"You don’t think there is anything wrong. Since you want to unify the underworld, you can’t take the usual path and do it by ordinary means."

Zhou Fugui said with satisfaction that he was a VIP, and he didn’t think that Zhouyi had taught Mo Haiyang anything wrong because Mo Haiyang made trouble in the Aegean Cafe first.
"Father, you are not telling me this when you wait for me so late, are you?" Zhouyi slightly want to ask a way
"It is extremely difficult to unify the underworld. If you are not careful, you will be doomed. My father also wanted to do this, but it was too difficult to find."
Zhou Fugui lamented this and said, "Now you have to do this great thing, I will support you. If you need my help, you can call me, and if you need funds, you can call Kexin."
"Well, father, I need you to do me a favor now."
After Zhouyi wanted to think, he said to Zhou Fugui
"Speak" Zhou Fugui nodded without hesitation and displeasure.
"Can you go to the provincial party Committee to ensure that Director Zhang Yanghao is elected as the deputy mayor?" Zhou Yimen saw the mountain and said, "Director Zhang and I are different. It would be good for me if he became the deputy mayor."
Zhouyi paved the way for dominating the underworld!
"Zhouyi Zhang Yanghao now momentum is quite prosperous elected vice mayor should have no difficulty it doesn’t need me to go to the provincial party committee activities? This seems a bit redundant! "
Zhou Fugui said after listening to the Zhouyi words
Zhou Fugui, the chairman of Huanyu Group, is familiar with the whole dynamics of Zhejiang officialdom. After the incident of Ma Yunyun’s father Ma Zhengyun and Wei Zhang’s maintenance of female college students was exposed by the media, his reputation suffered a great loss. In this general election, Director Zhang Yanghao has been selected as a deputy mayor, while Ma Yunyun’s father Ma Zhengze is the vice president of the CPPCC. This arrangement is that Director Zhang Yanghao will replace Ma Zheng’s deputy mayor. According to the general rules of officialdom elections, there will be no big accidents. Director Zhang Yanghao and deputy mayor have already got the activities they no longer need.
"Mo Haiyang may have guessed that Zhou Fugui and I are better. He is likely to move some hands and feet during the election. I asked my father to make sure that Director Zhang Yanghao can be elected as the deputy mayor. Now that I want to unify the underworld, I will lay out my officialdom. I have no connections. My father is more worried."
Zhouyi told Zhou Fugui that he would worry about his heart.
"So that’s it. You and Mo Haiyang have already met. Then I’ll make an appointment with a provincial party committee tomorrow. Can you get Director Zhang Yanghao directly to the mayor’s position? After one year as mayor, his qualifications will be enough. I’ll move again. I’ll help Zhang Yanghao to help the municipal party committee in Beijing. When the time comes, he will become the head of Hangzhou. You will be the’ brotherhood’ camp in Hangzhou, which is truly reliable."
Zhou Fugui wanted to think and said that if he doesn’t do something, he will do it once and for all.
"Father or your foresight is that Director Zhang is now a director, and it will be a little too conspicuous to be the mayor one step at a time."
Zhouyi replied that although his father and the provincial party Committee are brothers now, and he also knows that his father has many friends in officialdom with very wide connections, it is still very difficult to really take Director Zhang to him, and it may also cause dissatisfaction among others.
"Zhouyi, don’t worry, I promise you that I can help a mayor to go there or finish it. But if Director Zhang has the skill, I will spend some money to go to the provincial party committee in the future, which is not necessarily an easy thing. Now it is necessary to do things by unconventional means. If Director Zhang becomes the mayor at one stroke, others will know that he has a strong backer and dare not make small moves on him. Although this move is enviable, it can also shock some gangsters to discuss in the bedroom.
Zhou Fugui is answer with a smile a pair of have answers []
"Father, there’s something I don’t know if you can do?"
Zhouyi wanted to think again and said
"You say" Zhou Fugui asked.
"I offended Zhao Bailong, director of the provincial public security department, and Shijingshan, head of the major crimes unit, after the bloodbath of the West Lake Gang. The’ Brotherhood’ horse is about to expand greatly. If it is stared at by these two people, it will be very troublesome. I want to ask my father to find a way to get these two, so that it will be conducive to the development of the’ Brotherhood’."
Zhouyi said that he would pave the way to dominate the underworld by first consolidating his own camp, and then going to Zhang Yanghao, the director, to get some layout for himself and others.
"Zhouyi, that’s a good idea for you. How about this? I’ll get Cao Fang, vice captain of the city criminal investigation brigade, to make her the director of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, too? In this case, you can cover the sky in Hangzhou! "
Zhou Fugui smiled slightly after listening to Zhouyi’s words, which seemed quite meaningful.
"The good dad actually know Cao Fang and I things if Kexin Yu know that moment? Dad is actually here! "
After listening to Zhou Fugui’s words, Zhouyi felt a shock in his heart, but the surface was motionless and he ignored Zhou Fugui’s Gherardini eyes and slowly said, "Well, these are all thanks to my father."
"Zhou Yi, the police officer Cao, was the policewoman who was taken away by the provincial public security department after your bloody West Lake gang?" While there has been no talk Kexin Yu is suddenly said.