After all, the former Goethe did it thrillingly and safely every time.

The inexplicable confidence in Goethe gave the sheriff a choice at this moment.
Of course, there is a little intuition!
That natural intuition made the sheriff feel that he could live with Goethe.
And Shila Amzah?
"We’re friends. I’m worried about you."
"And we are afraid that you will refuse to follow us secretly."
Goethe rolled his eyes at the words of the lady with multiple identities.
Compared with Walter’s honesty, Shila Amzah suspected of lying.
The other party is not worried about him, but about his promised’ mad king legacy’
Looking at each other, pulling his sleeve with one hand, feeling wronged but afraid to say that he was worried about his poor acting skills, Goethe did not expose each other. He sat on the sofa and looked at the two men and asked-
"Do you know what we will face?"
"I know!"
"Those heirs in the north are crazy about revenge!"
Shila Amzah raised his hand first to answer.
This lady with multiple identities proves herself.
"Shila Amzah, where is your teacher?"
Goethe suddenly asked
"Has passed away"
Shila Amzah looked sad before she reacted. She blinked at Goethe and asked, "Why did you ask my teacher?"
"Nothing is to feel that you are lucky."
Goethe meant something.
Then he looked at Swart before Shila Amzah looked at his mouth again.
"Are those guys sounding out?"
"I’m afraid the real opponent will appear soon!"
Swart analyzed and then when Goethe nodded in agreement, the police chief Ma said, "Why don’t we run? Take another road to Harrist! "
Nodding Goethe couldn’t help glancing at Swart.
Swart horse smile.
The sheriff admitted that he had just said something wrong.
But I didn’t think Goethe didn’t refute it. Instead-