At this time, Leng Xingyu, the master of a thousand evils in the rear, quickly approached and stood three feet away on the right side of the extraordinary public, paying attention to the scene in the field.

Leng Xingyu, a young evil Sect, looks pale and indifferent in his mid-twenties, wearing a black suit, giving people a cold feeling.
On Leng Xingyu is extremely handsome, although he is not as outstanding as Long Tianxiao, but he is particularly public.
Leng Xingyu’s eyes are like ice, and there is a piece of white jade hanging around his waist with his bare hands. The cold from the white jade always makes him surrounded by a layer of light fog.
Looking at the warring Liu Yunyang Lengxingyu coldly said, "Is this the person you said?"
Cold Jiang barbary cruel looking at Liu Yunyang sink a way "good is him"
Leng Xingyu said, "Well, when he gets out of here alive, I’ll wait for him to see what he has to do."
Cold Jiang barbary nodded, then they stopped talking and watched quietly.
Stalemate for a long time, Long Tianxiao Sword Mang Liu Yunyang counterattacked and finally broke.
The two men retired separately and then split up quickly to show a life-and-death fight.
In the attack, Long Tianxiao knew that his injury was not light, so he put his energy into the sword, and the sword tactic was sharper than the attack advantage.
Liu Yunyang knows each other’s thoughts clearly. He knows that the subtlety is insufficient, so he has the power to make up for it. He uses the "holy dragon chop method" to clamp the dragon’s power and shock the sky. There are waves in the golden sword awn, and several dragons roll and fly. One end, two ends, and Qi Fei, Kowloon just collapses the dragon’s roar attack department.
Loud noise was accompanied by flames flying wildly. In the battle, Liu Yunyang looked dignified. A magic knife flew like waves, and layers of knives were like clouds. The powerful shock made Long Tianxiao’s body shake and support for a long time, and then he was finally bounced.
At this moment, Liu Yunyang flew to catch up with the magic knife Guanghua Dasheng, and a bloody knife with destructive power appeared on the top of Long Tianxiao’s head.
This knife chopped down the dragon, and it was doubtful that it would die. The spectators around were pleasantly surprised, exclaimed and sighed, but no one came forward to intercept it, including Long Tengyun.
All hatred was killed with this knife.
At this time, Liu Yunyang has more joy in his heart.
However, as far as he is concerned, things have been finalized, and the dragon’s roaring body suddenly actinic, and the whole person has gathered into a ball of bright light. Suddenly, the pine Excalibur was attached to make the green light blasting knife chop down, and a bunch of amazing sword mans rushed to meet the blow of Liu Yunyang.
A strong light flashed, a loud noise thundered, and an irresistible force broke out from the intersection of swords and swords, shaking Liu Yunyang off in one fell swoop.
Bellow from Liu Yunyang mouth stuffy hum from the fog.
Half-willow Yunyang covered his chest with a knife in his right hand and left hand, and his chest was stained with blood.
Fang Long Tian Xiao shook and fell to the ground. Blood kept pouring out of his mouth, and his pale face hung with a ray of gloom.
The wind suddenly went away and confronted Liu Yunyang and Long Tianxiao several times. In the end, neither of them got a bargain.
But what is the fate of Liu Yunyang, a proud moon villa, waiting for him alone?
There was silence all around, and the spectators watched the two men waiting for the development of the situation.
On the ground, Long Tianxiao’s body is wobbly. Obviously, after a hard struggle, besides being seriously injured, the real yuan consumption is also extremely amazing.
Half-willow Yunyang’s body rolled and his blood flowed like red rain in the wind, telling the tragic battle of the first world war.
Steady Liu Yunyang slowly falling eyes glared at Long Tianxiao a hatred straight into the heart.
Avoid his sharp eyes Long Tianxiao Yinxiao said, "I want to check who you treat as a public official."
Liu Yunyang shouted coldly, "I didn’t treat you like a person because you are an animal!" "
Long Tianxiao was furious and folded. "Yunyang, don’t talk with your breath. This is the proud moon villa. Can you be presumptuous?"
Liu Yunyang sneered and glanced around. Long Tengyun paused for a moment and then moved back to Huilongtian. Xiao Shen sarcastically said, "Do you mean that Ao Yue Villa can be presumptuous by you and not others?"
Long Tianxiao roared, "Shut up and don’t want you to argue about this. You’d better think about how to die next."
LiuYunYang slowly forward mouth cold way "death? You’re not dead yet. I’ll leave you first. "
Long Tianxiao’s face turned slightly alert and watched as he approached Liu Yunyang step by step. "Don’t try to be brave," he shouted. "That sword just pierced your heart through your wind and armor hole. You are not far from death now."
Liu Yunyang’s expression asks, "Are you? Are you sure that sword can kill me? "
After that, cover your chest and gently move your left hand to the position where the original blood is pouring out of your heart. At this time, you can’t see any blood flowing out, which makes people not surprised.
Long Tianxiao was shocked and then suddenly realized that his right hand was waving a long sword and a series of swords were gathered into a bunch of Youlong hovering outside.
"At this time, you realize that it is too late!"
The sound is cold as ice, without a trace of emotion, as if the hell called to wander around Long Tianxiao’s ear.
"The first type of holy dragon slays the dragon and destroys the sky!"
Lotus flower flash knife mans rotation Liu Yunyang hand bully blood magic knife flew out of his head hovering rotation a shock world domineering from the blade, just blink of an eye diffuse Liuhe enveloped Qiyunfeng.
The blade stands upright and rotates at a high speed, and the hot flames wave after wave. Liu Yunyang forces the beam to disperse and form a mask to center the dragon sky.