fireworks girl. Isn’t it better to be a daughter?
Yuemei invited things to watch the fastest Kanshu, and O Yang went out. After all, the Spring Smoke Pavilion turtle slave came to Haoran University with an invitation and asked Zhang Tao about such a large divination. Of course, it was soon, and the whole university talked about it.
Zhang Tao gradually became a strange figure, from the two-year bet to the high-profile defeat of Yu Haoran into the top ten masters of the hospital, and now he is confused with the famous Yuemei. Everyone secretly guesses Zhang Tao’s identity
And the civilians have set up Zhang Tao as their role model. Who says civilians can’t be heroes? We Zhang Tao Zhang Dage defeated Yu Haoran, and let Miss Yuemei, a famous brand in Tianyuecheng, personally post it. You should know that some dignitaries in the imperial city are close to Yuemei, and it is conceivable that Yuemei has a secret influence.
Although some people will disdain this kind of selling themselves, thinking that they are just pretending to be attractive, they can still commit themselves to ornaments, but these people have never succeeded, and this statement is also self-defeating. It is inevitable to belittle the villain, but some literati have sought after the moon eyebrow, but it has also made her reach a considerable height
Now Zhang Tao can be said to be desperately worshipping men and becoming the dream lover of ordinary women. Rao is some darling daughter who also makes eyes at Zhang Tao. This is not only because of Zhang Tao’s scandal, but also because of Zhang Tao’s strength.
"live! Are you Zhang Tao? " At this point a man holding a sword asked
"And you are?"
"My name is ChuFei, and I’m a senior student in the university." ChuFei said.
"oh? Then what? " Zhang Tao asked.
"Challenge you! I can become a top ten player. "
"I didn’t" said Zhang Tao. These people are really chatting to death.
"live! You’re scared, aren’t you Coward, how can a person like you become a top ten player? "ChuFei looked disdainful.
Zhang Tao spread his hands "whatever you say". It is right for the top ten players to be challenged in this way, but most of these people are jealous. Some people want to take advantage of the defeat of Zhang Tao’s current star and fly directly into the sky.
See Zhang to go ChuFei anger directly to the Zhang Tao face a cold didn’t expect this person so I don’t know how to push myself? Now the surrounding is full of onlookers, and ChuFei knew his mistake at once.
Peng flips and ChuFei spurts blood and flies out. The strength gap is really too big. Zhang Tao naturally looks away from worship, but ChuFei faces ridicule and contempt. Even so, some people are still as eager as moths. Some people think that when Zhang Tao is tired, he will have an opportunity.
However, this kind of challenge is not boring, because not only the martial arts school but also the literary school has appeared. Zhang Tao can be invited by Yuemei, so he must have a certain literary background. All the literary school brothers have come to challenge.
There are ten masters of the martial arts school, and of course, so is the literary school. Even if there is an exchange meeting between colleges and universities, the literary school will send five people to the competition. The so-called civil and military are all needed by a country
"annoying!" In Tonghua Pavilion, Zhang Tao held his head and cut off all the sounds outside. Some scholars outside actually found a cloth with the words "Challenge Zhang Taoqin, Chess, Painting, Poetry and Ode" written on it. Zhang Tao suddenly became as big as a cow.
"As far as I know, Zhang Xiong’s eyebrows are extremely rich, and even some dignitaries in the imperial city may not be able to see them. Without real talent, it is difficult to see them, and our Zhang Xiong is not only unfathomable in strength, but also extraordinary in literary skills. I am completely mistaken," Gu Wei said with a smile
"Yes, it’s a long face for the three of us to go out. We all hold our heads high because we are all from Tonghuage. Because Zhang Xiong, you live with us. After I heard that this Tonghuage will not be lived by others. Because this is the strange place where you lived, it will be sealed up and paid tribute to Zhang Xiong by future generations. You are very powerful." Meng Hua winked and teased, but Meng Hua didn’t expect that this joke would come true.
Zhang Tao suddenly said, "Give me a break." Gu Weiran and Meng Hua suddenly smiled at each other, and the challenge outside came in again. "Zhang Tao accepted the challenge of literature, no matter how high or low."
"Zhang Xiong can’t do this. You will inevitably help. You must find a way to do it once and for all." Gu Weiran said.
Zhang Tao looked up "how once and for all? Do you accept the challenge? "
"But also want you to be better than their representatives to show talents. They will naturally be discouraged and won’t make a fool of themselves." Gu Weiran said with a smile, but his eyes were full of expectations.
"yes! There is also this way. "Zhang Tao’s eyes are fixed. If you continue like this, Zhang Tao can’t guarantee that he will go crazy.
While Sun Yueh-ching and Shi Yun looked at this scene. "The more dark horses are, the more prone to strange little Taotao. This time, you are doing something wrong." Sun Yueh-ching said with a smile.
Shi Yun, on the other hand, has a complicated face and doesn’t know whether she is a talented woman. She has always been the focus of attention, but Zhang Tao seems to be really different from her. Not only that, but he is also so excellent.
Zhou Yunsheng looked at his eyes coldly in the distance and was jealous, but he was not as jealous as before. "Hum, you can be proud. You won’t be proud for a few days."
"Come out! Zhang Tao is out! " At this time, some students saw Zhang Tao come out with a plain face, a white robe and a slender figure. Some onlookers were blushing and amorous, while some bold women would openly provoke even the glad eye.
Suddenly a few black lines hung on the plain surface. Is Zhang Tao really talking about these people? "Sister Shiyun doesn’t look at heart? Zhang Xiong’s popularity should be a good thing. "At this time, Qin Huanran appeared at the side of the poem and followed by Qin Huanran who was afraid of the Wangs and sisters.
"Qin Huanran brother, you also make fun of others." Shi Yun thought Qin Huanran certainly saw a thing or two. After all, they were childhood friends, of course, and they knew better. "What do people care about Shi Yun? Isn’t it Sister Shiyun? " Wang Ting and Wang Yan, while holding Shiyun in their arms, obviously know that their personalities can smile bitterly at this and just follow them.
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Chapter 66 agreed competition
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Chapter 67 Robbery of Darts
After half a day’s journey, Zhang Tao found something was wrong. At this time, the dart team came to a straight road, surrounded by neat birch trees, sloping slopes and some strange rocks
"There is an ambush? So the dart team is not interested even if it is a robber? " Generally speaking, Changfeng Escort Agency, equipped with robbers and mountain thieves, will not make efforts to surf, because the darts won’t be very valuable. After all, this escort agency needs a few taels of silver to start.
The bigger the escort agency, the stronger the strength, but the higher the profit. It can be said that the robbers are still willing to take risks if they don’t eat for a year.
Of course, some small bandit groups are not organized. "Wait" Zhang Tao takes the first six-level martial arts division and is also responsible for everyone’s safety. Everyone believes in this young mysterious master.
"Stop! What’s the matter with adults? " Zheng Gongcheng asked cautiously, it’s deserted here now. What should I do if this mysterious man is really malicious? Thought of here, Zheng Gongcheng palms also sweat slightly.