Willy laughed and put her arms around his shoulder and patted him twice. "I heard it in the ring just now, but thanks to you, help me cheer up and help me clean up the profits of World War I, and I have no strength to pick up and sell the money."

"Yes, thank you, brother." Zuo Chao jumped for joy and ran to the ring. Everything was valuable. Although the base was almost destroyed in the fight, it was still valuable to repair or sell a lot of lingshi. According to the rules, these are all throbbing, but Zuo Chao has always regarded the admiration and respect of Brother throbbing. It is also very exciting to hear it in half.
"Seen bodhi old zu luckily don’t fail to accomplish a mission" willy hobbled to the ghost bodhi old zu ready and way.
Ghost bodhi old zu didn’t speak is caught throb wrist eye closure for a while immediately open your eyes seems to be some angry hum a "not much".
Then he turned and flew away, but only after flying a little bit, he threw out an object. "This Dan has a miraculous effect on mental damage, but your meridians have also lost a lot. You won’t go to war after a fight. Go back to the ghost cave to recuperate."
Willy took the bottle of Dan medicine and felt a little embarrassed when he knew that he had concealed a ghost, which made the bodhi old zu unhappy. However, for this matter, Willy had already thought about the rhetoric. Let his husband go, but his heart was a burst of fun. The thorn was finally pulled out
Chapter 16 Where is the luck?
Looking at that group of newly-entered boys and girls, admiring but awed, watching themselves throbbing, I’m afraid they won’t forget this thrilling, brutal and bloody fight in their lives. Recalling that ten years ago, I saw the scenes in this environment and atmosphere. It was bloody and cruel, but it passed so quickly. Today, it is also a lesson for these little children. This shows that this system of Yin evil spirits is still worth promoting.
After packing things, Zuo Chao and Ding Wanyan quickly returned to the temporary room with help. Although the bodhi old zu let himself go back to the ghost cave to recuperate, he knew that he was in the top 13, but he was unlucky. A grain of Zhu Jidan would say goodbye to himself, and he would have to play another game. Although he lost his mind and meridians, he has now been exposed, and his luck is not too different. When he meets yin and evil spirits, he can fight with three ghosts alone.
From this, I will continue to participate in the fight, but there is not much time. I immediately sat cross-legged and hit the jade bottle thrown by the bodhi old zu. After I took it out, I found that there was a crystal clear, cold light and fragrant Dan medicine. Just look at this Dan shape and I will know that it is extremely valuable. It seems that the bodhi old zu is really disgusting and kind to himself.
Don’t think much about throbbing and throwing the pill into your mouth. The entrance of this pill turns into a cool and intoxicating feeling. The listless spirit seems to be comfortable. This pill is really extraordinary. Immediately swallow the belly with * *, and then the pill will quickly be cool and comfortable all over the body and spread to the top of your head along the meridians.
Willy immediately held his breath and concentrated on the exercise, so that the medicine of this Dan could be brought into full play. In just half an hour, his eyes were slightly open and he was full of energy. As all ghosts said, this Dan had a miraculous effect on being traumatized. It took only half an hour to heal the wound, but then I’m afraid it’s a myth that I have to take time to recuperate a pill of Dan medicine and want to heal my soul after being traumatized.
However, in just half an hour, even meridian pain has been cured. I’m afraid these miraculous pills are valuable.
While there are still some times, I throbbed and swallowed a few pills of my own precious healing medicine. I continued to close my eyes and concentrate on the medicine. When he opened his eyes again, my brother had already come to the door to say that a lottery had been held. I checked my body and my meridians. Some injuries were somewhat stable after this initial cure. Do you want to be too hard or you can barely cope?
At that time, the claw in the chest was not deeply penetrated. At that time, throb was also half-calculation and half-gambling. I knew that if I pestered again and eventually died in the ring, I would have to bite the bullet and lure Bailiyun to lean against that close-fitting armor to block his claw. Finally, I relied on the ghost ghost to invisibly cast a ghost blow and hit him hard. Finally, I was desperate to drive the silent * * to behead his arm.
One of the steps may be omitted, but willy doesn’t dare to have a chance to die. * * There is also a chance that it will be really finished if it is blocked by a hundred miles of clouds again. Besides, the ghost pawn summoned willy and considered it again and again, and finally it was exposed. But the ghost pawn not only has invisibility, but also has a ghost strike. The most important thing is that it has been upgraded to level 12 according to its own level. It is absolutely impossible to train a ghost into level 12 in this just ten years, even if it is cultivated to level 10, it will take a long time and a lot of resources.
According to the eyesight of the bodhi old zu, a ghost pawn can of course be judged by intuition and experience that it is a ghost throb, and it has never been lucky to hide the bodhi old zu’s mind when calling. Of course, other bodhi old zu gave it to the ghost bodhi old zu, but the ghost bodhi old zu knew the truth. Finally, the ghost bodhi old zu was guilty and didn’t question himself on the spot, which was somewhat unexpected.
The footsteps are floating, but they are unswervingly walking to the lottery field. The eyes of other people present have reached the thunder, and the bodhi old zu, a ghost, has seen the thunder and wants to join the war. His eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, but his heart is slightly happy.
"Teacher younger brother, your injury has hindered? How did you get here? " Ding politely brisk walking beside him and some blame and some cut asked.
"Thank you, senior sister. My injury has healed for less than half." I replied sincerely, but I laughed again. "I want to try my luck in drawing lots. Now, thirteen people both catch the comparison bucket, and one of them will surely turn. If my brother is very lucky, how can he give up this cheap round directly?"
Ding politely just a ash think it’s my heart is messed up some rounds. There’s a chance of one in thirteen. If you can advance by this, it’s also good for throb. Your face is slightly relaxed. You can also smile and say with smile, "Then I wish you great luck, teacher younger brother."
The lottery was soon decided one by one to the opponent. Unfortunately, when it comes to the lottery of throb, it is still not drawn in the round. His opponent is impressively the Monty Palace. The girl with bad temper dances in a deep and cold way, and her eleven-story peak is like a hundred clouds. This woman is also fierce. Just like herself, she directly picked out the chief kind of brother and abruptly advanced.
I don’t want Ding Wanyan to worry about staying in Ding Wanyan’s own ring and then staying for a moment, only to step by step and leave Ding’s ring.
It was a great luck that the dance was already waiting in the ring, and the original mood was well drawn by throb. After all, throb hit half-dead in a game, but everyone knew it, but it was never expected that he would walk into the ring step by step.
"Are you sure you want to fight me?" Dance deep and remote cold eyebrows a wrinkly advised "your injury or forget it" earlier disdain for throb strength has long been thrown to the outside of the cloud nine, although he is just a refined gas layer, but he can carry it hard in the life-and-death struggle to kill half a enchanted thyme cloud, which is not what she can do with dance deep and remote cold.
"Thank you, martial sister. I want to try." Willy said with a calm and supercilious face.
Dance deep and remote cold slightly after one leng, this just remembered that this guy is playing the imperial ghost tactic. It is said that there are ten secondary ghosts, and his face is a little uncomfortable soon. It is very difficult for him to cope with the ten secondary ghosts, and it is very difficult to add two not weak ten secondary ghosts. Think about dancing deep and remote cold for a while. Why do you let people abandon the war?
Seeing that the dance is cold and the face is uncertain, it is throbbing, but it is laughing. "If the dance teacher elder sister thinks that the younger brother is difficult, it is better to abandon it."
"Fart aunt will be afraid of you, you half-dead smelly little?" Dance deep and remote cold body Monty Palace’s position as a second brother is only where Dongfang Fu goes. It doesn’t give people flattery. There are also some arrogant people who haven’t eaten anything. When they are shocked, they can’t control their emotions and shout, "What are the referees waiting for?" Gu should teach this hubris a lesson. "
The referee in the construction period scolded this little monk in the gas refining period for being so arrogant that he dared to reprimand himself, but the thought that she came from the Monty Palace was worse than the horror in the construction period, and the referee also had to swallow the injustice into his stomach and announced that they were fighting.
While the dance was still slightly immersed in the soft pleasure of the referee during the foundation period, throb suddenly pushed out and summoned the ghost soldiers of level 20 to appear in LiXiao, bared his teeth and attacked the dance.
Chapter 17 Finally a little luck
Dance deep and remote cold face slightly changed in the heart is to gas throb, this smelly little really doesn’t think that he is back to things, saying that he will finish playing without leaving any room. She can vaguely feel that the shadow ghost who has cast invisibility is sneaking around, while the other is constantly shooting arrows at herself.
Dang dang dang ~
Dance deep and remote cold shield flying easily blocked the renju’s constant arrows, annoyed by thunder. A wonderful hand turned over a barb and brought forth dozens of feet of long soft whip. Holding it in the hand, it seemed that there were strange animals and different bones in the handle, and the soft whip shook its wrist. It spluttered and turned into a piece of ghostly image, and it took people’s minds away from thunder.
Whip instrument is a good type of instrument with both attack and control, but it is different from attack instruments such as flying sword. Whip instrument needs a lot of practice to play well, so it is far less good than flying sword, but it is very powerful.
Dancing with a cold temper is not weak, but throbbing doesn’t dare to have the slightest careless damage to it. The ethereal shield flies and blocks her heavy whip shadow. At the same time, it is semi-transparent but more important than the mysterious shield.
But at this moment, the shadow ghost has been sneaking up behind her to prepare for the sneak attack dance. When you see it, you can’t shake it for a while and dare not look at the shadow ghost’s whip shadow like a hundred miles of clouds. It turns around and catches up with the shadow wrist, and a shadow ghost is thrown out for dozens of feet, followed by dozens of whip shadows.