The commanding officers of the actual command vehicle breathed a sigh of relief at this time. In their eyes, the hostages held in the lobby on the first floor of the shopping mall are not important. What matters is the safety of the big lady of Nanrong family. Now that the hostage department is dead, they can easily deploy how to rescue the big lady of Nanrong family in the trapped shopping mall.

However, the police didn’t know what floor Nan Rong Yunxin was trapped on. After a short connection, those very professional kidnappers interrupted the external connection of the bodyguards around Nan Rong Yunxin.
The biggest headache for the police is how to ensure that Nanrong, the eldest miss of Nanrong family, is well-balanced and well-done. Once it is thanked and praised by Nanrong family master Nan Rongjun, it will be developed. Similarly, once something goes wrong, it will be strange for Nanrong family master not to end the world government police headquarters!
So the level leaders instructed several teams of deputy armed police personnel to pour in from the lobby on the first floor of the shopping mall, carefully check the surprise one by one from the lobby on the first floor, and find abnormal horses retreating. Don’t exchange fire, don’t recklessly provoke those kidnappers and cause greater danger to Miss Nan Rong Yunxin.
At this time, a deputy armed police officer was carrying a gun and walked to the front of the security passage. The dozen tools maintained various postures and shapes with guns in their hands. They looked at the human skeleton and kicked it down, cursing "Mom! There is something wrong with these kidnappers! I don’t know what floor these skeleton markers are from! I also took guns for them! "
A policeman next to him came over and watched and laughed. "Ha ha ha ha ha. Maybe those kidnappers want these skeletons to threaten these hostages not to move, just like inserting a scarecrow in a rural field!" "
The police officer who kicked a skeleton left the pie mouth "fuck! These kidnappers are idiots! We must be relaxed and happy to clean them up! "
….. I don’t know who’s an idiot.
Yang Ye, Mu Yangzheng, Nan Rong Huan, Bao Bao Long and the scorching sun have quickly galloped along the stairs of Antong Road, which are extremely fast and can be done by jumping one by one until they reach the fourth floor. There is no sound at all.
But on the fourth floor, Yang night heard a noise on the fifth floor, and Ma waved a hand to signal a few people behind him not to make a sound.
Of course, there is no need to be so careful after they finish, but Yang Ye is afraid of meeting hostages instead of kidnappers, or he is hiding the escapees on various floors, so if they see the faces of Yang Ye, Nan Rong Huan and other people, it may cause unnecessary trouble.
The footsteps on the fifth floor gradually disappeared. Yang Ye and several of them climbed the stairs carefully step by step, but when the horse was about to pass through the stairs on the fifth floor, there was a slight sound in the Antong door on the fifth floor, and then a gun smashed the door on the fifth floor, and those bombs were really rushing to Yang Ye and Muyang. They shot over.
So Yang Ye, Mu Yangzheng, Nanrong Fantasy, Baobao Long and the scorching sun all showed their abilities to resist or dodge the bullets.
After the gun thought, everything was quiet, and then a figure flashed at the glass window of Anmen. The horse disappeared and a series of steps ran away.
"Is the kidnapper saw us" Yang night calmly said, jump the door after go in.
Several of him followed after him, but no one was nervous and relaxed.
Entering Anmen is the hall on the fifth floor. Rows of containers are erected in every corner of the hall, but there is no sound just now.
Yang looked around the night without hesitation. He stepped on the ground and walked to the center of the hall on the fifth floor, which was for those kidnappers who were hiding.
Behind the south glory illusion and others are ringing footsteps came in with Yang night behind.
Sure enough, after a few steps, four or five people suddenly appeared from behind several cabinets around, all armed with guns, sunglasses and field equipment. The first one shouted, "Don’t move if you want to live!"
Yang night twist a head to see ha ha acquaintances! Isn’t this the kidnapper who yelled at him and Muyang in the lobby on the first floor and was later transferred to the ninth floor to catch Nan Rong Huan and Bao Bao Long? What’s your name again? Oh, yes! Big watermelon!
It is this kidnapper called watermelon.
Not long ago, it was reported that there were alive people on the ninth floor, and one of their brothers, Daxigua, and another accomplice took several people straight to the ninth floor.
I took the stairs to the ninth floor, but I didn’t find the target I was looking for, but I saw their partner, the kidnapper whose arm was broken into several parts and trampled on by the baby.
The scene in front of me made several kidnappers, such as watermelon, spit it out and turned pale with fear, thinking, who is this? More cruel than a fucking mercenary. How can you torture people so much? I don’t know how painful it is to die!
On the ninth floor, I didn’t find the watermelon of the National People’s Congress and several accomplices along the ninth floor, and then the building met the corner of the slow platform of the Paan passage, shaking with fear and losing my mind. The other accomplice was the one who was incontinent.
Then Daxigua and other people scared this silly when they saved money, so the accomplices arranged the building to settle down and continued to look for it until the fifth floor.
On the fifth floor, they wanted to take a break and have a cigarette. I didn’t expect that the big watermelon wandered around Anmen with a gun. When I wandered around Anmen, I saw the figure flashing outside from the Anmen window! Without saying anything, he shot the horse and then turned his head to let his accomplices quickly hide.
I don’t know whether the bearer is a policeman or a hostage. Those who are lucky are watermelon. These mercenaries have been baptized in a bloody battle and have not made a move. They are very cautious.
At the moment, the big watermelon’s eyes froze, and he also recognized that this was him in front of him. How did he get to the fifth floor when he was scolded by the hostages in the lobby on the first floor? Is there any change in the building? Just heard those guns. Is something really wrong?
Wondering that the kidnapper named Big Watermelon smiled at him in front of him, he couldn’t help but get angry. Pointing at Yang night, he shouted, "Are you fucking scared? Still laughing? Want to die? "
"Eldest brother, I remember you. You scolded me on the first floor." Yang Ye said with a smile.
"Don’t bullshit! Say! What happened to the first floor? How did you guys get here! " The big watermelon glared at his eyes and the fierce muzzle lit Yang night.
"If you say no, you have to do it, okay?" Yang night smiled and turned to look at the South Glory Magic and others behind him.
Those behind them also smiled, and this huge disparity in strength made them feel relaxed and fun. That smile was definitely a mockery of the five aggressive kidnappers before them.
"You are so fucking tired of living!" The big watermelon scolded and raised the gun.
At the same time, Yang night behind a few people are moving very fast.
Nan Rong Phantom stretched out his osteotome with more strength and scratched to one side. A kidnapper was cut off on the spot, and there was no blood frozen. Generally, he didn’t even call.
Muyang’s fingers also shot dark green sticky silk straight to a kidnapper. At the moment, the kidnapper’s father and mother raised flesh and blood and turned it into a bone or a brand new one.
The hot sun smashed a fireball of cutting and went straight to another kidnapper, who felt that his eyes were black and then he didn’t know anything, and he suddenly changed from a white man to a black man, and even the guns in his hand melted away.
The baby’s spiral thorn has also been stung into another kidnapper’s body, and then the baby lifted the spiral thorn as if it were remotely controlled, and finally picked the kidnapper’s skull, brains and blood, and flowers blossomed on his head.
It’s troublesome for several practitioners to start work at the same time, but it’s actually less than a second, that is, the blink of an eye hasn’t finished yet. Four kidnappers have said goodbye to the world. Oh, no, they didn’t say goodbye. Four kidnappers called out when they didn’t even scream, and they didn’t know how they died. They just played a game, dreaming and dying, and they died. It’s called being great and being naughty.
I don’t know what happened to the big watermelon in situ, but I suddenly felt that several associates around me had no movement and quickly turned around to look dumbfounded on the spot.
What’s going on here? I didn’t see anyone with anything, but the red light, white light, green light and black light flashed behind the little watermelon, and the watermelon itself was dazzled. Why did several accomplices die like this?
"Eldest brother, it’s your turn." Yang Ye smiled and looked very hard.
This big watermelon is finally in vain. These guys killed their four accomplices instantly. Although I don’t know what happened, although the root can’t believe it, he subconsciously knows that it is true!