If it is not confirmed that he has cut off the’ mad king’ blood, Goethe will definitely recognize this as his elder.

Even if Goethe knew that he had cut off the blood of the mad king, did the witches make a mistake?
Because Goethe can feel the sincerity of Archduke Shi Gaozhi from beginning to end.
The elder is pregnant with the younger generation.
Not that kind.
This made Goethe suspicious.
He put away the scrolls and notes.
See Goethe this picture Shi Gaozhi g archduke smiled.
"Goethe, you must work hard!"
"I expect you to be a truly independent man!"
"Go and see poor Clayan."
Archduke said the tone is understated.
Does that sound like your advisor was killed?
Goethe asked tentatively.
"Those guys put eyes on them. I don’t know the truth. I know it clearly. I also help this guy to pass some false news from time to time!"
Dagong blinked at Goethe.
But then frowned.
"But why did Cradle kill him?"
"This guy is not out of control!"
The archduke muttered to himself.
Goethe soon saw the body of Kleyan.
Clayan was nailed to the wall with his mouth wide open and his eyes wide open.
The sword came too fast for the consultant to be completely cut off without shouting a word-when the sword pierced the other person’s body, the other person was dirty and broke into a rotten meat.
As if the body produced a small explosion.
Then the blade went through the back and plunged into the wall by a third.
"It’s Kridorg’s swordsmanship … there’s no reason!"
Giercke looked puzzled after examining the body.
"What has no reason?"
"He’s dead."
"’War’ may have come before’ Bode’, and those jackals will not miss this opportunity!"
Enm lake sneer at a.
"Credor Pavilion won’t take refuge in those jackals. He was deceived at that time!"
Giercke defended the "secret keeper"
"Yes, blinding!"
"At that time the blind let our grandfather, two uncles lost their lives! Let our father be seriously injured! Almost made the whole northern border lose its barrier! It’s great to be so blind … "
Dagong times sneered.
"Credor Pavilion has always been guilty and full of apologies."
"I’ve seen him kneel and confess more than once."
Dagong San said what he saw and heard.
"When are you?"
"Then what can you see?"
"Geer, you are so naive!"
"People can act!"
"And Credor is obviously acting brilliantly to deceive you-he won’t show it to you until he knows you will see it because he needs to win your favor!"
"Even if you have an accident, I doubt that he directed and acted!"
Dagong times smile again.
"Father and brother have already investigated!"
"It was an accident!"
Gejilke flushed and raised his tone.
Soon the argument between the two men turned into an argument.
Smolleke didn’t stop the two brothers from quarreling this time. After four weeks of investigation, the parents of Smolleke sent someone to look for Cradle.