"Winter world you finally come! I knew you would come. I knew it! " Qian Zisui said excitedly, then her eyes dimmed. She looked up at Dong Ouyang and said, "Winter Qian Jingxue bullied me! They tied me up here and said that I wouldn’t go back here in the end. I’m so scared. "

I’m so fake. Ouyang Dongjie thought to himself, but he planned …
"I’m sorry I didn’t protect you, but I won’t," Ouyang Dongjie said with pain.
"I believe you in the winter," Qian Zisui said.
"Ear well seed we go back? Don’t let others wait, "said Dong-jie Ouyang gently.
The wrist surface of Ouyang Dongjie’s soft seed ear and the wrist surface of the foot rope have already had red marks ribbed by the rope.
Qian Zisui took the initiative to put her little hand in the palm of Ouyang Dongjie’s hand.
And then back to the team …
Qian Jingxue saw the two of them coming back hand in hand, but she wouldn’t. Is that … jealous? Or envy? Jealous? Hate?
Qian Zisui took a provocative look at Jing Xue and then pulled Dong Ouyang’s skirts.
Ouyang Dongjie took a look at Jingxue and then pulled up Qian Zisui’s hand and walked to Jingxue and said, "Give me a reason what hurts Qian Zisui? Leave her alone in that place! "
"the reason? Hehe, I don’t need a reason to do things! " Qian Jing Xue doesn’t say
"You! Don’t bully the seed ear again! "
"What? Didn’t you say you liked me? Do you like me enough to hurt me and protect others? !”
"Don’t make so much noise in winter," Qian Zisui said again, pulling Ouyang Dongjie’s weak skirts.
Qian Jingxue looked at her, and how unhappy she was. She told Ouyang Dongjie to pick on her, and now she has to play the fake good guy.
Static snow in a slap waved away.
Tears swirled in the eyes of Qian Zisui, but she didn’t fall down and blushed. She looked as pitiful as she was, and then dumped Ouyang Dongjie’s hand and ran away.
Dong-jie ouyang dumped Qian Jingxue in the face and then mercilessly said, "Qian Jingxue Qian Zisui is your sister. How can you beat your sister! Don’t I can let you do whatever you want to hurt the ear! "
Then I went after the ear of seeds.
Haha, you hate it, you argue, that’s what I want! Ouyang Dongjie thought
At the same time, I have sympathy and pity for Qian Jingxue …
While Su Xiaomin is next to see clearly again.
Ouyang Dongjie, what do you want? Shinohara min wondered
㈧○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ _ 0 _
After returning to school, I will prepare for the sports meeting.
The classroom …
"Students, the sports meeting is coming soon. I will sign up for a sports meeting. You can choose one less event." The class leader looked at the students and continued.
"A single person who has 5 meters running, long jump throwing badminton and 1 minute skipping rope should register with the monitor Yang Wenxin."
There are five people in the group, six-legged long rope, one man and one woman, tug-of-war five men and five women, relay running five men and five women, and three men and three women in the basketball match.
"Teacher ~" A man raised his hand and said, "Teacher, there are five people in our class …"
"There are five students in our class. One student is in charge of sports meeting safety in the medical room, and another student is not suitable for tug-of-war and relay running in the sports center. Our class must participate," the teacher said with righteous words.
"And it’s necessary to report all the names on Friday, January 1st. Next week will be the individual and basketball games, and the team event will be the sports day. Why don’t you join us in the first sports club since you entered high school?"
"Good ~" ground response sounds good and good.
Class …
Yang Wenxin, that’s crowded. It can be seen that the children’s shoes are very motivated.
The afternoon arrangement came out.
Luo Yi, Ouyang Dongjie, Lan Bing Ye and Leng Nie participated in the basketball game. Su Xiaomin, Bei Yuanxuan, Qian Jingxue and Qian Zisui also participated in the basketball game, but he didn’t report them except as required.
"When did the Jingxue Sports Meeting come here?" Yuan Xuan asked,
"January 8," said Jing Xue.
"So that’s it … January 8th" Luca brasi said softly.
"When is the basketball match?" Mandy asked.
"Let me think about the basketball game," said Jing Xue after a pause. "It seems to be Tuesday the 5th," said Jing Xue.
"So that’s it."